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  1. Good point well made. So its the likely the latter then.
  2. I read that as meaning one of two things...a very big family isolating together, or that they were the isolating close contacts of the person who tested positive after they had exited their post travel quarantine - ie the Ramsey NYE case. If the latter is the case, lets hope all the close contacts were identified!
  3. Thanks - I appreciate that. In layman terms you are saying that once Liverpool have sent the data back, you would be able to work with it to follow the paper trail of infection. My previous question may be mute if that data is going to be on Island soon anyway, but I was interested to know if the whole positive swab is sent across and once thats happened, the chance to get it done quickly in your lab is lost.
  4. Last week Dr Ewart said that all of the positive swabs are sent to Liverpool for genomic analysis. If this is the case, would there still be anything on island for Dr Glover to analyse even if the ice was broken in her relationship with IOMG? I'm genuinely not sure how it works hence the question.
  5. At a recent media briefing he stated categorically that first and second jabs would happen in parallel ie that first doses would continue at the same pace whilst second jabs were given.
  6. Where did you get the info about batch matching? Are you sure it wasn't one of Mr Ashford's confused unscientific terminology utterances?
  7. Apparently a relatively small drop in production late 'January and early February' to allow for a manufacturing plant upgrade. The upgrade will allow production to rise from 1.3 billion doses to 2 billion per year. I can't find any figures for UK supply, but Norway are saying they expect to see their deliveries drop by 18%, Eire are saying 50%.. If the figures are good, it will only be a couple of weeks before they've made up the shortfall with new production capacity.
  8. Scottish population is 70 times that of IOM - therefore, the chart showing vaccine delivery to Scotland is shown below amended to show approximate Manx deliveries.
  9. So, if a couple travel back together as returning residents, they have to stay in separate accommodation? If not this makes no sense whatsoever. He could simply go over to Liverpool and come back with his partner.....
  10. I'm talking about the physical process of getting the vaccine from the vials into the arms of the people with their sleeves rolled up, not the policy of how many trays are released for use. But you know that.
  11. 1165 vaccines administered this week up from 1041 last week. The maximum theoretical number by getting six doses out of each of the 195 vials is 1170. Seems like a highly efficient process to me.
  12. It is possible that they were in day 1,7 or 13 tests - if three people tested positive on day one fourteen days ago, they will have dropped off the active cases list today to be replaced by the three new positives - in effect cancelling each other out. The government figures issued (on Twitter) fourteen days ago did show three new cases - I don't know if they were day one isolation or not. Totally agree that we should be told exactly what type of new case we have to save all this detective work!
  13. Hopefully since the lockdown began, these six contacts of the 'index case' will have been keeping themselves to themselves and the onward transmission from them will be minimal if not zero.
  14. I'll do it - it can't be that hard to shove a cotton wool bud up someones nose! Joking aside, they should expand the swabbing team if that is the case. Remember, money is unlimited for testing...
  15. Perhaps someone should go to their doorstep and do it. Maybe there should be a mobile swab squad, it would save those who have been identified as being high risk being outside their homes. It would save our cabbies from exposure. Plus, it would seem to make sense if you are talking about a large localised cluster. Take Mohammed to the mountain as they say
  16. Dr Ewart did not want to tell us about these six community cases did she. She didn't mention the number in her 'speech' and when asked gave a number of total cases she used yesterdays figures. Why would this be?
  17. Seems we've dodged that. For now at least, individual responsibility is being considered as the best way forward.
  18. Lets hope that the amount of topics that can be covered by that probability will cease to grow.
  19. In my old job, you use every asset you have in dealing with an emergency. The front of the operations manuals and emergency checklist used to say words to the effect of ' The Commander may deviate from the procedures outlined in this manual to ensure a satisfactory outcome'.
  20. Like what we've been saying. Cut the offing BS, do what needs to be done!!
  21. Fairly sure Taxonomics have a pretty quick turnaround. IIRC Dr Glover said she was carrying a kit around in her rucksack initially. I have this Ghostbusters image in my mind that I'm trying to get rid of....
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