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  1. madmanxpilot

    Flybe nosedives on profits warning

    It’s to do with a progressive switch to a new reservations system (called Amadeus) apparently. You can check in on the main website - I did it earlier - but not on the app. Nothing sinister.
  2. madmanxpilot

    Flybe nosedives on profits warning

    On the topic of Flybe being wound up if the shareholders don’t vote for the deal, this relates to only to Flybe PLC which is the holding company. The other two elements of the group are Flybe.com and Flybe Ltd. The operational assets of the Flybe are contained in Flybe.com and Flybe Ltd and are due to be transferred to the buyer, Connect Airways on 22nd Feb 2019 without the need for a shareholder’s vote. Flybe PLC will have no assets other than the funds from the sale after this date, and it is the offer if 1p per share in Flybe PLC that the shareholders are voting on. If they vote no to that offer, then it is Flybe PLC that the board are suggesting they will close. In short, the closure of Flybe PLC will not affect Flybe Ltd or Flybe.com, and will therefore not affect the day to day operation of the airline. This distinction has not been made totally clear, which is probably why certain news outlets have got the implications of Flybe PLC being wound up wrong.
  3. madmanxpilot

    New Style £1 coin on the way?

    They'll fit into vending machines, and if similar, will slip through all but the most suspicious shopkeepers hands. They will be legal tender over there, so there should be no issues - but we all know how ignorant many can be to that fact and the hassle that can cause..
  4. madmanxpilot

    New Style £1 coin on the way?

    The UK Treasury has finally given consent for the IOM, Jersey and Guernsey to mint their own versions of the new pound coin design that was implemented in the UK in 2017. Assuming the IOM Government decides to use the design, it will be blessed relief for those of us who travel across regularly. New £1 coin to be rolled out overseas http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46772330
  5. madmanxpilot

    flybe/Eastern axe Belfast service?

    I’m not quite sure why anyone is surprised that Eastern may stop the NI service. In allowing carrier with a large plane to hoover up a significant number of passengers at peak times twice a week, there are insufficient customers remaining to make it viable for a regular service using smaller planes. Open Skies in a nutshell.
  6. madmanxpilot

    Is Vodafone a better option?

    I use a Vodafone red sim - £18/month - registered to my IOM address - unlimited calls/texts 16gb data for use in the EU (IOM and CI included). It connects to the 4g network on the MT network. Been using it for over a year - no problems.
  7. madmanxpilot

    Roaming charges

    Same as BB for me - Vodafone red sim only deal - £18/month - 4GB European roaming data (inc IOM) and 12GB UK data. Unlimited roaming calls and texts. So much cheaper than MT or Sure. The new roaming arrangements will make it even better!.
  8. madmanxpilot

    Interesting at the airport !

    6 people died when they crashed at Cork. Have you read the accident report Notwell? Or the Wikipedia summary? But none of those people were Notwell so as far as he's concerned he's safe to fly as no plane he's been on has ever crashed so they must have been safe. I think all three passengers on that recent flight to Belfast would have been Notwell after their experience!
  9. madmanxpilot

    Interesting at the airport !

    Ignorance can be bliss. You would most likely never realise rules were being broken if they were. It would be very interesting to hear the experience of those three passengers who Vanair terrified a couple of weeks ago.
  10. madmanxpilot

    Interesting at the airport !

    If you fail to follow rules and procedures that are there to reduce the risk of an accident, the chances of an accident happening are higher. It doesn't mean an accident will happen, it means it is more likely to happen over a period of time. Without a force majeure (plane on fire type scenario), if I'd attempted to land in a wind that was that much outside of the crosswind limit, I would have been sacked. The prospect of being sacked for an action is normally a good deterrent to taking that action in the first place - they obviously had no concern about that consequence, which is again, indicative of a systemic problem with the operator.
  11. madmanxpilot

    Interesting at the airport !

    Risking their lives is a very strong statement, which I'm sure they would never consciously do. Rules relating to operating minima are there to ensure safety. Aircraft are certified by test pilots up to certain limits to ensure that they can cope in certain environmental conditions. To ensure the operation is as safe as possible you stay within those operational envelopes. Why they operated that day I don't know. They did not set off thinking there was a risk to their lives, I'm certain of that. Hopefully the investigation will reveal what actually made them think undertaking that flight was acceptable.. I can only speculate that they've got away with similar things many times before and had a feeling of invincibility, or that they were just plain bad pilots who did not appreciate the risk of their actions and thought rules weren't for them. They will have known what the weather forecast was, and what the limitation of their aircraft was too. As I said earlier, this incident isn't an isolated one, so whatever the cause, it's common at Vanair.
  12. madmanxpilot

    Interesting at the airport !

    I think you need to read what I've said again.. They operated outside the rules that are designed to minimise risk. I can't be much clearer than that. I like you :-)
  13. madmanxpilot

    Interesting at the airport !

    NDP, Yes. You are wrong. I am not implying anything in that regard as I have no knowledge of that happening in connection with this or any other incident Vanair been involved in.
  14. madmanxpilot

    Interesting at the airport !

    I think you need to read what I've said again.. They operated outside the rules that are designed to minimise risk. I can't be much clearer than that.
  15. madmanxpilot

    Interesting at the airport !

    The simple answer to your question is no. We have rules and operating procedures that are developed to mitigate risk as far as possible. You can't illuminate all risk (Sully) but you can, and we do, reduce it by operating professionaly.That is why flying is incredibly safe. If you break those rules you increase the risk - it doesn't mean you are definitely going to have an accident, it means it is more likely. Look back to the Cork accident. Every approach they flew was illegal because the visibility was not good enough for the flight to descend below 1000 feet above the ground (google 'approach ban'). On each approach they went lower, eventually crashing and killing many people who placed their trust in the pilots. They had a right to expect that the pilots would follow the rules. They didn't, their luck ran out and people died. Take another example - and this has happened at BHD previously with Van Air. An aircraft can take off overweight quite easily if both of it's engines continue to develop power. The chance of an engine failure happening after take off is rare but it can, and does, happen. In fact Vanair had one on take off from the IOM relatively recently. As I said, take off overweight with both engines working and you'll survive, if one fails, it is very unlikely that you'll have the performance to climb away. In incidents such as this you are relying on luck to survive - chances are you'll be OK - but taking chances and relying on luck have no place in our business. Unsuspecting passengers have a right to expect that everything is being done to make their flight as safe as possible. Pilots and indeed operators who take risks and rely on luck have no place in our business.