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  1. Those girls didn't have to say "Yes" and I too feel sorry for Andrew. Epstein was no more than a pimp and that's it! None of anyone's business. Bloody Channel 4 and that daft bint reporter. Meh.
  2. This happened to me when I worked at Axa, it wasn't so stylish then mate, more of a phone 897323 and ask for Mr C Lyon affair but meh, people are strange. Except for us, we are not strange, we are pretty ace
  3. But, we were In +/-1980 we 'had nothing' (but love..and I get that now), my mum knitted jumpers for her work mates to put food on the table and yet she still managed to buy me a tape recorder for Christmas (probably came from Aldrich's) it was the best thing ever, I loved it and I still have it, it hasn't worked since 1983 but I know what went into that and that's huge - she was some gal, eh?
  4. Someone I know has been listening to this, Spotify told me. I am pleased about that, this is ace.
  5. No but next year ours will be ...and see if I don't win (*ahem, I mean my 9 year old son) there will be pistols at dawn, I'm telling you
  6. I did consider several (2) things with regard climate change last night (I'm not hard line on it, not at all, in fact I'd go as far as to say I do not give a flying duck about it, but I do worry about the environment) my issues are 1. Mayoress selling gypsy shite single use light sabres & 2. Fairly highly pollutant fire works when there are much better alternatives - (Corpy if you're reading this, get in touch I know someone who does great light shows...all modern n that). Also, did I mention the prizes for the GUY competition went to non GUY related entries and also where is the proper mayoresses chain? Eh?
  7. Me and me dad think you see better rugby at Douglas (or Vaga's Or Ramsey or Nomads or Vikings or where ever I've forgotten) on a Saturday afternoon, those boys are too big, they crash around and the games are all tactical, that's not what sport should be about, tactics are for wars. All that said, the Springboks played a cracking game, the only down side to this is that already insufferable South Africans become more insufferable... great.
  8. @Tempus Fugit might know of someone and isn't a million miles away from you They're due a bee visit also.
  9. You could make your own, get a balloon and cover it with paper cache (CBA with auto correct) then cut a picture out from a magazine and use pva glue to stick the face on - will look shit but people will at least think you've made an effort. Our guy has a mask, the boy did not want to paint it today so currently it is white and will probably remain so. I am over the whole idea now.
  10. I had to persuade my son (using the "I'll put an axe through the screen of that thing in a minute" method) that we should make a guy, he hated it. We also made brownies, he liked that. My mum bought just add water cake mixes but I still loved her MrPB I don't know what kind of blue peter you were watching but all I saw was how to make a hairdresser shop with a box and sticky backed plastic - mine was shit.
  11. Even that is a bit past it now Woodster, there's loads of ace technology that is far less of an environmental menace.
  12. Same for teachers, care in the community gone too far maybe?
  13. Has anyone seen, Naked Attraction (channel 4) and/or The Sex Business (channel 5)? What do you think? I haven't seen one sane person on either program, seriously (well maybe the Scottish sub was almost not mental but the jury is out, for sure) is it really OK to encourage these poor demented souls to bear all on the terror box? There was this fairly old lady sub on TSB, WTaF? She was talking about being spat on and being told she was worthless as if it was OK. Mad I tell you, mad.
  14. They had fireworks in the olden days, isn't it time they thought of something new? Like, really? Fireworks?
  15. Stinger? Police? I don't even believe teapot is getting into this toil and strife.
  16. I saw it on the news earlier and thought it was somewhat unusual that he should deny it when it was totally clear he had, protesting too much an all that.
  17. Be nice to each other & try to stay on the thread topic... is it too much to ask? Fuck the police and their stinger.
  18. This is a beast of a playlist That Sunshine by Submotion Orchestra is an outstanding piece of music but I am Submotion Orchestra's number 1 fan also.
  19. Government seem to be obstructing actual tourist things whilst throwing money at things a kin to the Mount Murray estate and Balladistain (or whatever Richard Corkhills holiday home thing was called). Twats indeed.
  20. I'm so happy you have these and will treasure them
  21. No, we're cruel but not that cruel
  22. Gaming PC for sale £550 (ovno) Advertising this on behalf of my son, it is a brand-new build with legit Windows 10 installed. The build was a project that kind of got out of hand, thus he now needs to sell the computer to repay his investors. Here is the spec… 1 TB SSD 4.2GHz 4 core AMD CPU GTX 1050ti 4GB graphics card 8GB DDR3 2400mhz RAM 550W PSU It has a funky case with LED lights and all that jazz. PM me for pics or to view.
  23. Proper criminals know how to get off with things and they are an absolute menace.
  24. That is very interesting but it is wrong.
  25. That probation officer woman wasn't very nice, Whippy seems like a nice enough lad. The proper criminals are taken to higher security prisons, I expect Whippy is in the majority with the rest of the two bit weed heads incarcerated in there. It's warming that they're given chances to improve their options but sad that people like that probation woman have the right to talk to them in such a condescending way, who are ya(love)? After seeing her I'm almost thinking of retraining as a probation person, I'd be much better than her.
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