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  1. Fairly sure Royal Mail & Parcelforce use aircraft - UPS et al seem to use the boat, I've been waiting for a package for a while, their tracking says it's delayed due weather disruption. MMP
  2. So, is the Ben going to be able to get to dry dock on Friday?. If it can't and it misses it's appointment, how long before it can be rescheduled?. Are IOMSPCo really losing anything other than street cred with all these consolidated sailings? They must be saving loads on unused fuel. MMP
  3. I thought it was a nice touch - the only things that seemed to be out of stock were bog rolls ??. The kitchen rolls were being snapped up - needs must I suppose.
  4. Naughty, mind you dont get charged with Pecuniary Advantage Thank god for google.
  5. I have a Halifax Easycash Electron. I applied online and ticked that I live in the UK (oops - silly me) and then gave my Manx address. The card was delivered to my home on the island a week later. I've had it for three years now and have saved a fortune on flight bookings.
  6. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/flight-delays I hope all my flights are > 2hrs delayed - I could retire early!.
  7. Jim, not sure if you realise, so excuse me if you do, but the ground limit is the maximum wind speed that the aircraft should be exposed to while taxing around on the airport. The crosswind limit is the maximum crosswind component you can have for take off and landing. The limits are not one and the same. You can take off in 50 knot winds so long as it is not more than 30 degrees off the runway direction if you have a crosswind limit of 25 kts for example. Most large aircraft have crosswind limits of around 35 knots and ground ops limits of around 55 knots.
  8. By get hot I mean really hot, like after a max weight rejected take off - and by compression I mean a very heavy landing, like one one that would or should ground the plane. As I said, in both cases, above the design limit of the tyre. In the heat case, it's not normally the tyre itself that blows, but a 'fuseable plug' which is designed to deflate the tyre to prevent a damaging blowout.
  9. PPPDrive, tyres don't burst that regularly in normal ops, unless you've bought a dodgy batch!. Tyres burst when they get hot, are damaged by FOD (Concorde) or when they are subject to loads either laterally or in compression outside of their design limit. We can do something about two of the three reasons.
  10. Swoopy, agree. Minor point, aileron is normally used to counter the rising wing as an effect of rudder application in a crosswind landing, not the other way round.
  11. From memory ( I looked on Saturday ) the from 1120 metar, there wind was something like 25 gusting 40, mainly all crosswind on runway 28. I don't know what the crosswind limit is for the LET 410, maybe you could look that up, but it's probably no more than 30 kts. To be frank, that doesn't really matter. It was a blustery, gusty day with strong crosswinds . Jo says in their post that 'the pilot did well to land without more damage', ' I thought we were going to land sideways'. They burst a tyre on landing. I'm not a rocket scientist, but I don't think I need to be in this case to unde
  12. But it shouldn't be like that. 'the pilot did very well to land the plane without more damage'. If conditions were that bad, he (or she) shouldn't have landed at all. As someone else said somewhere else, surely It's best to arrive late than dead on time.
  13. No, not really, as I know the pilots on the airlines I fly with as a passenger have demonstrated over extended periods of time, by way of checks, tests, and experience, an ability to do the job very well. Just to add, of course we're human and therefore make mistakes. Minimising mistakes is probably the largest challenge of the airline regulators and training departments. Genuine mistakes are one thing, but there must be no place in our industry for people who deliberately break the rules, rules that if followed would have protected those who lost their lives at Cork.
  14. I don't know anyone who flies for M2, only people who have left. I never have and never will fly with them either.
  15. Fortunately nothing notable, concerned a few times, but never scared. It's all down to the training you know ;-).
  16. Err, punctures do not occur that regularly. Not had one in 25 years/15000 hours commercial service. Can only recall half a dozen for others in that time too. I've heard of wheels falling off more than I've heard of punctures :-)
  17. One could also say that a smaller aircraft responds more quickly to control inputs because of a lack of inertia, and that the force exerted on landing is less, because it is lighter. It's all relative and I don't think it makes any difference. The tyre burst here was caused by a high rate impact following a 'dirty dive' on runway 08. I don't know for sure about the BPL and BHD incidents.
  18. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/northern_ireland/7360357.stm There have been other tyre bursting landings involving M2. http://www.iomtoday.co.im/news/isle-of-man-news/manx2_aircraft_suffers_burst_tyre_in_airport_emergency_1_1776570
  19. Thanks. Glad it wasn't anything too serious. MMP.
  20. There was an 'incident' at Blackpool this morning involving M2. A burst tyre following a landing in windy conditions with subsequent evacuation is what I was told. Anyone able to confirm this?.
  21. Yes, hypothetically, but then they wouldn't have needed a new tower..??. There are a million and one reasons why what you suggest wouldn't be a practical proposition. The justification in having a new tower was the structural integrity (or lack of) of the old one. The new one is as tall (if not taller) than the tower at KWC - that was/is frequently shrouded in low cloud, it wouldn't have taken much to realise that the same would happen with the new control tower. Whilst it only happens a few times per year, it was an avoidable problem. However, the new (lower standard) runway ap
  22. All of the communications and radar 'kit' is in the new tower, and the old one is in the process of being knocked down, so no. The only way things could be improved would be with the installation of a surface movement radar system.
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