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  1. 12 minutes ago, Andy Onchan said:

    The +70s have only just received letters to register fore the first jab.

    So that's group four getting letters now, group three got letters three weeks ago, group five maybe within the month?

    It took five days from receipt of letter to first vaccination for my parents in group three.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Banker said:

    Got to do all the pre booked second doses first, second doses seems to be bulk for next 7 days at least.

    The change to the extended gap between AZ shots will speed things up over the next few weeks though.

    9 minutes ago, Banker said:

    Think 10 weeks was mentioned 

    I just rewound it to where he gave the news. He didn't mention the new gap, although one of the journos did mention ten weeks in a question and wasn't corrected by DA.

  3. 2 minutes ago, ballaughbiker said:

    Just some info from over there to compare with over here from this morning.

    Group 5 (65-69 or older) patients are being encouraged to book their first jab now. Anecdotal (but reliable) evidence from different parts of the country (Sheffield and Isle of Wight in todays info) seem to give next day appointments if the NHS app is used. 

    If Group 5 over there are getting the first vaccine now and our Group 5's is likely not until May, that is quite a discrepancy. Anyone know what that's down to as supply problems have been ruled out.

    Asking for a friend in Group 5....

    I would have thought group five would be getting first jabs a lot sooner than May...late March is what I have in my mind as we have been doing group three for the last couple of weeks.


  4. 1 minute ago, Ham_N_Eggs said:


    I'm pretty sure, although I could be wrong, there is an issue with flying these samples away and they have to go on the boat. With the boats not going that causes more delay. 


    Not to mention potential cross contamination.....

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  5. 57 minutes ago, wrighty said:

    It's better than hearing on a Sunday night that you might have been exposed the previous Tuesday.

    To be fair, the Java Express was listed as a 'Location of Interest' on Friday 19th and people who were in there between the specified times on the previous Tuesday were asked to be extra vigilant regarding the development symptoms. What else could they (IOMG) have done and how would genomics have changed anything in the subsequent timeline?

    Or am I missing something?

  6. 17 minutes ago, Albert Tatlock said:

    But that is the plan surely? Protect Nobles through eradication until all the vulnerable plus quite a few more are vaccinated. And then when the UK opens up, we get to a point when we can start to open up.


    Exactly. It's only an eradication policy until we reach the point where those at most risk are protected by vaccines.

    That point is getting closer every day.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Numbnuts said:

    But we have had a weekend since with clubs/ pubs busy so middle of week is favourite I'd say for outbreaks. If we get to the end of the week with just a couple then we have escaped a second time . Riding the luck though !! 

    Agree. If the person who has just tested positive is the only one who was unfortunate enough to have been infected last Tuesday and they have lived like a hermit over the last few days, then that is indeed luck.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, Ham_N_Eggs said:

    They will. But the rate this is spreading it's only a matter of a few days till random cases start popping up. Especially with no masks or social distancing etc.

    It doesn't seem to be spreading that quickly to be fair - yet. Until tonight, one case since Thursday. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, AcousticallyChallenged said:

    "The shop was identified as a low risk location for COVID-19 following a visit last Tuesday by an individual who later went on to test positive for the virus. A customer who was in the shop at the time has gone on to develop symptoms. They contacted the COVID-111 Service and were instructed to self-isolate along with other members of their household. The individual was offered a test which returned a positive result."

    Rest of the update courtesy of FB.

    So by (their) definition, non community transmission.

  10. 4 minutes ago, slinkydevil said:

    I think Dr Ewart mentioned a location that they were happy they'd identified all of the people effected, so it wasn't necessary to put that location out in to the public domain as it was contained.

    This is probably that.

    Sounds like the three new cases were exposed to the virus on Tuesday and were isolated and tested subsequently Thursday. They were very unlikely to have been infectious as the incubation period is between two and seven days. Good work by the contact tracing team again. 

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  11. 3 minutes ago, Banker said:

    Howie very rattled, they obviously had duff information on steam packet isolating rules, someone in for a bollocking😀

    They obviously never had the IOMSPCo confirm this was happening which is a serious flaw. What do they say about the word assume? It makes an ass out of u and me. 

  12. A sensible and pragmatic approach to a situation that they seemed to have jumped on quickly. Of course the next few days will tell us where all of this is heading - fingers crossed.

    They are squirming under the vaccination of crew question however. Manx solutions for Manx problems - unless it  doesn't suit the argument - nice one Tim!

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  13. 1 minute ago, Andy Onchan said:

    Let's hope so. However, the IOMSPCo issue needs dealing with pronto.

    Yes - much as I hate the expression, it has the potential to be one of the biggest cases of 'we told you so' in quite a while.

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  14. The 4pm daily bulletin says they have a good handle on the transmission chain 'Ongoing investigations suggest a good understanding of the transmission chain and contact tracing will continue.'. As yet there are (by their definition) no community cases so it may well be that a lockdown isn't on the cards just yet. 

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  15. The IOMSPCo crew member was in a non passenger facing role - as was the non IOM based crew member who tested positive last week. It is possible (if not likely) that these cases are linked. 

    Do the IOMSPCo really need to have UK staff on board at these times?

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  16. 1 hour ago, pongo said:

    Is it possible that you mean moot rather than mute?

    That challenge can itself be considered moot (having little or no practical relevance) as it's blatantly obvious what I meant in consideration of the context.



  17. 5 minutes ago, Apple said:

    I think we are a long way off global travel certificates / passports yet. It may happen down the line but there is too much self interests to get through first. 

    Again I ask, what about immigrants feeing war torn  / famine areas. Forced vaccinations and registrations ?  Are we going to ask all the fleeing people from Hong Kong heading to the UK or to the island to provide evidence of health ?

    I think it will happen sooner than you think as a condition of borders opening, holidays being allowed etc.

    In respect of your latter point, I think the case of refugees would be addressed separately to those wishing to travel for leisure or business.

    Of course, once the vast majority of the population has been vaccinated, it will become less of an issue.

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