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  1. Poor jade. When i was younger i used to try and avoid my smear tests, eventually going once id had several reminders. several years ago, i recieved the results that abnormal cells had been discovered. I had to repeat the test, and thank god they were clear. But, waiting for the results of the 2nd test to come back was sooo hard. Now i have yearly smears, and i never miss them, or try and put them off. I know a lot of younger women find it embarrassing, but it can save your life.
  2. The Onion Bahji are my fave out of the new flavours. The fish and chips were ok though, i didnt fancy the cajun squirrel ones although my other half enjoyed them.
  3. Cant believe ulrika won, thought coolio would win
  4. yeah lol More of a reader than a writer !
  5. oh thanks for that, ive now added it too my planner. Seems so long since the last series, at last we have something decent to watch on a sunday!
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