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  1. Because there have been calls to allow people to come over for short duration visits on compassionate grounds without quarantine. I hope this news from NZ shows why, for the time being at least and difficult as it is, these visits should continue to be prohibited.
  2. NZ PM commenting on new cases as reported by BBC: 'This is a blow for a country which had such pride in getting down to zero cases of coronavirus for about a month. And from the PM, there was no attempt to play things down or to put any blame on the women involved. “This represents an unacceptable failure of the system,” Ms Ardern said. “It should never have happened and cannot be repeated”. An investigation is underway. A senior Army figure has been drafted in to oversee and review procedures for those arriving in New Zealand. And the policy allowing people to leave isolation or quarantine early on compassionate grounds has been suspended. That, Ms Ardern said, was “hard and unpopular position to take“. But was also “the right one for our country”. “I can’t afford to let the gains we have all made, be squandered by processes not being upheld,” the PM told the new conference. “This is a growing pandemic, not a slowing pandemic. We have to be cautious.” Perhaps we should expect a similar line to be taken here regarding compassionate travel.
  3. But people infected by asymptomatic cases don't all become asymptomatic themselves. If you were to win your bet you would have to see positive test results on a regular basis as these asymptomatic types unwittingly infect others. They may or may not be less infectious, but they are far more likely to spread it through being unaware of their own contagious state.
  4. Surely if it was still here in the community, we'd be seeing positive tests. Those with stealthy asymptomatic C19 would infect so many that some would surely become symptomatic and get tested. I would expect (and hope) that in a week or so if we still have zero cases, we'll be following NZ's lead.
  5. Ticket prices will undoubtably rise as airlines try to recoup their losses - vouchers issued for the fare paid on a cancelled flight will most likely only go part way to funding a replacement.
  6. In announcing there would be no briefings, the Govt did say they would still be publishing the daily 'statistics' - ie testing data. A lot of folk, myself included, do compile the data into charts and graphs. Whilst for that purpose, it can wait till Monday, as said above, many of us do take a great interest in the daily progression of things and how the measures that are being taken are working.
  7. More like this and another local business will go to the Walls.
  8. In reply to NoTailT, no, Manx 2 was different. With Manx2, a local Company sold tickets and contracted in a third party to do the flying for them. In this case I described, everything would be done by the AOC holder. They would in effect just have aircraft based here specifically for the local operation, as it was with Manx Airlines.
  9. The AOC could belong to another operator. Back in the day, Manx Airlines which was based on the Island and British Regional Airlines (formerly called Airlines Europe) which was based in Manchester used the same AOC, had the same nominated post holders and shared facilities. Pilots and aircraft could be used to operate for either branch of the company as SOPs were identical. The only difference was the cap and lapel badges being subtly different. The UK based aircraft had the BA livery, but it was not unusual to see a BA coloured plane over here or a Manx one over there. The final version of the Manx Airlines aircraft even had livery that was deliberately similar to the ethnic liveries used by BA at the time, this to save BA management getting too pissed off with the franchisee not operating in its livery. A potential solution for any new startup here would be to 'piggy back' on another operators AOC and in effect be an extension of that existing company. There are a few candidates out there who spring to mind. There are a few Q400s lying around at the moment too looking for a new home. Terry Liddiard made some informed comments on the potential aviation landscape post this pandemic on the manic line the day before yesterday.
  10. The VanAir operation here was not safe - that’s why they were told to pack their bags. That’s not opinion, that’s fact. Unlike VanAir - the people doing the flying for this outfit (Sunair) are reputable, and, as has been pointed out, do flying for BA in their colours too The actual arrangement setup is no different than Citywing - one party sells the tickets, another does the flying. It is a virtual airline arrangement. They have said its only temporary, until another airline can pick up the routes. It seems like a fairly good solution considering everything that is going on in the aviation world at the moment. It will also give whoever is going to take up the routes on a more permanent basis time to get their plans and assets in place. Now, if we had our own airl....................:-)
  11. Hmm - good points - I wonder if its a scam?
  12. Hopefully as they say its only temporary - nowhere near enough capacity and yet again a virtual airline solution. Sun Air are a respectable operator, so it will be safe this time.
  13. On initial examination Its difficult to see readily how much profit or loss some of these state owned airlines made. Its also difficult to compare them against anything that would happen here. Air New Zealand made 463 Million NZD profit in 2018 - but that would be like comparing chalk with cheese. Perhaps one way way to find out would to do the math based on what Flybe did here last year. Yes, they had the infrastructure already in place down in Exeter, but I do know they did not lose money serving the IOM, quite the opposite in fact.
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