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  1. I read that wrong, I was wondering if police support workers were the same as community support officers and why it mattered that they were in the pub. My world is ace.
  2. Who goes there? There are loads of other better beaches, let the rich people play their games. What ev's
  3. Those gates look nice enough. You have to be fair, those flats are going to be well expensive perhaps the gates are to keep people out? Remember there was all that fuss the dog walkers made about Jeremy Clarkson's house & their right to walk past his kitchen window, maybe the architects were trying to avoid problems like that? I don't know, but anything would be better than the mess that was there.
  4. A bike is a bike (unless you are Mark Cavendish or so). Bike snobs are highly amusing.
  5. I've just been looking at this Cycle to work thing & I think it's a con... So, your employer buys a bike for you (nice work if you happen to own a bike shop, eh?) and you pay them back over a period of less than 3 years. This is all well and good but I'm confused as to the necessity of a tax practice notice about it, how is it a benefit in kind? I wouldn't have to declare a benefit in kind if I got a loan from a bank to buy a bike, as far as I can see the only people to gain from this are the bike shops and the employer (I assume they will be able to offset the VAT) the employee repays the full price for the bike (albeit over time). It's a crappy scheme and I'm not getting sucked into it, I bought a bike for £100 last week & I went out on it today (up the lane and back, only met one car - which happened to be a neighbour who asked if I was alright...weird) which admittedly is not the same as cycling to work, but as was mentioned 20 pages ago I've a massive school run to do and I work miles away from anywhere, it's totally impractical for me to cycle to work. I do keep thinking about ways to do it though
  6. System? There is no system, there is only a society which needs people who are capable of becoming doctors, teachers, engineers, carpenters, electricians, blah blah blah
  7. This has been stuck in my head ever since the news was going on and on and on about a football manager retiring - here.
  8. The results matter because it is useful to have a population that can read, write and add things up. The Isle of Man should and could be a centre of excellence for learning and education but it is a fucking shambles. Seriously.
  9. Somewhat oddly, I was listening to Prince yesterday, more so watching videos of his on You Tube. I'm not fussed either way on Nothing compares to you, they're both alright. Did you know, there is an advocate called Sinead O'Connor? I just wondered if the Irish singing one was still alive, so I googled her and it came up with "Sinead O'Connor Isle of Man" - I wonder if she can sing?
  10. To put a Manx swing on it "Which Leahy is that?", "Ramsey or Peel?".
  11. I'm looking at new (to me) cars at the moment, have been for quite some time and there is nothing. I've looked at all the garages, I've even looked at Autotrader, not one car I like
  12. Tragedy beyond tragic, £50 to fix a wall? What did he do to it? I'd have sorted that out for £20 & had materials left over for another job (but I'm not a builder).
  13. Emeline Pankhurst was a pest, thanks to her and her ilk, men have been demascluinized and this is why there are all these stabbings in London and other problems in society /rantmodeoff.
  14. I don't think so Stinky! /rushes off to take pictures of her aran cushion covers... (made from a jumper that got eaten by an escaped hamster half way through being made - seriously)
  15. Are you even real? Like Paswt said it's not right to expect the public purse to finance your hobby. I'm good at knitting but I wouldn't expect the government to fund my entry to he international knitting event in Mauritius.
  16. One time, when I was young (older than 13 but not as old as 17) I had been watching the darts while mum and dad were out, upon their return I announced that Eric Bristow had made a "Right cock up", I don't think I will ever forget the shocked look on my mums face. Funny the things you remember.
  17. It is disgraceful, people get into trouble for catching trout in the wrong river over here, yet these sea rapists come over and take what ever they want. How is that OK?
  18. How many times do you have to be told? There will be no further mention of the Mayoress's chain, not ever. I've got an ace picture of it though, well worth at least a tenner off cash for gold
  19. Look at how to share files over your home network on google
  20. My friend was born in London, but she moved out because she did not feel safe - I think it was Somalian's that scared her, they'd hang around in groups outside of shops and intimidate people (generally white women). I thought it was just gang kids killing each other until I saw an article online today (Daily Mail). Sad times indeed.
  21. Facebook is essentially a computer 'game', people should not treat it otherwise. I've heard stories about the police being called to deal with things people have posted on Facebook, how mad? I got killed on Sonic the Hedgehog in 1998 someone bury me...sake.
  22. Meanwhile in Foxdale... 4 police cars, there MUST be something? Sake MF, make something up if you have to.
  23. Drinking is not that great, it's really quite bad for your health and it makes you act like a twat. Maybe you should ask yourself questions rather than challenging strangers (or people you've stalked on the internet) to ask you questions. Just a suggestion
  24. Never mind all that. What is going on in Foxdale? I was driving along a road, the one that goes from little Bettridges car shop to St Marks & had to overtake two stationary police cars, as I continued on my way I saw another two police cars heading to the same area. Has there been a murder? Or Maybe they were just cop dogging, who knows? But if you ask me (and I know nobody did, before you start Thommo) it's well dodgy.
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