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  1. I will tell you what it is who and what do you think you are ???
  2. Yes you do have that right, but only within the confines of what's deemed acceptable by those who run the board. Now sod off and stop banging on about your rights until you understand how they actually operate and are exercised, or at least start throwing in a comma now and again so that your ravings are a bit easier on the eye. Why does this site belong to you ? , well until it does why dont you learn to repect other peoples opinions and views .
  3. Listen I have as much right to discuss topics on here which I find relevant as does anyone else next you will be telling me that persons have the right to ride rough shod over peoples rights well let me inform you that no one is above the law and there is not one law for one and one for another .
  4. I dont believe I pestering anyone maybe you can turn a blind eye to child abuse and child abusers but some of us with a little intelligence and a back bone think differently , so with all due respect why dont you just shut your cake hole , over 800 people have read that post in 12 hours and 40 people have been interested enough to reply . Dont like it dont read it !!
  5. Could you please explain why my thread was pulled , I have not liabled , slandered any person and state again I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY THING I HAVE STATED AND WHATEVER CONSEQUENCES SHOULD ARISE . This is a violation of my right to express freedom of speech . Everything I stated is TRUE I can prove this with documentation , audio recordings and newspaper articles . So I would appreciate it if you could reopen my thread as this is definitely a concern to the general public many thanks , citizen , a friend of the people . " the great only appear great because we are living on our knees ! "
  6. Back in the Day! when Manx Radio was running with the mannin Line, At the start of each Programme an announcement was made saying that the views expressed were purely those of the indiviual and in no way reflected those of Manx Radio! Surely the same applies with M/F? How can M/F be held responsible for the views of an individual?? thank you
  7. Im not anonymous you can have my name and address if you like everything I state is true and have evidence to back everything up I havent mentioned names so what is the problem ? The smear campaign as you sugguest has and is being run by the dirty tricks department in social services
  8. I want to say in response to you that the same professionals named in the report and the manx newspapers are the same ones involved in this attrociety they have not even been disaplined over what happened in that report i find this appalling . 132 failings were listed against that dept because of certain so called professionals and their very questionable practices
  9. I can promise you that everything I have stated is the truth I have recorded the meetings onto cd I find it hard to believe myself
  10. Did you know that you can use cocaine and heroin and still be good parents ............??? did you know you can neglect , assault and abuse your children and social services on the isle of man will support you .....?? did you know that you can emotionally and mentally abuse your children and this will also be supported by them .........???? did you know that you can engage in domestic violence , threaten teachers and neighbours and social services will say that this is a normal home with a few problems ....???? did you know that children can be placed on the at risk register for the second time , social services will say that the person who is at fault and has been repeatedly abusing children for 6 years can change .........??? did you know that if you use the proper and correct proceedures for making compliants about social services and their misconduct , malpractice and gross negliegence the dept. will then attempt to isolate , silence , censor , frustrate ,discredit and villify you !! Did you know that well known accomplished liars who misuse alcohol and illegal and illicit substances , engage in violence and cruelty are well known to the police are in a volitile relationship .He a convicted drug dealer / user / arsonist both having long records for criminal activities can make an allegation which is totally untrue and unfounded and social services will jump all over it despite the evidence and facts before them !!! and the questionable characters of both of these persons speak for themselves . Yet you can be guilty of NO CRIME see the equality and justice you will receive for trying to protect your children !!!! a friend of the people !!!! A GREAT ADVERTISEMENT FOR THE ISLE OF MAN OR WHAT
  11. where were the wmd ? there was none !! saddam had nothing to do with sept 11th !! There was no link with al queda !! every civillian contract in Iraq had to go through dick chaney and the oval office !! wake up and smell the roses its economics , the capitalists war for oil headed and directed by bush , and his side kick tony b liar !! other statements by george w ... that man tried to kill my daddy !! god told me to go to war !! this was tyrancy !!! nothing more nothing less !!
  12. It seems that even after this very public Child care inquiry that the social services dept. on the Isle of Man has not learned , or taken on board anything !! This dept is corrupt , does conspire to prevent the truth from being exposed . It white washes over its incompetences , it is unjust , unfair , descriminates , uses smear , lies and villifacation, middleclass bureaucracy and professional antagonism as tactics for the end result to justify the means . It is time that this dept and the staff who have brought it into disrepute be made answerable for their actions and decisions for they are undoing any good work by the few social workers that are genuine and reputable . These people know who they are !! how are they still employed ?, why have they not been disciplined ?, they have been named in the report and in the manx news papers havent you mr. coates !! . Remember that it is as much a moral obligation to non comply with injustice as it is to comply with justice !!! a half truth is still a lie!! A friend of the people !!
  13. Why don't you fuck off then? a statement from the DHKC on the hanging of Saddam Hussein. It is clear he was executed because the Imperialist s feared that he would reveal details of how the Imperialists used him in the 1980s to strengthen their influence in the Middle East. His crimes were their crimes. The brutal suppression of the Kurds, the gassing of villages, the wiping out of communists in Iraq were all events applauded by the imperialists who supplied the technology, the expertise, the training and the weapons to carry out these crimes. . His fate shows just how easily the imperialists can use and abuse their allies. I believe that saddam should have been renenstated , compensated and that George w bush and Mr Blair should stand trial for warcrimes , genocide human right vilations . Remember history is only ever written by the victor !!!
