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    The Police are investigating. An individual or group must have done something that is potentially illegal for that to be the case. It doesn't smack of someone just changing their mind about whether to stump up cash.
  2. Been there - done it - lots of times! Although kissing the tarmac maybe a slight embellishment of the truth.
  3. True - but it doesn't need resurfacing for them....
  4. You only tend to need 21/03 when the wind is out of crosswind limits for 26/08. That's a rare occurrence, but it does happen. To be honest, not many pilots would feel comfortable using it for landing anyway, just for take off. The days of switching the autopilot of and poling the aircraft around by hand are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. There is no instrument approach to either end of that runway, it's a hand flying visual jobber. It has a much higher minimum decent height than 26/08 because of that. My opinion is that it's not really needed - the focus should be on upgr
  5. Time it changed don't you think?. Hopefully with someone in Tynwald who knows what he's talking about regarding aircraft operation, and who has the ear of plenty of others who do too, things will improve.
  6. People with absolutely no aeronautical knowledge (despite what they say) have made decisions about what the airport needs to operate. Ask any qualified aviation professional who has spoken to them - you can't kid a kidder as they say. You are right, they spend millions on what they think is needed, rather than asking and finding out what really is.Even when they are told, they don't listen. The airport is there as a vital transport link. Surely the aim should be make improvements that will allow aircraft to land in conditions that at the moment legally prohibit approaches to be made.
  7. That is correct - you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that. However, the Government will know exactly how many people are being admitted to hospital solely because of Covid, and will use that granularity to make informed decisions. Maybe it would help if that data was made public? It is the case that the total number of people in hospital WITH Covid will be artificially lower than it would be without the pre testing requirement. That is the point I am making.
  8. The only people with Covid in hospital will therefore be emergency admissions, or those admitted for Covid treatment.
  9. Err - no it's not. In the UK, where the figures are coming from, you are required to have a covid test three days before admission to hospital for elective procedures and following that test continue to isolate. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/testing-for-coronavirus-before-hospital/supporting-guidance-for-pre-hospital-test-for-covid-19 A significant percentage of hospital admissions on any one day are for elective procedures. Yes, of course some kids will be in with broken arms - but as far as I know they've been playing out the whole time throughout the pandemic
  10. Not quite. A pre admission negative Covid test is required for all non emergency admissions. I think it would be eminently sensible to give the vaccine rollout a further few weeks head start before fully unlocking. The second dose seems critical in preventing morbidity. Figures last week seemed to show you were 70% less likely to need hospitalisation after one jab, but 95% after both.
  11. The main runway at Southampton is 30 metres wide - funnily enough, the same width as IOM's starter strip that are being widened in their entirety...
  12. It's actually 273 metres of 30 metre wide starter extension (150 m at one end and 123 at the other) being widened to full width which is 46 metres. So, 273mx16m= 4368 square metres of asphalt on top of load bearing foundation.
  13. It's how the aircraft can use the full length of the runway when those taxiways are closed for refurbishment which is the crux of the matter, and why they think they need the runway to being widened so aircraft can do a 180 turn on it. A319s will manage just fine for 99.9% of the time without the runway being widened - they have the performance. Even if they can't because of a perfect storm of negative influences, there is a perfectly workable solution (push the aircraft to the end using a tug). Finally, if they insist on providing aircraft with the ability to use the full length of the
  14. Here's a picture of how they do it at Southampton. Also, notice the arrester bed instead of a RESA...that will have come in a lot cheaper than the 70 million ours cost!
  15. As I mentioned earlier, the whole thing about widening the runway is an abhorrent wast of money. It's just not needed. If they want to give aircraft the ability to turn around and use the full length for take off and landing, a turning area or circle at each end is all that is needed. But no, they waste our money on widening 300 odd metres worth of runway. Airports like Southampton and Belfast City utilise turning circles at the end of each runway to allow aircraft to do 180s - it's not f**ing rocket science. This sort of stuff really has to highlight the incompetence of those making such expe
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