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  1. At mum's funeral there was a collection, we asked could the money go to Hospice, the church took half. God is good n'all but his representatives on earth are a little bit shady.
  2. OMG a doctor has been paid because he is a doctor - WTF?
  3. I could do that & I don't need relocating (silence in the cheap seats)
  4. Daaaaaar! That's what she wants you to think. Wouldn't volunteers be with a group, like St Johns Ambulance and wouldn't they have a proper badge? And what is an ENT (aside from an ear nose and throat consultant). You're not a detective and if you are... I'm Luther to your Marple old timer.
  5. While we are talking about bike things... Myself and the sporty child have signed ourselves up to the DRUFC Ironman challenge to help raise funds to get the pitches "Game ready" - links for info below http://douglasrufciom.rfu.club/news/day-3-welcomes-cylce-360-up-running-and-paula-s-kitchen-to-the-challenge https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/carl-murray
  6. Glenna Grant, it's really weird and I can't work out what's going on, is she really a medic? Is it propaganda? Or is it a publicity effort? Who knows? I couldn't remember her name last night.
  7. Manx Radio? Nice things nice things nice things...because I had to delete everything I'd written due to a Facebook campaign about being nice.
  8. 1mm sounds like it wouldn't be crucial (on a mountain bike :)) I don't know at all but I have a work colleague and BFF who know everything there is to know about bikes (handy as) so I will ask their opinion tomorrow
  9. I found a post on Twitter today, it was by a "Medic" whose tent had been trashed by the evil copper overlords (probably on instruction from Trump himself...) - she used her own name and a quick internet search showed me that she wasn't a doctor at all, no, she was an actor. Now this could be one of several things, maybe she changed career (but I doubt that because one of the items they had in their medi-camp was an ENT, is that a medical thing other than ear nose and throat consultant? I doubt you'd get much call for one of them on a riot) or perhaps it is propaganda, but from which side? I was too easy to discredit for it to be actual protestors (unless they are properly stupid) but 59,000 people have watched the clip and 8,000 have shared it. I'll be too busy working to join the protest but I am completely bemused by brutality, people are people, indigenous people & freed slaves have been down trodden for so long it's become acceptable for them to be treated in the most vile of ways almost to the point that some people think it's the down trodden peoples fault. Kneeling in public though...oooh ya sauce
  10. I was a bit freaked out to see Lonan3 posting, but then I did see the date. I hope he's RIP awe dear old friend x
  11. I like him but he sooooooo loves himself - totes Have you ever spoken to him? He is honest about himself but himself is all he has the capacity to talk about, great guy though.
  12. OMG that's completely outrageous and to admit it was because he voted against them - I was in a bit of a mood with Mr Thomas (he can be quite patronising and I'd rather someone told me to get lost than spew bollocks at me - literally, that paints a very unpleasant picture) but I'm not any more. Brrr to Howard it's all about me and his cronies.
  13. thebees


    Generation after generation of degenerates, what horrible people. I feel terribly sorry for their mums.
  14. Awe that is sad news, he was fairly lovely.
  15. Now, smut aside. Drug addiction is a very unpleasant thing, imagine you needed to punch yourself in the head 20 times before you were you, that's what it is like. Heroin is like nicotine, you have it, it's curiously nice, then all of a sudden you're thinking about it all the time and so you have some more and then, that's it you need it to be you. Cunty drugs, best off avoiding them. I think nicotine should be as illegal as heroin or heroin as legal as nicotine - oh yeah vape me up into those lucid dreamscapes (during my lunch break ofc, not while Im at work pfft!)
  16. ....this was on Twitter the other day - I don't know why I feel the need to post it (embracing my inner not too worried about anything anymoreess) Reaching behind me, I found the Brie and broke off a fragment, sucking her nipple through it. She tasted almost as she had the day I took the drop of milk on my finger. Manon smiled when she realised what I was doing. You know the peasant saying? If you can't imagine how neighbouring vineyards can produce such different wines put one finger in your woman's quim and another up her arse, then taste both and stop asking stupid questions… My fingers found both vineyards. At the front, she tasted salt as anchovy and as delicious. At the rear, bitter like chocolate and smelling strangely of tobacco.
  17. Talk about paint a vivid picture
  18. Er...no, SOIK just got 28 days for being drunk and carrying an offensive weapon (a spanner - seriously) absolute joke.
  19. I'm too 'on the wine' to reply seriously here but honestly? You have no idea Derek, you are one of the cops in the game of cops and robbers I was talking about earlier, it is not standard reality, its totally alien to the majority, which includes the masses who've never so much as smoked a spliff but would "hang the fucken lot of them" - How can you even think any of this is OK? /throws arms open in utter disbelief at the ridiculousness of it all! KYS
  20. The only problem with using any of the other ISP's is that MT nerf the lines and then take 'upto' 5 working days to fault find and repair the problem. I'd go with Sure, they do a package, if you take a 2 year lease out they will give you 'something' - I wasn't really listening to the man but he gave me a code, Im sure it he meant I could give it to my friends if necessary - I'll whatsapp it to you x
  21. 2 things. Squarepusher - because I love it (mostly until it goes mental) Also The Stranglers because of great bass lines and gritty leads
  22. Pride is ace... In Brighton! The isle of man is too lame for any kind of decent pride parade (feel free to prove me wrong, I would be right on it). But back to Beach Buddies...
  23. He is (and always has been) an arrogant, self important little man, Beach Buddies will be fulfilling his life needs with a fancy car and endless trips away (which he probably couldn't afford on his own). Good for charity and three cheers for Bill. My family have taken loads of litter away from beauty spots but I don't need a big car or endless trips away (or an OBE lol).
  24. I don't see Pottylisa's posts Probably a bank transfer - but seriously, I thought that was a bit outrageous too but put it down to Andrew not wanting to give her money from his own pocket and/or to make Fergie look bad. The whole bankrupt Fergie thing was all very cringe at the time, sake love, yer a princess, sort it out. Guess she/he did... ouch.
  25. But he's not, no one forced those girls to do anything. I have not seen one picture where the eyes are saying "Get me out of here" - they're attention whores, pah.
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