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  1. Anyone know whats happening to this place?
  2. Think its a White Plume moth. I took this photo at the weekend in our garden.
  3. do you know if there will be any bands in the local pubs?
  4. as above. toymaster opposite the strand shopping center. also the tackle shop on ballaquayle road.( further up from broadway) next to the tuck inn butty shop.
  5. thanks all. managed to get some carrots,beets,onions (2 types) herbs are sage,rosemary,chives,thyme etc. hopefully i can get them to grow now.
  6. correct. go to the top of the class. which one is best then?
  7. hello can anyone tell me where i can get some already started veg/herb plants. i have made a couple of small veg beds for the kids and would like them to have a go at growing something. b & Q have some plants but they always seem to be a bit rubbish!!! thanks
  8. the young fella wrecking the tv screen when playing on the wii last night.
  9. does anyone know if the pubs will be having any entertainment over this weekend.??
  10. have a word on graham at www.glphotos.co.uk. think i saw him at joeys on sunday afternoon.
  11. Went to laxey beach a while ago on one of those rare summer days and decided to buy the kids some lunch from said kiosk instead of going home. Ended up taking the ham and cheese butties back as the bread was stale and the fillings had all gone off. looked like the butties had been made the day before and left out.
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