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  1. I think I've bleated a lot on other threads about how there's an IOM viewpoint that everything dated has to be preserved, often for no apparent reason that makes any sense financially. I guess the Guild is moving on, recognising that it can't rely on elderly aunts looking for something to watch (other than snooker) to make up the bums on seats. Have to admit I'm not a fan of RuPaul or the drag shows on TV, but they're big with da kidz, and attract sizeable audiences. It would be remiss not to accept that audience tastes are changing, and to capitalise on it, even if it makes your Aunt Marge clutch her pearls.
  2. Seems we're in agreement, coming at the same viewpoint from different sides. We'd both like to see the large vehicles moved. I'd like to see them moved somewhere that was useful for small business and for someone who just wants to own a van and doesn't mind paying to park it.
  3. Are bus routes set in stone permanently ? When they add new estates, bus routes are changed to add capacity. I don't think that will have escaped the project, as it seems a lot of resource is being thrown at it. If the population in the area rises and there's demand, more buses would be reasonable, if that's how the new residents choose to get about.
  4. Because it's a forum. I understand from your initial post that you feel threatened (or possibly excited) by the idea of a Drag Act, and opened it up to discussion with your insightful, perceptive "WTAF ?". Part of that discussion is contrasting ideas that might not agree with you. If you don't get that that's how forums work, then a forum is probably not the place for you. Try just throwing some bricks through some windows or something.
  5. Coming from the master of pathetic retorts, that's a compliment. Meanwhile, could I suggest that we dispense with the ad-hominem personal attacks and get back to the subject of the thread, which (as you can tell by the title) is "Drag Acts at the Guild" rather than "Offshoremanxman lashing out at others as usual because he's depressed and feeling especially inadequate today".
  6. Even the monologue in my head after a cocktail of Temazepam and meths would be more entertaining than the dreary carnival of gloom that dribbles on to your keyboard when your tank of bile overflows. Read the first couple of pages. Just general moaning about wokery, strippers and men in dresses - no mention of specific issues with age.
  7. Please feel free to set up a business that employs people to wipe lenses and cover up crudely-drawn cocks and slogans on your webcams full-time. I'm sure that will be a great idea that will last all of a couple of weeks until the bailiffs go in. Meanwhile, let's accept that there are better uses for public money than doing just that. If you can persuade private businesses to set up a cam somewhere scenic, and look after it, then go ahead and do it, no doubt you'll be doing the island a favour.
  8. Nah, there were more general objections to the whole class as if society was on the verge of collapse because bloke/woman wears dress/trousers to sing a jaunty song. Age isn't an issue, they're not having sex on stage, they're singing a song in a costume, just like those sick weirdos do at the Gaiety Theatre. Are you suggesting age restrictions to play Dick Whittington now ? Perhaps Pantomime dames have to stay under a maximum level of testosterone and are subject to random urine tests under threat of imprisonment ?
  9. Must be weird being unable to sleep because someone, somewhere in the world is doing something that offends your pseudo-Victorian values. Obviously not the ones relating to temperance or morals in general, just a very particular subset relating to fairly innocuous things that you yourself wouldn't choose to do, but which must somehow be prevented because... reasons. If only there was an option, like not buying a ticket or not going. Of all the atrocities going on in the world, the one that occupies attention (even from an MHK) is a few men and women in drag getting up on stage and singing a song. After all, the theatrical world has to this day remained a bastion of heterosexuality and it obviously needs to be protected.
  10. No, they aren't. I understand it's clearly a bit of an emotive knee-jerk issue for you, but nobody is going to say a few vans parked in town is an "embarassment to the island". They're also "residents", the vans aren't being parked there by aliens, it's your neighbours that are struggling to run businesses in challenging times. I say give them somewhere to park. That's a win-win for you and for them.
  11. Turning the argument around, stopping business owners from owning/parking vehicles is a sure-fire way to limit economic development. We shouldn't be making life more difficult for small business owners, we should be helping them. Camper Vans aren't a crime either. If I live in a 2-up-2-down, spending my weekends camping out in a van for the weekend is undoubtedly a good thing. So many of the arguments against parking tend to be from middle-class curtain-twitchers with huge houses and off-road parking. I'm not a fan of Government stepping into the commercial space, but it would make sense for some of the unused urban brownfield land to be dedicated to paid large vehicle parking for anyone who wants to use it - business owners, camper vans, whatever. Makes life easier for business, lets town residents escape the draconian parking restrictions that punish them for living there, raises some cash for the public purse.
  12. For me it feels increasingly like an open prison. It's a pleasant one with nice grounds, and the wardens let you roam about, but you're locked in with the same coarse inmates every day, and there's little to do that doesn't involve walking the same grounds over and over. I understand for some it's enough, but the stagnation of the economy and the loss of the young means it feels increasingly stale and confined for me, and the increasingly chaotic thrashing-about of councils and government makes it feel like there's nobody at the wheel with any sense. It's not like you can disappear off into a little place in the country either, since they've all escalated into the millions over the past year. More than ever before I'm thinking about leaving, but as others have pointed out, finding a marginally less-crap equivalent is the challenge.
  13. Climate-controlled box at somewhere like the MNH large object store would be cheaper, or shipping it off to the National Maritime Museum perhaps. Can't see it being a huge tourist draw enough to raise the 5m+ to house it.
  14. Interesting viewpoint. As mentioned though, the IOM has more complications to opening a retail outlet than just population, and if it was practical to open a store here, there would probably already be one.
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