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  1. I would expect that if you are transiting through the CTA to the IOM, your arrival here wouldn't class as a CTA arrival for the purpose of this mitigation.
  2. A good summation of the 'benefit' of the Open Skies. The gift that keeps giving. A big country policy inappropriately applied to a tiny jurisdiction by people with delusions of grandeur.
  3. Does anybody have or know where I can get about 300 reclaimed 12 x 24 inch roofing slates? Roof job ground to a halt because of a lack of slates - so rather keen to locate some!
  4. Unless they have a holiday booked themselves of course....
  5. I agree, and like you think that they have only very recently realised how important it is to have something in place. Up until a few weeks back we were being told to get a letter from our GP or print of the page from patient access. This could and should have been sorted ages ago.
  6. But they are sorting it and we will have the NHS App by 28th June...according to HQ anyway. NHS digital are 'sorting Wales first, then us apparently.
  7. madmanxpilot


    Hopefully the investigation will live up to its code name and not take too long to complete. Many here have a keen interest in knowing why this situation came to be. Especially those who lost their jobs.
  8. madmanxpilot


    If that third party is Manx they would. The fact that the feds have taken the case on must mean they have been presented with evidence that suggests a crime may have been committed.
  9. madmanxpilot


    I doubt either of those are true. I think it likely that all investigations by the FCU are given a codename. This name has links to aviation in that Westland made both a helicopter and a twin engined fighter that carried that name, plus in meteorological terms it's a dangerous wind. It can also describe an energetic person or a tumultuous process according to my dictionary. All may be appropriate.
  10. madmanxpilot


    'Operation Whirlwind' It must be serious stuff with a name like that.
  11. It does - screenshot below - but not in the format that will likely be accepted as proof of vaccination and testing status. You will need the NHS app for that. The NHS app does most of what patient access does anyway. I ordered my last repeat prescription through the NHS app.
  12. Being linked into the same system that 'powers' the NHS App will also allow you to have a proof of vaccination letter generated and sent to you. I believe this letter has a unique QR code on it which can be scanned just as the QR code on the app itself is. You won't need a phone, but you will need to get online to generate the letter. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/coronavirus-vaccination/covid-status-letter/
  13. It's also visible on patient access if you already have that. On mine it's shown in the contact details section of the account menu.
  14. The Jersey Government website suggests that if vaccinated, in effect, you have a test to release protocol to follow if coming from a red zone.
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