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  1. So... tonight I went for a little ride, crashed twice! The first crash was funny, it could have been really bad but by some miracle I managed to jump off my bike before the front wheel came off (I'd taken it off to put in the back of the car earlier in the week and forgotten to tighten it back on before going out tonight - genius!) but then I was just riding along tried to slow down to look at something and smash, over the handle bars onto the tarmac - WTaF? I did sustain a bad cut to my finger yesterday while showing the beauty of carved avocado seeds (with the sharpest knife in the world ever) so my left brake hand wasn't as it should be. Ah well, few cuts and bruises - battle scars
  2. I've never found the gates open, either on the way up or down, still its a bloody good ride
  3. I cycled up 7 gates yesterday. The Fondo looks really ace, I considered offering to help with the marshalling but I had made other plans.
  4. thebees

    Parish Walk

    Mr Bees has Monday booked off already but he planned to finish & will put his time to good use doing household chores, I'm fine slightly stiff here and there but nothing debilitating and the Islands economy wouldn't be affected if I were to take a year off work My boss and colleagues would miss me terribly though (I do the wages).
  5. thebees

    Parish Walk

    Bloody husband made it to Bride...but he cannot walk now and has blisters, which I do not Thanks all, it was so ace, I've always fancied it but never been mad enough until this year.
  6. thebees

    Parish Walk

    Got to Jurby - very pleased with myself Great day, loads of fun and such fantastic support all around the course - amazing x
  7. thebees

    TT 2018

    Have you got a radio? That's the important thing.
  8. It's just a tv show. North Macedonia are looking fairly on for the win at the moment.
  9. I made lime and coriander humous at the weekend ...to go with the channa aloo & chapatis I'd made earlier (with the 200kg of chick peas I'd accidentally put to soak overnight - they grew!! Who knew?? lol)
  10. Loved Doris Day, such happy memories of watching her in films with my gran and mum, aye, them was the days. Why does it get so crappy when you're old? All the best people have died and other things.
  11. Anyone got any? Are they any good?
  12. Yes, that it was. We parked the van in St Johns, walked back to Douglas, prised the lads from their PC's and made them cycle to Peel for an ice cream, before breaking the news that the only way of getting home was cycling back to St Johns. Did you see my bike? Absolute beauty, I totally love it.
  13. Seriously? Climate change, my arse! Its all a load of nonsense. CBA but I could go on.
  14. Utter twunts! At least he is dead so he'll not know they've totally ignored his requests.
  15. Is it a technicality? For example your insurance would not be valid if you were drunk and driving kind of thing? I have no time for people who drive without insurance and it annoys me greatly when the Islands courts hand out stupid conditionals for what is a very serious crime.
  16. thebees

    Keith Flint

    Oh do shut up, hanging yourself is not OK. People who hang themselves are baskets - you cannot deny it. I loved the Prodigy (ask my old neighbours) saw them 4 or 5 times who knows, its all a blur really, anyway. He is a twat for hanging himself - selfish and stupid. Annoyed.
  17. It will be fine, don't worry about it
  18. I do a tour for visitors (I've probably mentioned it many times before) it includes, the cloven stones, the old prison (which is not there any more), the new prison (which is shite in comparison to the old prison) and the Manx Cabbage at the Point of Ayre (which usually involves showing people various plants which may or may not be the famous Manx Cabbage - found only at the Point of Ayre out of the whole world ever and has no predators - have you seen it? utterly rubbish). There are many other things, like the Chasms, Archie (or Archallaghan plantation to non Foxdaliens) and TBF we are really lucky, the Isle of Man is totes maze.
  19. Yes, Terry and June Thanks Dilli
  20. wasn't she in something else? Shame shame but 93 is a good age.
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