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  1. Quite possibly, as RM says, a scutch of day 13 tests pushing the number up. If so, proof that this policy should have been in place much earlier. It's not as if they weren't told it was a good idea. Some boffins are hypothesising that the new variant has a longer incubation period. This would make the 14 day 'gold standard' somewhat defunct.
  2. If the DOI actually achieved any of their deadlines, I'd agree!
  3. Lets hope the 'Scotty principle' applies to the timeframe: Caluculate average required time for completion of given task. Depending on importance of task, add 25-50% additional time to original estimate. Report and commit to inflated time estimate with superiors, clients, etc. Under optimal conditions the task is completed closer to the original time estimate vs. the inflated delivery time expected by those waiting. Claim to be a miracle worker when advertised timescale is bettered.
  4. A good demonstration of why masks and social distancing help if nothing else! #sayitdontsprayit
  5. Good news that the Oxford/AZ vaccine has been given the green light this morning. Also, eminently sensible to increase the minimum gap between jabs to three months so that protection can be given to as many as quickly as possible - let's hope that IOMG's vaccination programme can easily adapt to this development!
  6. The limiting factor in getting the vaccine out to the population was supply, not the physical administration of the jabs as far as I recall. Assuming we've got the storage capacity, provided the deliveries of vaccine to the Island aren't affected by the current paperwork dalliance, then surely we'll be able to catch up in fairly short order.
  7. An honorary doctorate from an establishment in Colchester iirc.
  8. Well, they need to justify cancelling the TT. After all we can't be having all of the vulnerable locals who may get ill because 1000s of virus carrying bikers turn up in June, being protected by then, can we! 😜
  9. There will hopefully be more than one vaccine available soon and that rate can increase. on the subject of timescales - I may have it wrong and stand to be corrected - but - the UK have said they should be able to get through the priority list by Easter, yet IOMG are saying September. Are we talking about the same priority list here?
  10. Looking at his twitter feed from this morning, it is evident he is not well at all. I hope he gets the help he needs.
  11. Not so sure about that. The airfield has be opened for it with ATC in attendance.
  12. It's not just the IOM - in fact I'd be fairly sure we are just a tiny percentage of the 'permanent roamers' they are targeting. There are tens of thousands of expats in Europe using UK providers. The choice of what you move to depends on how much time you spend in the UK and further afield. If you spend just a limited amount of time away, the limited European roaming data provided by Sure and MT in their plans would likely be more than enough. If you spend a few months away, and use your phone a lot, you'd be best looking elsewhere. Vodafone PAYG seems good for European roaming (inc IOM)
  13. Yes - I had a text last week. Basically because you'd be classed as a permanent roamer they'll add usage charges on top of your monthly fee. I had a look at all the other UK providers and they seem to have adopted the same policy. I spoke to Vodafone and got them to convert mine to PAYG, there are some PAYG packages which are a lot cheaper than I was paying on a contract and offer plenty of minutes, texts and data for roaming.
  14. A government spokesperson said, with caution optimism, that they expect to carry out 1.5 million vaccinations per year...
  15. The boxes that leave the production line have five trays of 195 vials, each vial containing 5 doses, so that's 4875 doses per box. Each box is sealed and surrounded by dry ice to ensure the requisite temperature. If (as reported) splitting the box into individual trays for distribution is a massive challenge, it's perhaps unsurprising we haven't had any yet. Maybe the CI feel more confident in being able to administer 4875 doses quickly? Perhaps IOMG are have their fingers and toes crossed that the Oxford/AZ vaccine is given the EUA within the coming days to make things a lot easier (?)
  16. From the UK Gov Vaccine handbook: 'Each pack of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine BNT162b2 contains 195 vials with 5 doses per vial (975 doses per pack). It is supplied with 0.9% sodium chloride diluent for injection plastic ampoules. After dilution, the vaccine should be kept at 2°C to 25°C and used within 6 hours. Any unused vaccine should be discarded.'
  17. There is no requirement to have the second dose exactly 21 days after the first. The guidance published by the UK Government in the UK vaccine 'Green Book' says there is no issue if it is longer, and even suggest a common minimum gap of 28 days should be adopted to harmonise with the Oxford jab when/if it is given approval. See pages 6&7 in this doc: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/943663/Greenbook_chapter_14a_v3.pdf It is known that certain level of protection is given by the first dose and it is boosted by t
  18. You could always get a letter from your GP, or request a copy of your medical records. Not that it should be like that of course. I agree with you, a certificate should be provided to all those who are vaccinated. Just because some folk don't see the point because they say the vaccine (perhaps) doesn't prevent you spreading the disease, these certificates will likely be needed where lots of people are in a confined space for a long time. If everyone in that confined has been vaccinated, its unlikely anyone will get ill even if a few are spreading it, thats why it will be needed. L
  19. I would fully expect (hope) that those responsible for rolling out the vaccine on the IOM are not as misinformed as the minister, because insisting on the second dose being exactly 21 days will cause significant and unnecessary logistical challenges What was he saying about 'fake news'....
  20. Mr Ashford says the second dose has to be exactly 21 days apart. Not so according to the 'green book' https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/941450/Greenbook_chapter_14a_v2.pdf The Pfizer vaccine second dose is to be a minimum of 21 days (it doesn't matter if it's longer) and for the Oxford one (when approved) is a minimum of 28 days. In fact, the document recommends a minimum 28 day gap between jabs for both the Pfizer and Oxford variants for consistency and public messaging. It was also interesting to read that the
  21. I think you missed the point in what a few of us are saying in regards to this. If you don't want the vaccination, fine, take your chances. But if you do, and you request proof of having had it, it really should be provided.
  22. Cruise lines are likely to insist all passengers have been vaccinated, then it doesn't matter if anyone transmits it on board. The cruise 'experience' is heavily impacted by social distancing requirements at the moment and the ships cannot operate at a capacity to make them profitable. Same possible for long haul travel too.
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