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  1. Like sheep with different coloured dyes on their backs - you can tell who they've been f**cked by....
  2. It's not the type of variant thats important in this context, but the fact that if people present with different variants there can be a benefit to helping trace the transmission line. I'm fairly certain it has been said that there are multiple variants of the virus circulating, and that the 'Kent' variant has only been singled out because it is significant.
  3. If you have two cases of unknown source and the variant of the virus is different in each case, you know they've come from different sources.
  4. Two things form the 'being apart' definition. Time and distance. Keep at least 2m apart and don't stop to talk. Add to this the fact that most were wearing a face covering (either because of the mask advice or because it was offing freezing up there the other day) means that the risk of transmission was infinitesimal.
  5. Being outside and apart from others will not spread the virus. Failing to adhere to the basic principles of hands face and space will. We don't even have the excuse of lockdown fatigue here to use an 'excuse' for non compliance with these basics. Lets keep the focus on whats important rather than criticising those who pose no risk to the rest of us.
  6. Being able to quickly analyse the genomic variant of the virus would be a godsend to contact tracing. Someone needs eat a bit of humble pie to cut through this puerile bullshit.
  7. I was reassured when the timeline for all the vulnerable groups was confirmed as end of May - previously they had been saying September. Once the Airport hub (and the secret one in Ramsey) start operating with the Oxford product (which we should get more regularly), things will speed up rapidly. I read yesterday that there is no requirement for the 15 minute observation period after the Oxford jab has been given - another plus.
  8. I was not talking about you - but as a general example.
  9. Would it be safer for an ambulance crew to attend to your heart attack outdoors or in the confines of your virus ridden house? You'll be saying we can't use metal cutlery next!
  10. If the student had been tested on day 13, because he was a 'late bloomer', perhaps would have tested positive.
  11. I am shocked at Mr Ashford's interpretation of the day 13 test purpose. He seems to be confused. The 1% figure he uses are people who remain infectious after day 14 and therefore have the potential to transmit the virus after release from self isolation. Surely the day 13 test would identify the vast majority these people remain who infected >day 14.....
  12. I can't help thinking about an old TV game show when it comes to the reluctance to implement day 13 testing a lot earlier....
  13. Which will cause more operational difficulties due to low level turbulence and windshear when it's very windy. The laminar flow of wind over flat terrain is the ideal operating environment for all types aircraft.
  14. Not so sure about that - air ambulances don't need to use licensed fields as far as I know. They certainly don't when they are attending incidents....
  15. Helicopters can operate in much lower visibility than fixed wing aircraft, visual flight rules for a helo means clear of cloud and in sight of the surface, for a fixed wing aircraft minimum in flight visibilities are required depending upon the classification of the airspace being flown in. Operating from the hospital would be done under VFR rules, so, if there was a fog which prevented fixed wing aircraft landing at the airport, a helicopter may well be able to at either the airport or the hospital. I'm less certain of helicopter wind limitations - although as they don't need a runway, t
  16. Surely the eradication policy will only be in force until the vulnerable have been vaccinated. After that, will it really matter if anyone catches it?.
  17. Total test and concluded test numbers today are lower than yesterday...somethings not quite right!
  18. Each Pfizer tray has 195 vials, each vial has an advertised 5 doses available post dilution, allowing for an expected 975 vaccinations. Rather than the expected 975 vaccinations, 1141 have been completed. This seems to indicate one of two things: a) They have managed to extract 6 doses out of most vials, but not 29 of them. b) They got 6 doses out of all vials and could not find arms to inject it into as they weren't expecting the extra capacity - 29 doses went unused. Be it a or b, stating that the target is 1141 each week for a tray is difficult to rationalise.
  19. HQ did say that - but he was incorrect. https://covid19.gov.im/general-information/guidance-on-face-masks/
  20. Absolutely no need to wear one if you are removed from other people - ie outside in an un populated area. Wearing them when around others, especially indoors has been proven to be beneficial. That is reflected in the Government guidelines. Exactly. It sounds like we need a vaccine for stupid too sometimes.
  21. 0.13% of UK amount he said. If it was 0.83% we could inoculate nearly half a million!
  22. Within 10 metres of IOM TV presenter? mask!
  23. The whole section about when to wear a mask carries more weight (in my mind anyway) than that single addendum in the general statement. Wear one in public places, but if you are off piste far from anyone else, just have one ready to put on for that chance encounter with another human. Common sense.
  24. Probably to avoid clashing with BOJO and the dynamic duo.
  25. The published playbook: https://covid19.gov.im/outbreak-management-plan/outbreak-plan/ Lets see if they stick to it.
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