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  1. In using any off-Island provider here on the Island, you have to remember that you are roaming - so the serving network (e.g. MT, Sure) will be charging your 'home' operator (e.g. Voda) for each MB, minute, SMS that you use. The charges are set-out in the roaming agreement between the operators - and although the wholesale charges are clearly lower than retail, Voda will be incurring usage-based charges in this scenario. They can absorb these charges in their overall model, but to maximise their overall bottom line they will look to cull subscribers who incur material wholesale costs through disproportional roaming on these packages/bundles. The roaming agreements are normally bilateral (in- and out-roaming) - so the wholesale charges are negotiated to maintain the balance needed to remain competitive - but the balance can be quite precarious and mobile is a cut-throat, primarily margin-led business. The 'fair usage' policy is the mechanism for them to respond to what they see as 'abuse' of the roam-like-home provision, so whatever the CS team say there is a risk. Historically, the UK operators have addressed this on a case-by-case basis (i.e. by picking on the worst offenders through a reasonably manual process), but they are introducing more automated processes to track usage against the fair-usage metrics (e.g. as kevster included above) and take action automatically. So, by all means take advantage of the loophole while it lasts - but scrutiny, revenue assurance etc. is increasing in response to tightening margins and competitive pressures. If Voda (or any other operator) is losing out as a result of the wholesale costs relating to this out-roaming (from their perspective), then the party will come to an end one day! Keeping an IOM number, as mentioned by mad_max above, is probably wise. Micky
  2. This guy does loads of salvage and reclamation, so might be able to help or point you in the right direction. http://www.pinewood-furniture-studio.com/ Lower Bishopscourt farm Kirk Michael IM6 2EY Tel 01624 878616 Email magpiesalvage@hotmail.com I needed some hardwood moulding a few years ago and he was very helpful. Micky
  3. I was surprised to read this (in bold) in the Government's recent 'no deal Brexit' advice. I've never had an IDP and driven in the EU loads of times - whoops! Micky https://www.gov.im/media/1364451/190006-no-deal-brexit-guide-interactive-update-2.pdf
  4. I don't think there's a problem finding skilled people who want to come here - but wanting to stay here is a different matter! Recruiting, relocating, and training new people can be costly and hard work and employers are often reluctant to employ people from far-flung corners of the world - who have no real idea of what it is like here - only for them to leave after six months when they find out it's actually not a sun-kissed paradise but a cold, windswept rock. We've interviewed people who have stepped off their flight from Gatwick with no real idea where they are - not a good start despite them saying that it 'looks nice' on the basis of a 15 minute taxi ride from the airport. I think it's vital that would-be residents really understand what they'd be getting into - and that sites like https://www.locate.im/ are pretty good at that. However, does it really need another £400K? Presumably we want to attract the type of people who have the nous to discover the Island using their own research initiative - and we shouldn't need to bribe them if they're that interested. Micky
  5. FFS Surely they could just give him the bloody paint and a handshake for his trouble!
  6. Thanks Wrighty - well-said. As I always do, I made a mental 'New Year Resolution' to start getting into shape this year (I'm almost 50 and definitely sedentary). This plan usually lasts a week-or-so - but given your encouragement maybe I'll last a bit longer and maybe even manage to keep it up. It's a shame that as well as waist-lines bursting at the seams, so do our modern-day schedules - trying to find time to fit in exercise is maybe more difficult than the exercise itself. Micky
  7. I'm in Moscow. Maybe our comrades in the east can't be trusted not to meddle in the heady world of Manx politics.
  8. I'm off the Island at the moment - checking-in to see what excitement I'm missing. For some reason, it appears that the Manx Radio site is blocked (see attached). Any idea why? Do we really have much that needs to be hidden from the outside world? It looks to be blocked Manx Radio itself. Micky
  9. I got kicked out of Barclays - so signed-up with IG after specifically checking whether they were happy with IOM customers (which they are. So far!) Micky
  10. Hence this... http://www.applebyglobal.com/news/news-2017/media-coverage-of-the-offshore-sector.aspx
  11. In passing through security at the airport today (which was quiet), I noticed that there's as second door between the queuing area and the security screening area. It's marked 'Escorted only', or 'Staff' or something - but goes into the same area on the other side. If the delay is genuinely the time it takes people to get ready for screening and unpack their stuff etc. then I wonder why they don't just reposition the barriers to form two separate queues to and open the other door too? Then just have two sets of tables for people to use to unpack? Then channel the people into both (or even just one) X-Ray machine? It would be a bit cramped but would make much better use of the space and would cost nothing in terms of staff etc. if they stuck to one machine for now. Even while they try to come up with a strategic/expensive/complicated solution they can claim lots of credit for, it has to be worth a try to see if it helps. Micky
  12. MickyBlue

    Phones Dead

    Seems harsh. Very rare I see issues with broadband, sometimes there are DNS issues but just use Google Or opendns. Sometimes people have internal issues or wifi issues but confuse them with broadband issues. Sometimes people have genuine broadband issues and in my experience they are always dealt with quickly. Sometimes you struggle for mobile reception in certain areas but that's life. What to people want them to do if the can't spend millions on a booster in every home (or get planning for the additional masts they have identified that would help) I can't remember the last time landlines all went down, but I would guess it works out at less than an hours downtime every five years. Well if it is an hour of downtime in 5 years, then that's 99.998% availability. I'm sure that in every year there are several failures which cause no service impact - due to redundancy and resilience - but sometimes sh*t happens and I think 0.002% downtime is not too shoddy. Irrespective of what you think of their corporate strategy there is a team of dedicated hard-working local staff - who provide a pretty reliable service. Well done for getting the wheels back on so quickly. (I don't work for them but do work with them) Micky
  13. I doubt it cost much. How hard can it be to show a static picture of the inside of a workshop door - to the sound of a few spanners jingling underneath. Micky
  14. It's the third Sunday tomorrow - so the monthly meeting at the motor museum as Jurby. Forecast looks good too! Micky
  15. That may be true, but nobody told the DVLA web site! Perhaps that's because it's in beta. The dealer filled it in with my IOM post code, with me present, and it happily produced this... ...so, officer, in my mind I was legit. Micky
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