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    Paul Harper left them some time ago in the clear out. The internship is bing funded by the Henry Bloom Noble Trust isn't it?
  2. Not quite as much of a waste of money as Houghton is
  3. Would have been loads of overtime whether or not there were burglars or criminal activity. It is the end of the financial year. Anyone involved in public service knows that the budgets have to be used up or they are taken off the following year. Thus no incentive whatsoever to be economical, unless it,is,with the truth!Are you suggesting this may well become an annual festival of whipping up paranoia about burglary towards the financial year end?Not at all It is well known that public servants especially the emergency services gain large sums of money in overtime in the months leading up to the end of the financial year. Still a tosser
  4. Wow, these things can get lut of hand so easily on here. The point here is surely to warn the 'at fault' driver that he need to be more careful in the future. It seems like this was a lucky escape - perhaps the child wouldn't be quite so lucky next time.....can u imagine if another child was injured by the same driver in similar circumstances and the Police hadn't at least spoken to them?
  5. hmc

    The TT Brand

    I'm a great supporter of the TT and whilst sceptical about the World Series, was reassured somewhat by watching an interview with a guy from the Sport Consultancy. http://manx.net/tv/mt-tv/watch/69636/tt-to-be-privatised- Basically they're looking for privatise the main commercial aspects, which to me is fair enough, and also create income from the brand and opportunities for the Island. The likes of marshalling, infrastructure etc will stay pretty much as it is now, and will be the responsibility of 'host' countries when hosting the events. I don't think the Government dare go into this without being pretty sure that it will work, and the link makes it very very clear that there will be no change at all to the main TT event itself.
  6. A little birdie tells me that JH's mate only started paying a very short time ago too. I wonder if anyone will ask that one?
  7. The man has always been an asshole, bullshitter and bully. It's clear what the truth is here and everyone knows it. Treasury witch hunt? He's having a laugh. He should do the honourable thing but he won't because no matter what he says, he isn't an honoursble man.
  8. They clearly don't have sufficient evidence to charge them at the moment. Whilst they're on bail, hopefully the cops will get the additional evidence they need to be able to charge them. Provided they're guilty of course!
  9. Complete and utter over reaction by Jackie Betteridge. Her interview was in my view atrocious! I was on the Mannanan on Monday and whilst the technical hitch was a real pain, to be fair, I thought the Captain did a pretty good job of keeping people informed what was going on. Foot passengers without checked in luggage were given the opportunity to disembark well before those with checked in luggage or vehicles. I am not aware that anyone who then travelled up to Heysham didn't get on and there seemed enough room on the car deck. I was informed when getting off the Mannanan that the Heysham boat was being held for us. Having had a wander round the boat I would describe it as pretty busy but not full. Am not a huge supporter of the Steam Packet and whilst I can not comment of the arrangements for foot passengers (I do recall the Captain talking of getting hotels) I can't knock the Captain for the way in which he kept passengers informed about what was going on. We were all offered a free drink and before the foit passengers disembarked they were offered free food. Difficult situation for all I guess but given the circumstances I thought they probably did as much as they could.
  10. I was on the Mannanan also and totally agree with everything in this post. It's spot on!
  11. Ha, wasn't meant to be. It's a bit rubbish though!
  12. Hi I want to get a UK PAYG sim to use whilst in the UK to phone/text the Isle of Man. I know some of the UK companies don't include the Isle of Man within their inclusive call/text packages - does anyone know any company does? Cheers.
  13. don't forget the over the top policing How was it over the top? No fatalities, which requires some luck as much as anything else, meant less tied up doing paperwork, which meant more cops visible on the roads. Fingers crossed for the same this year.
  14. A much more cost effective way to deal with this, and I really hope that the Government uses this type of technology more. Provided that the right type of security is in place no one should have any worries about cloud based services.
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