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  1. Government seem to be obstructing actual tourist things whilst throwing money at things a kin to the Mount Murray estate and Balladistain (or whatever Richard Corkhills holiday home thing was called). Twats indeed.
  2. I'm so happy you have these and will treasure them
  3. No, we're cruel but not that cruel
  4. Gaming PC for sale £550 (ovno) Advertising this on behalf of my son, it is a brand-new build with legit Windows 10 installed. The build was a project that kind of got out of hand, thus he now needs to sell the computer to repay his investors. Here is the spec… 1 TB SSD 4.2GHz 4 core AMD CPU GTX 1050ti 4GB graphics card 8GB DDR3 2400mhz RAM 550W PSU It has a funky case with LED lights and all that jazz. PM me for pics or to view.
  5. Proper criminals know how to get off with things and they are an absolute menace.
  6. That is very interesting but it is wrong.
  7. That probation officer woman wasn't very nice, Whippy seems like a nice enough lad. The proper criminals are taken to higher security prisons, I expect Whippy is in the majority with the rest of the two bit weed heads incarcerated in there. It's warming that they're given chances to improve their options but sad that people like that probation woman have the right to talk to them in such a condescending way, who are ya(love)? After seeing her I'm almost thinking of retraining as a probation person, I'd be much better than her.
  8. So... tonight I went for a little ride, crashed twice! The first crash was funny, it could have been really bad but by some miracle I managed to jump off my bike before the front wheel came off (I'd taken it off to put in the back of the car earlier in the week and forgotten to tighten it back on before going out tonight - genius!) but then I was just riding along tried to slow down to look at something and smash, over the handle bars onto the tarmac - WTaF? I did sustain a bad cut to my finger yesterday while showing the beauty of carved avocado seeds (with the sharpest knife in the world ever) so my left brake hand wasn't as it should be. Ah well, few cuts and bruises - battle scars
  9. I've never found the gates open, either on the way up or down, still its a bloody good ride
  10. I cycled up 7 gates yesterday. The Fondo looks really ace, I considered offering to help with the marshalling but I had made other plans.
  11. thebees

    Parish Walk

    Mr Bees has Monday booked off already but he planned to finish & will put his time to good use doing household chores, I'm fine slightly stiff here and there but nothing debilitating and the Islands economy wouldn't be affected if I were to take a year off work My boss and colleagues would miss me terribly though (I do the wages).
  12. thebees

    Parish Walk

    Bloody husband made it to Bride...but he cannot walk now and has blisters, which I do not Thanks all, it was so ace, I've always fancied it but never been mad enough until this year.
  13. thebees

    Parish Walk

    Got to Jurby - very pleased with myself Great day, loads of fun and such fantastic support all around the course - amazing x
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