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  1. try Cayman National Bank in hope street, fantastic independent bank, great personal service and good company methodology. very highly recommended! and yes it is the bank who you have the relationship that holds the license that would protect your funds any doubt call the FSC for advice
  2. does this sort of stuff tick the boxes for you? http://soundcloud.com/drewstar/october2011-1/s-9XdkB i have been DJing DnB for many years and have had the pleasure of appearing on the DJ list with nights featuring names like Sub Focus, Simon Bassline Smith, Majistrate etc and would love to do a night here but the phrase pissin in the wind comes to mind
  3. my skyrim game launcher DOES NOT have the option for vsync, it is forced on. im glad to hear you are getting the lag indoors as well with a 2GB 6970, this shows that all we need is the next version of CCC 11.10 before improvements. we may even have to wait until 11.11 as the current improvements on the CCC drivers are only for Rage (shit) and BF3 (fookin amazing) again re-iterating that nvidia cards, for what they are worth; wouldnt have had this type of problem. im feeling an itch to switch.
  4. what do you reckon the scope is for doing something drum n bass on the island? even if its only annually.
  5. again i will speculate that its the foreign call centres selling out data
  6. here here well said, if you want to turn the c'house into a mosh pit then book pendulum and even then they wont go. huge?? maybe back in some years ago, what exactly are you trying to achieve? if you want to pack the place then just get a consistently good DJ and not that bald wanker who you always have in there. crap awful music from what should be the opposite. tell andy its awful and to get someone in who actually listens to todays diverse music culture i forgot to add, pendulum are a bunch of sell out shitters with crap music and stopped producing anything remotely drum n bass in 2
  7. really??? i suppose its down to taste or maybe because youve already learned one way to do it on keyboard so why change? fallout and elder scrolls all feel more natural with a gamepad, in fact if a game doesnt have pad support i would seldom play it i am looking forward to new drivers for AMD cards though, getting a slight scaling issue which i am sure if i had nvidia cards wouldnt happen. not tearing or anything just a lag in framerates every few steps i walk. no doubt the RAM on the GPU filling up with new data, maybe i need to think about getting >1GB cards!
  8. havana is shit, outback is shit, c'house is nice but DJ is shit its a shame that clubs arent government controlled somewhat, at least they would get updated once in a while! no, if you want a good night out, its at least 2 hours away!
  9. i love this thread, can we keep it open as possibly the most daftest question asked or is that not fair against the originator?
  10. i used to run my own business and do the IT side, 4 users including myself and the rigmarole of having to do updates, patching, backups etc etc was a pain the ass! Itex (www.itexoffshore.com) suggested partnering with them and they managed everything! what was great also was when i went to sell my business i was told that the IT setup in my company was better than companies more than twice the size of mine so it added a lot of value as it showed it was effectively managed, backed up properly and had disaster recovery in place. give them a call on 670490 theyre a friendly bunch too! muc
  11. funny! well done, that was a good read. would like to hear more of these instances. i had one a while back but it wasnt as funny as yours. he said i had a virus and i acted really concerned and worried so i told him i was an it security engineer and if he told me the name of the virus i could get a signature file update from HQ, he couldnt tell me the virus (surprise) and so i asked the name of his company so i can google it; to which he hung up. its as if through outsourcing these buggers have gotten all of our details!
  12. have you tried removing FX4AA (nvidia anti aliasing) and maybe lowered shadows slightly, lastly which you may not need sample rates on main launcher. these are the obstacles that all AMD card encounter!
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