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  1. Flattered once again that I'm more interesting than the subject matter, cheers! Do you have a book of childish forum comebacks that you consult?
  2. Seriously, the level of hollow boasting about winning arguments on this thread and the Manuel one is astounding. It's like the cyber version of a rap battle, only much less entertaining. The insults are a bit lame though, especially Slim/AI Droids silly little tactic of accusing anyone who disagrees with his point of view of being prudes or old - "purple rinsed tutters", "antiques roadshow brigade". It's a pretty shit way to make your point.
  3. Do you have any proof that the collision was caused as a result of speeding and/or under the influence? What a stupid thing to say. Fair point, maybe someone just drove straight in to the wall at 30mph.
  4. You're not still in England Enoch - we have a superb wind supply here and most winters little to no frost. I think you're going to have to find some other offshore community to get away from the twin terrors of immigration and big brother. Maybe you can plague another forum with posts that are 90% straight outta the Daily Mail. I'll give you some credit though - "Cronky" is an amazing attempt at picking a proper Manx nickname. Much better than "Balla-o" or such like.
  5. Her Against Me - The Afghan Whigs
  6. I was following someone back from Douglas earlier in the week and they were also driving right out on the white lines, and also cutting way over it when going round any sort of right hand bend. People doing that at any time of year winds me up, but doing it during the TT, when most of us in cars are being especially careful due to the amount of bikes on the road is shockinhly bad. I actually know someone through work who boasts about the fact he purposely drives as far out as possible so that it's not easy for bikes to pass him. Another thing that pisses me off is people who are clearly scared of being on the roads during TT (nothing wrong with that in itself), so therefore drive ridiculously slowly and create big tailbacks which rightly or wrongly will more than likely result in other drivers taking risky overtaking manouvres.
  7. I doubt it, it wasn't last year. obviously the manx can be dangerous then?? perhaps you can watch the action from ballaspur too?? You do understand that the one way on the mountain and the prohibited area at ballaspur are for different safety reasons don't you? But never let that get in the way of another rabid anti-TT misplaced moan. WTF indeed.
  8. Webcams look poor - my sympathies all round. 26C here in the shade, loving it. Just wish I could listen to the races for free. You have a pm
  9. Her Middle Name Is Boom - Glassjaw
  10. Love Knows (No Borders) - Howe Gelb
  11. A Place Called Home - PJ Harvey
  12. All of Ian Brown's albums have been "clean" - he's notoriously anti most drugs (the exception being cannabis). He's been outspoken on occasion regarding people using cocaine, and he certainly is not a smackhead. I do wish people would make sure they know what they're talking about before spouting off stuff like this. Instead of making stupid comments based on false assumptions and then firing out a rock star cliché or two and passing it off as your own opinion. Reverend & The Makers are shite by the way. Like someone already said, a few catchy tunes but no substance at all and a singer who thinks he's some sort of visionary for no good reason at all other than the fact he probably has a Che Guevara or Muhammed Ali poster on his wall. I'd put them in the same bracket as Kasabian, which is not a good bracket to be in. All this ridiculous "man of the people" bollocks that people fall for.
  13. Soundtrack For Violence - CIV
  14. A big fat slice of free minge pie would be nice thanks.
  15. My current worst is the one for Chelsea Building Society (think that's what it's called). A bunch of horrible middle class whoppers enjoying a coffee and making oh-so-hilarious quips about ways to make money. "I've got a dead cert....... the 3.30 at Kempton." Horrible, horrible advert. As for that Lynx one, I just think it's a rubbish advert as the fella looks so ridiculous and scary in it. I certainly don't consider it in any way racist though.
  16. You do realise that it's the students driving these cars, not the instructors? Yes there are dual controls but the instructor can't always prevent the learner from making manouvers like you've just mentioned. I'm sure they're not teaching them to drive like that.
  17. *starts completely made up Burger King rumour* *thinks of an XL Bacon Double Cheeseburger and gets a semi*
  18. "Who ever would have thought that elephant jizz would be pink?"
  19. Stop closing all the pubs (or poncing them up) down here.
  20. could someone please decode this - are we back to the 18th C with different rules applying between natives and non-natives ? I would imagine that comment is in the context of Clarkson being labelled a comeover though. So in that case it's reasonable.
  21. Well do tell what the real news is then please.....
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