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  1. I was wondering the same thing. Voted at about 6,30pm along with a lot of other people and no sign of an exit poll being carried out.
  2. The earlier message about the blood clinic and receptionists being too busy to answer calls makes me wonder what is going on at the hospital. An elderly relative has been trying to contact the secretary of her consultant at the eye clinic since last Monday (yes, nine days ago) and has been leaving messages on the answering system without having a single one returned. Today, having finally got through to a lady in that department, a call back was promised after she had spoken to a doctor, but my relative is still waiting for that call and growing increasingly worried. I wonder if we would ha
  3. The old wavy-roofed shelters on the lower prom, near The Bay.
  4. Unless they are crammed on with 100 school children, how can it possibly be a true and fair assessment?
  5. Bendy bus MA38 parked at the side of the road just north of the Fairy Bridge with a van in attendance.
  6. And they're on a break for another ten minutes, so there's just music on AM at present.
  7. Nice idea, Matt. Merry Christmas everyone.
  8. OnDemand is a neat add-on, and BBC iPlayer is working on ours as of today.
  9. You beat me to it. Station Road is the main road into Port Erin yet it's like a farm track.
  10. There's currently a free wi-fi trial on the lower prom in Port Erin: http://www.porterin.gov.im/default.aspx/categories/132/Community/articles/405/Free-Wifi-trial-on-the-Lower-Promenade/ "The Commissioners of Port Erin in collaboration with 2E2 (IoM) Limited, are very pleased to announce the availability of free wi-fi on the Lower Promenade in Port Erin for a trial period up to the end of October 2012. The obvious benefits of Port Erin having free wi-fi will allow residents and visitors alike to access the internet for information on topics such as where to eat and stay, what the weat
  11. Indeed. We ate there for the first time last month and the food and service were excellent.
  12. Would take £70 for this to save the hassle of a return. Last call if anyone is interested.
  13. For sale: Asus M5A97 Pro motherboard for AMD processor. Brand new and boxed, purchased in error. Looking for £85.00.
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