  14. This was an evil man , responsible for over 3000 state sanctioned murders . I wont loose any sleep over his death . Friend of rich , capitalist , oppressive regimes . How can he be compared with castro and che guevara ? They liberated cuba from batista and his corrupt government . They freed the people , and whatever you may read or hear the people of cuba surport castro . I was also pleased to hear that hugo chavez got re elected.
  15. I can say that I met quintin gill last year for the first time . It was in concerning matters regarding the conduct of a government dept , and some of the very questionable practices by people in this dept ie. SOCIAL SERVICES , this man attended meetings with myself , has written many letters concerning serious issues , he has stood against people he had worked with for many years . I have always found quintin gill an honest man , and a man who will stand against injustice despite pressures and tactics employed to prevent the truth from being brought out . This man didnt know me , but put his own career on the line in order to do this .
  16. cheers albert , thanks for the advice , but I believe that there is power in the solidarity of the people and the more people know what is going on the better .
  17. Hi , Ive also opened an article on this , social services on the isle of man . Please read it . what these people have been involved in is criminal , I have actually in person put the 132 failings listed against them to them , it was refuted and fobbed off . I dont know how these people can sleep in there beds at night , I know that there are genuine social workers who do a good job , but a lot of under handed things are being buried . They portray lies , half truths and falseness as the truth , If any persons are interested in organising a protest , petiton , or demonstration against this department I would be very interested to be part . the truth will always come out .
  18. As far as Im concerned injustice of any kind is wrong !! I think that the more people know the truth the better , Different things are happening at the moment , which I cant disclose but I will never settle for a cover up or be distracted from telling the truth . What this dept has allowed to happen is criminal especially after being forewarned for the past 5 years . I have tried all the above and more . At a later date I will post what I have had to endure and do in order to let the relevant people know. I will not be silenced , though certain people have attempted to smear my name and character . But the truth is the truth . let the fight go on !! And thank you
  19. I have several Mhks dealing with this at the moment , but still feel as though a cover up is and will take place. I also have an investigation up and running dealing with my complaints . What is frustrating is the fact that the new social worker is attempting to discredit myself in order to try to neutalise me dispite the evidence against the childrens mother . I returned from overseas , gave up everything , including my home in an attempt to do what was best for my children . sincerely a friend of the people .
  20. in response to the above : fact for 5 years social services have covered up a whole catalogue of offensives against my children ! fact they have failed to inform me as a parent that my children were on the child protection register ! fact they have helped create a situation were the childrens mother can do almost anything she wants with out having to answer to anyone ! fact she has assaulted my children ! fact she has admitted substance misuse ! fact there are concerns of alcohol misuse ! fact my children have been picked up by the police roaming the streets at 21;30 hrs they were 6 and 8 years old ! fact there are still concerns of domestic violence between her and her partners ! fact both her and her present partner have criminal records as long as your arm! fact social services have misdirected me , misled me and blatantly lied to me in order to prevent myself from exposing crimes which they failed to prevent ! fact she is now on her 6 or 7th social worker ! fact they very people named in the report and manx newspapers are some of those who have worked with my children ! and many more concerns !! if I had of committed 1/10th of these violations I would have been imprisoned . when will enough be enough ??, what has to happen ??
  21. Hello , thanks for your comments , I agree , Im not saying that all social workers are incompetent , not all children who social services work with are in care and I agree that the parents have alot to answer for . But in the report social services are guilty of mismanagement , neglience and attempting to cover up past mistakes . I have children myself and through no fault of my own they are on the child protection register because of their mother , and her lifestyle . I have parental responsibility which I had to go to court to get because I wasnt married . In my my case every obstacle has been placed in my way to keep the facts concerning my children from me . Social services are involved , I had to get them involved a number of years ago , they have disregarded me and my family , misdirected me and lied to me in order to work to the agenda that they have. The only agenda that I have is the safety , care and welfare of my children . But after many serious issues and concerns they are still attempting to assist a situation which I believe is irepairable . My children are in an environment with serious concerns as well as domestic violence between their mother and her past and present partner . Instead of admitting that they have gotten it very wrong they further try to portray themselves as doing good . I have been denied access to my childrens files . What has to happen in order for enough to be enough , my children now have behavioural problems , their infant years has been destroyed and they now accept an abnormal situation as the norm . I will be seeking residency of my children , but the system is set up to protect the woman , even when wrong rather than to admit that a men can raise children in a loving happy home just as women can . I am not trying to be sexist or descriminate towards women in any way but sometimes the system fails and they get it wrong .Lets have equality for all .
  22. I am a father of children who have been born on the island , although I think that the isle of man is a great place to live I do believe that this department needed to be investigated fully . I found the report into the care of young people which was chaired by M. Everall Q.C. very shocking , how as parents can we sit back and allow these sort of things to happen in this day and age . the very agency which is surposed to protect vunerable children and young people has failed dismally , how are these very people still employed by this dept. . These people know who they are , and have been named in the local papers . This is just not good enough !! I believe that there is a conspiracy to cover up the whole facts of what has gone on and is still going and as long as these very people are still employed by this dept . then things will never change . i look forward to hearing your comments . a friend of the people .
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