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  1. thebees

    Blacksmith gets boot

    Bastards! I love Al
  2. thebees

    Keith Flint

    Oh do shut up, hanging yourself is not OK. People who hang themselves are baskets - you cannot deny it. I loved the Prodigy (ask my old neighbours) saw them 4 or 5 times who knows, its all a blur really, anyway. He is a twat for hanging himself - selfish and stupid. Annoyed.
  3. thebees

    Chinese debt bomb

    It will be fine, don't worry about it
  4. thebees

    IoM obscure favourites

    I do a tour for visitors (I've probably mentioned it many times before) it includes, the cloven stones, the old prison (which is not there any more), the new prison (which is shite in comparison to the old prison) and the Manx Cabbage at the Point of Ayre (which usually involves showing people various plants which may or may not be the famous Manx Cabbage - found only at the Point of Ayre out of the whole world ever and has no predators - have you seen it? utterly rubbish). There are many other things, like the Chasms, Archie (or Archallaghan plantation to non Foxdaliens) and TBF we are really lucky, the Isle of Man is totes maze.
  5. thebees

    Absolutely not fabulous

    Yes, Terry and June Thanks Dilli
  6. thebees

    Absolutely not fabulous

    wasn't she in something else? Shame shame but 93 is a good age.
  7. thebees

    Happy Christmas

    Funny you should post this John, I was thinking about you earlier and actually came to my computer to send you a message Happy Christmas lovely xxx
  8. thebees

    Smart Watches/Fitness Trackers

    I have a versa, I love it! I've upped my exercise level and obsess about my sleep, I'd highly recommend getting one.
  9. thebees

    Suicide Squad

    I was about to say "Two people I know of have killed themselves recently" but it's not just two, there's been five or six and they're all idiots. My message to people who want to kill themselves is DO NOT KILL YOURSELF! it's a shitty thing to do.
  10. thebees

    Good Music Never Dies

    Swan Lake (remastered) off that bloody awful Metal Box album just played on my Spotify daily mix & I didn't turn it off... It's OK
  11. thebees

    Chief Minister Wins Award

    I won a wild flower collecting competition in the Onchan flower show many moons ago. I also won a painting competition at the library when I was 10. Everyone's won something, its no biggie.
  12. thebees

    Man waves knob at traffic

    The man is a booze hero, whats wrong with waving your dick about? Who cares? As a matter of fact, I think more people should do it, if you've got it flaunt it an all that.
  13. thebees


    Fuckign horse shit - don't believe the hype.
  14. thebees

    Where’s La Colombe?

    I like Charles Aznavour & also La Colombe.