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  1. It's a good topic you have raised and your post covers many separate subjects. However, I would just like to correct you slightly on the above point, in that although a motion would fail if voted against by the Legislative Council, this is only an initial defeat. The Legislative Council veto was removed by way of an amended Constitution Act half a century ago (give or take a few weeks in fact). If the House of Keys lost a vote to the Legislative Council it can - within 6 months - reintroduce the motion and have it voted on by Tynwald as a whole. Thus, with 18 votes in the House of Keys
  2. Peter Norris Music is Mitchell's in all but name.
  3. Nothing. But I did point out that it was off-topic, if it makes you grumpy. It linked in to a point made previously. Almost like a conversation, a forum thread drifting off topic. Whatever next?
  4. /off topic a bit but out of interest: Yes, our politicians were very litigious. if not very sensitive, in those days. George William Dumbell MHK (founder of the Dumbell's Bank) took one newspaper owner to court for printing a pseudonymous letter that was rather unkind to him. Pseudonyms were very common in the Isle of Man newspapers right up until quite recently, so It's not confined to manxforums and the internet to hide behind anonymous names when writing scathing remarks about our leaders. Anyway, the newspaper owner was taken to court, and despite his advocate, Alfred Laughto
  5. lisner


    I kind of see the point you are making Rog, judging by your previous posts on the subject, but it's not really an oxymoron though is it, whichever way you look at it. ps 'Downie' is the correct spelling.
  6. In the late 1800s there was much concern in Castletown regarding landowners closing down/diverting/blocking footpaths and public rights of way in the area. Further to a requisition, a meeting was convened by the High Bailiff at the time, and the Castletown Association for the Protection of Footpaths and Bye-ways was formed. I suppose it was all not dissimilar to today's situation.
  7. I heard an excellent mixed metaphor from a listener the other days, something to do with MHKs with their noses in the gravy train! Almost as good as Peter Karran talking about the white elephants coming home to roost!
  8. Mec Vannin, and the Manx Nationalist party have had plenty of representation at elections in the past. It is interesting to note that some of them only gained success once they had dropped the party tag. A Manx National Party/Mec Vannin candidate successfully gained election in Douglas South in 1976 when Peter Craine was elected although he was not returned at the following general election. Allan Bell, the current Finance Minister, stood unsuccessfully as a Mec Vannin candidate in 1976. He didn't stand again until a by-election in November 1984 although he didn't stand as a Mec Va
  9. Roger Watterson is interviewing David Callister MLC and Charles Guard on Manx Radio Opinion just now. Gwendoline Lamb was mentioned but unfortunately they couldn't find a clip of her voice. I thought I would oblige by bumping this thread up from a few years ago. It looks like it might become topical again anyway. (Audio clips in first post of thread)
  10. The Times of India today goes for the strightforward 6 kingdoms: the kingdoms of: England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Man itself and if you look up, the kingdom of Heaven . . . . with a seventh at the very end of the article being the, er, kingdom of childhood
  11. lisner

    Heads Up

    The TT will be finished off when there is a successful majority political will to do so. Perhaps next General Election a detractor might stand on an anti-TT platform. There are a very small number of MHKs who could possibly be classed as not being out-and-out TT supporters but they aren't against it as such and certainly not openly.
  12. Mayor Of Douglas, Who will be next? Is now a pertinent question. The Council had already made a decision in voting Dot Pitts, wife of Councillor Stephen Pitts to be the next mayor. The decision was not unanimous or indeed popular. That is perhaps academic now, as Mrs Pitts lost her seat to Liberal Vannin Candidate Sara Blackman. What sort of person needs to be Mayor of our capital city? Maybe the Council will stick with their decision and have a non-council member to be mayor as they did when R.A. Oates lost his seat in 1997 but returned to take the boss's chair for the year. F
  13. This matter has been discussed from various angles on many occasions in Tynwald over the years. About ten years ago the Government had an awful lot of difficulty in even getting the BBC to reply to their correspondence. Some of the more emotional politicians suggested we stop paying the licence fee or at least put the proceeds into an account until such time as the BBC bosses acknowledged the letters. On one occasion though, after a Calm down! Calm down! scenario, Tynwald realised, that however the situation had arrived, they could not that easily get out of it and in particular they did
  14. Manx Radio News Malachy Cornwall-Kelly (who seems an all round good egg imho) gives Tynwald a glowing report in the audio file attached to the News Items. I would disagree on one small point though, at the end he says "every member has a right to put down a motion an have it debated" This is not correct. Certainly the right to put down a motion to Tynwald is there but it is only debated if there is a seconder to the motion. There have been a number of motions put to Tynwald where our elected members have preferred not to have it debated. "Let's not go there" sort of thing.
  15. More like twice removed although some would say totally removed as it is a secret ballot and there is no way of knowing who votes for who. It is well worth contacting any or all MHKs, not necessarily your own. This is not a constituency matter.
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