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  1. There have been 3:30 licenses for numerous venues in the last 25 years. Douglas has been the entertainment capital since the early 1900s, and alongside the many pubs (most now closed) had many late night venues in the 80s/90s/00s - Paramount/Continental/EJs/Toffs/Whispers/Lido/Casino/Strand 58/Jimmy B's/Studebakers/Dow Jones/Nikkei Dow/Cave/Zhivagos/Bushy's. If anything, it has less clubs and fewer licenses at the moment than it's ever had. Rowdiness is nothing new, drunks stumbling home is hardly unexpected in the middle of a city. There's always quieter places to move if you're really bothered.
  2. Biggest town gets largest share shocker.
  3. You're too kind. Love you too.
  4. It's a negative forum populated by negative old gaffers and gammers, but that's its raison d'etre, so don't take it too personally, and it's not representative of the wider community. It has its role, it's probably the last standing of the early 2000s forums and seemingly has an older, darker crowd seeking talk therapy after everyone else has moved off to other platforms. Living in this backwater does bring out the negatives, and life becomes increasingly isolated and bleak with age, so the viewpoints reflect that. It's a shame there is no positive equivalent though - Facebook is a minefield and other forums disappeared long ago. It's disappointing to see people coming here for help and advice and being destroyed, and it's not really somewhere where you'd drum up enthusiasm and positivity for anything. The Manx Forums name probably gives the wrong impression of representing the island in some fashion, since it's very much a niche, regular crowd with their own peculiar foibles. They like it like that though.
  5. I'm sure you say that a lot. True, but with 2 city candidates - a capital with the commercial centre of the island, a seat of government and largest population versus a small fishing town whose selling point was a small cathedral, realistically there would only be one winner. City status only depended on cathedrals in medieval times. It's a significant moment really, the one opportunity in history we're likely to get for such a high-profile award, got to be a good thing that we actually succeeded.
  6. I'm quite enjoying the back-and-forth town banter, but irl I don't get why we can't celebrate one of our towns getting city status. Got to be a good thing for the IOM, even if it's just some extra news coverage before the holiday season. When I hear one of the parochials bleating about it, it brings to mind one of those yokels jealously fuming about "THAT London" in a West-Country accent whilst pumping their fists furiously. Is it just butthurt?
  7. Good point, well made. But just an observation - probably best not to use "delapidated shithole" when attempting a comparison to Peel, which literally dumps all of its shit out of a hole into the bay, past the broken skatepark, closed shops, abandoned hotels, silt-filled marina and ramshackle industrial estate. People will be confused which one you're referring to.
  8. No, that would be fucking nuts. Can you imagine giving novelty city status to a tiny fishing village that isn't even the biggest settlement on a small island, when big UK towns like Reading are missing out? Douglas is the capital and the seat of Government at least. It might not be a shining nirvana of fresh paint and functioning sea-walls, but it's the least-worst option. Giving it to Peel on the basis of a small parish-church-cathedral would be a joke - imagine the media coverage and the flak the decision would generate.
  9. Dammit, I was waiting for someone to come back with the ".. but that's what THEY want you to think.. " defence. Never thought it would be you
  10. This is utter bollocks though. If you check the VAERS site, the numbers on this post don't match the actual numbers on the site. The VAERS site also correctly points out that deaths after being vaccinated do not indicate causality between the two, which you don't seem to understand. If you had a VAERS for coffee drinking, you'd find tens of thousands of people die every day after drinking coffee. But there is no direct link between the coffee and the death in the vast majority of cases - of course there are causal cases where someone turns out to be allergic to coffee or oat milk and dies of anaphylaxis, or chokes on a misground bean. The same is true of the vaccine - VAERS records 9 deaths that were causally associated with the J&J vaccine, and reports on rare causal side-effects such as myocarditis. As Wrighty points out in his earlier post, reports of effects after vaccination do not necessarily indicate the vaccine as the cause, but they collect the data and record it anyway. If I get the shits and a sore arse after a vaccine and report it, it will be recorded, and it might be the vaccine, it could be norovirus, irritable bowel, or it might be the dodgy vindaloo I picked up walking home pissed last night.
  11. It's a big ask for a population less than a market town in the UK to generate 24 quality politicians, never mind all the associated hangers-on. Couple that with the pay and the social media harassment and we're not likely to get the best thinkers and doers - they'd be far more likely to seek employment elsewhere than take such an unattractive proposition, so we get politically-motivated-but-poorly-equipped and the nutjobs. Reducing the numbers would seem like an answer but then you run the risk of machiavellian characters gaining undue influence. There's no easy answer. UK could step in perhaps, but that means a loss of independence, death of the economy and a relegation to the back of the queue for everything - better governance of an empty island. We need to make politics attractive, stop the harassment which punishes people for taking political office, develop the right skills in young people, and build connections with other jurisdictions whom we can consult (without too many jollies).
  12. Nope. Sorry. Does that mean you have to put out the torches and put away the pitchforks ? As you can probably tell I'm not really aware of what happened in detail, but the results of the inquest were clear, that there was inadequate signage. That's not something that can be argued with or defended. and I'd make no attempt to defend the indefensible. As I said, it's a tragedy and your sympathies have to be with the family for what they've been through. The comments I've made have been against specific points that were raised in the thread, rather than defending a position.
  13. Nope, nothing to do with DOI. Just like everything else though I'm entitled to an opinion, and I have no idea where you get the idea that I'm "defending". Most odd.
  14. It's a tragedy for the poor lad's family and friends, and blame aside, there should always a response to reduce risk. I'm not sure which direction he was going, whether he joined the road from the Amenity site side. Gates are fixed there now, probably installed in response, but I know I ride around them on the Amenity site road instead, as others probably do.
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