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  1. The ever-so-reliable Manx rumour mill - which is of course never wrong - suggests it's the ship's cook.
  2. But what's the sketch with Island-based IOMSPCo staff? Do they also isolate away from the rest of their family? I suspect not.
  3. But they aren't being allowed to mix with the rest of the community - or with the day students. The day students are learning from home, and the 26 boarders (and supporting staff) are isolating in a bubble on an isolated section of KWC premises. I think that the risk is the time it could take for the virus to gradually move through this group - it could take many weeks presumably before it is safe for them to break their isolation. As a 'bubble', it seems too big to be manageable.
  4. Assuming that the returning students arrived by air, they've hardly travelled far (i.e. next door!) - and probably in a KWC minibus!
  5. I'm always confused by the debate about private schools such as KWC. If you choose to send your kids there, they you pay handsomely for the ‘privilege’ – you don’t pay less tax (so you’re still contributing equally to the cost of the state schools) and the fees aren’t even tax deductible. So, who is losing out? Nobody is forced to send their kids there – it’s a personal decision. It would be a different matter if the education they provided was materially inferior to the state schools – so the kids themselves lost out. However, if you look at the grades etc. that they achieve, there is no
  6. KWC reduced the autumn half-term from two weeks to one, to allow another week to be tagged-on to the Christmas break - thus allowing boarders to have two weeks at home and then two weeks in isolation on their return. They were tested on their return - which identified a single case - and then have tested again recently. There are apparently members of staff isolating/living with them. It seems that they are therefore obeying all the rules and being cautious/sensible - which is why this cluster shouldn't represent a risk to anyone else. Micky
  7. We don't have to look too far from these shores to see the result of procrastinating, dithering, faffing and generally hoping for the best. It seems the choice we have is (potentially) too much too soon versus (potentially) too little too late. If nobody's really sure what the true position is, then I think we should be cautious (even if inconvenient) while we work it out. Difficult decisions for our esteemed leaders to make - but hey, them's the breaks!
  8. What a great night. The bar service was woeful (45 minutes for a drink) - but perhaps that’s the authentic Lido experience. Music, lighting, atmosphere all top notch. Although an older crowd, I did wonder how many of the people there were more likely to have been conceived at the Lido rather than attended! Looking forward to more of the same. Micky
  9. Well then maybe you should? It would be amusing for their publicity efforts to help to launch a competitor!
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Root_cause_analysis
  11. You can invest in redundancy and resilience, you can carry out DR testing, you can carry spares, you can have best laid plans and gold-plated support contracts. Anyone with a modicum of real-world experience in IT and networks knows that when the sh*t hits the fan and none of the above works as it should, you are at the mercy of the vendor to dig you out. It will be interesting to see the RCA when it’s all over, but until then I don’t know what else MT can do which they aren't already. They’re working their backsides off trying to fix it, they’ve escalated it to the vendors, their social
  12. It's strange - Sure are suggesting that the issue is a broadband failure at MT and affecting all providers. However, we're with Domicilium (VDSL and hence over MT) and haven't had a problem either.
  13. The reality is that broadband is provided by commercial companies. It is also the case that the cost involved in delivering fibre to the more remote parts of the Island is far higher than could ever be recovered by reasonable retail charges. There are therefore four options: 1) The provider refuses to cover these areas 2) The provider passes-on these high costs to customers in the remote areas by increased charges 3) The costs for everyone are higher - so those in town centres essentially subsidise the remote customers 4) The government provides a subsidy and contrib
  14. My dad was unfortunately one of the residents who passed away at Abbotswood. It's very easy, after the fact, to focus on apportioning blame, to advise (from afar) on what ‘should have been’ – and assume that many of the people and organizations involved are incompetent. From our family’s perspective, in the early stages of the crisis, the staff (and management) at the time tried really hard to protect the residents – stopping all visits, sleeping on-site in two shifts to minimize passage in and out of the building and so on. In hindsight, this wasn’t enough to prevent the tragedy – but the wor
  15. https://www.manxtelecom.com/about/the-company/expertise-and-service/covid-19-bcp#26-03-20-manx-telecom-here-for-you-updates-to-mobile-broadband-and-fixed-tariffs-read-more-▼ Manx Telecom continues to work to ensure we remain open for business so that people across the Island continue to receive our network, connectivity and support services. Given the urgency and importance of the current situation regarding Coronavirus, we are pleased to announce that we are introducing a number of temporary measures to help reduce costs at a time when people need it most, and to help ensure people
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