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  1. The Bastard

    Have you got Viking hands?

    I think the "Viking" claims are a bit fanciful - having Depuytren's doesn't necessarily mean a particularly strong link to Viking DNA, and if it's definitively linked to Scandinavian DNA, it can make up significantly less than 5% of your DNA makeup, which is quite some distance from being "a Viking".
  2. The Bastard


    Oh, God. The cliched "water tanks on a plane" shot. That's such a classic, predictable stage in the beliefs of Chemtrailies - I personally like the ones that have unrelated photo content crudely inserted onto them to make them "even more convincing". The "water tanks" shot is such a cliche that even the Wikipedia page on Chemtrail conspiracies has a large section debunking it - planes are tested with water tanks during their testing phase, and a casual stroll through Youtube will show you plenty of footage of the process. HAARP is real, but it's not "controlling the weather". It's not even run by the Government any more, it's run by the University of Alaska, and if you have enough money, and enough research credentials, you can use it too.
  3. The Bastard


    "Chemtrails" would be testable and verifiable if they existed - but in my experience, the believers don't seem to be interested in proof, positive or negative, instead using it as a frame around a series of conspiracy theories. Proof one way or the other would break the cycle of attribution. I sat in on a meeting of believers, and the interesting thing for me was that there were lots of connections being made between threads - there were isolated people trying to be the voice of reason, but there was mainly lots of talk of the ancient "weather as a force multiplier" document, the "chemtrails" pamphlet and cloud seeding being cumulatively built into definite proof that the population was being sprayed with something - but they couldn't agree among themselves precisely what was being sprayed, who was doing it, or why it was happening, or what it was causing, or make anything more than the most tenuous connections between the various pieces of DEFINITE EVIDENCE. The more sincerely the belief was held , the more tenuous the connections seemed to become, yet the more connected they became in the mind of the believer. There were some obviously disturbed people there, but also some relatively normal people who'd got very caught up in it, too. It seemed to be more about various paranoid versions of THEM doing SOMETHING SINISTER that wasn't easily definable, and videos of clouds. The problem with looking at clouds is that you turn abstracts into absolutes (like a Rorschach test) based on what's in your head (is that a teddy bear, a dragon or DEFINITE PROOF OF THEM spraying us with Barium/Aluminium/Fibres ), and a rolling weather system can quickly become the results of a sinister worldwide conspiracy (HAARP, anyone ?)if that's your psychological viewpoint. If you've never really been bothered about looking at vapour trails, but then start looking at them because you've seen internet conspiracy stories about how they've become "more persistent" or are "changing the weather", a small percentage will fall victim to confirmation bias - "you know, I never noticed before that trails persisted like this, and the weather does seem to have changed recently", even when the trails and the weather are much the same as they've always been. The other problem is that you can reach a point where your only answer to rationality is "but they would say that, wouldn't they ?" when a psychosis reaches a point when all contrary evidence is dismissed, and confirmation bias becomes your only reference point. At this point in this discussion I attended, I think the rationals hit the wall, where either they were one of THEM, or anything that didn't conform with the belief system was either dismissed as unreasonable ("but we KNOW this is occurring") or dismissed as part of the conspiracy ("well, they WOULD say that, wouldn't they ?"). I've spoken to some other non-believers, and one used the analogy that if they showed the NASA Santa-Tracking site, some pictures of the North Pole, reindeer and mysterious gifts under the tree, that this would equate to definite proof that Santa existed if we looked at this with a Chemtrails mentality. For me, Chemtrails is a result of the pattern-matching and pattern-assembling capabilities of the brain that have proved so crucial in our survival to this point (is that a breeze in the grass, or a lion ?), but have gone "rogue" for some individuals - internet memes have refocused these pattern-matching capabilities on building links between tenuous connections, reinforced with confirmation bias (like the people who always see 9:11 on their clock radios).
  4. The Bastard

    Hello World

    Poor attempt from TJ there. Always with the odd two-part names, the strange icons and the elaborate back-story. TJ needs help, not attention.
  5. The Bastard

    Pronunciation argument

    'Mooragh' was originally pronounced with a soft -gh, but the originally-gaelic sounds of -ch and -gh have largely been lost amongst the monoglot English speakers living in the North over the past 50 years or so as the Anglo-Manx dialect has declined and been replaced with a generic bastardised Northern English dialect. Ballaugh was originally Balley-ny-loghey and the 'loghey' was also originally pronounced with a soft -gh. The soft sounds of Manx and Anglo-Manx aren't present in Northern English dialect, so they're hardened to 'K' or softened to 'F' - hence 'Moorack' and 'Ballaff' amongst those who don't know any better.
  6. The Bastard


    Eels have to be returned if they're caught according to the regs. Makes sense since there's so few around. Used to be some whoppers in the stream running down from the Cornaa fish farm.
  7. The Bastard

    Win a house competition!

    Some on Facebook are posting screenshots of the original T&Cs that appear to promise refunds if insufficient numbers were sold. They have also posted shots after the T&Cs were changed at a later date (May ?) that have different arrangements. Their issue appears to be with the changes of the conditions, something which has some past legal precedent, so it will be an interesting outcome.
  8. The Bastard

    Win a house competition!

    The FB group has a number of members highlighting that the terms and conditions have varied considerably from the initial terms that offered a full refund to all participants. I don't think that the disclaimer in the terms about changes to the T&Cs will be strong enough to insulate the promoter from further legal involvement - there have been a number of past legal actions under English law against promoters who changed T&Cs that were later ruled as unfair, so there is precedent around. Be interesting to see how this one progresses, as on the FB group, it says that some participants have involved the Police.
  9. The Bastard

    Flat Earth?

    1) You'll note my post said "accept the validity of the position that the earth is not flat" - it didn't say you believe that the earth is flat. You'd have to be a complete muppet to believe that. 2) Numerous pieces of evidence have been posted. I posted videos recently (you failed to respond in a meaningful way and posted a quote that you then denied was by the person that you credited with the quote - not a great response tbh) and China has posted some replicable experiments that you failed to follow up on, or respond in anything other than your usual bizarre fashion. That's an entrenched position. I appreciate you're trying to argue the old schoolboy position about the questionable nature of evidence, but you're not doing it properly, you just disappear off on bizarre tangents, and resort to insults, which isn't part of the intellectual process of argument. You hate it when other people do it to you back for the reaction, and seem to start (virtually) frothing at the mouth with multiple childish emotional outbursts afterwards, so why initiate it ? 3) Arguments by people on this thread are not all "faith-based" - they're based on observed evidence. If someone has observed the curvature of the earth, that's not a faith-based position. If you had the intellectual ability to be able to do China's experiments, they wouldn't be demonstrations of faith, they'd be observations of evidence, which is as far from faith as you can get, unless you're dismissing the whole scientific process. 4) Mad Paul is a Foxdale hermit (apparently).
  10. The Bastard

    Flat Earth?

    Again the usual impasse. Mad Paul's position is the same as the argument of a hermit who's never left Foxdale and refuses to believe there is a world outside. The hermit will not believe the testimony of any strangers from outside, but at the same time is unwi!ling to leave Foxdale to witness the world himself. Paul will not accept the validity of the position that the world is not flat, even from people who have witnessed the curvature of the earth themselves, but at the same time will not test their arguments himself. As with the Foxdale hermit, he is unwilling to leave his entrenched position, so an impasse is the inevitable result. That's why this thread has reached this absurd number of pages, because arguing with the Foxdale hermit is a self-defeating prospect. There is no logical position to argue from, since all evidence is dismissed.
  11. The Bastard

    Flat Earth?

    Poor quality trolling. You were whining pitifully about ad hominem attacks recently, but on this page alone you've insulted several people just for daring to have (correct) opinions that differ from your own weird perspective. The thread stopped being about science and alternate perspectives on reality some time ago, and it's just become a vehicle for your ad hominem attacks, (which are against the new policies) and for your desperate attention-seeking. What a lonely life you must lead.
  12. The Bastard

    Flat Earth?

    This thread is over. Any proof provided is either ignored or dismissed, and Mad Paul just responds with ad hominem attacks when questioned. Any point to it going on ?
  13. The Bastard

    Flat Earth?

  14. The Bastard

    Flat Earth?

    Ah, so you're resorting to ad hominem attacks, despite your repeated criticism of them. Your post clearly has the name George Orwell on it. Even if you went with the frankly bizarre claim that it is an 'anonymous quote' (despite posting a name on it) you still expect us to take it as authoritative, despite not witnessing the quote yourself. Yet when anyone posts anything, you decry it as not directly witnessed and say it can't be authoritative. Inconsistent much ? You're just a man of straw, you can't argue a position without being hoisted by your own petard.
  15. The Bastard

    Flat Earth?

    Did you witness George Orwell making that statement ? Yes or no ?