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  1. https://gef.im/2021/04/28/nhs-app-could-be-used-to-prove-vaccine-status/
  2. You can order prescriptions through the NHS App too.
  3. No. Patient Access is one of many third party apps that work in a similar way to the 'official' NHS app by allowing access to your health records held on the EMIS system.
  4. You only need postcodes for part of the test and trace app. The main NHS app works just fine.
  5. It will surely be the main NHS app, not the track and trace one. The former requires a secure verification of your ID prior to activation. It is the only one that accesses your medical records too.
  6. We have access to the NHS app here. It is available on the apple and android stores. It uses the EMIS system so your medical records shown on it. It takes about 5 mins to register for it. I know others on here, like me, use it already
  7. The UK's Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has confirmed that the UK Government is working to have the NHS App 'redeployed' to show your vaccination or testing status. The IOM now has a ready made solution for those with smartphones, but something still needs to be done for those that don't. The importance of having your vaccination status transferred from MEDWAY to EMIS in a timely manner is now clear. Mine took four weeks to happen.
  8. I'm not sure that the infection rate trigger points for the border framework have been changed since the document was produced - although I stand to be corrected on that. A lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and we now know that as the vaccines have rolled out, far fewer people who become infected with Covid require healthcare. Yes, higher case rates will lead to more hospitalisations, but the ratio between them has widened significantly. Rather than just keeping an eye on infection rates, perhaps the triggers should be frequently tweaked to reflect the latest ratio between infection and illness. It can't be that hard to do.
  9. A few take aways for me from yesterdays's briefing. First, why are the IOM government using the UK's case rate as the trigger for transitioning between border control levels? This when they are themselves saying that case rates are becoming less important due to the vaccine rollout and we shouldn't really be to worried about them. Surely UK hospital admissions would be a better indicator of how much demand would likely be placed on our own healthcare system. Cases could be sky high in the UK, but if nobody is getting seriously sick as a result, what's the big deal?. Second, and this has been a persistent trait throughout the whole pandemic, why announce changes to protocols that haven't been fully thought through and where the full package of information surrounding them that should be given to the public isn't available at the time?. It would perhaps be better for them to say 'later this week we will be revealing detailed changes to the border framework' and get all of the detailed information out in one go. Finally, a comment from the CM went against their own mantra too - in commenting on the single case from unknown source yesterday, he says 'this gives us cause for concern' - well, which is it CM? You are telling the GMP not to worry so much about new cases and we're now going to have to just get on with it, but you are also saying it causes you concern?. Different messages in the same paragraph. Perhaps I (we) shouldn't be surprised.
  10. I agree with everything you say, the issue urgently needs to be addressed. My comment was about businesses that employ many people where they can continue to operate when some are absent. Perhaps I should have made that clear.
  11. Whether employees are absent through illness or a requirement to self isolate, businesses will need to come up with contingency plans for dealing with it.
  12. If the vaccines do what they say on the tin, infection rates won't matter anywhere near as much soon. Since January, infections have fallen by 94%, hospitalisations by 96% and deaths by 99%. That's a significant change in the ratio of cases to hospitalisations and deaths. That can only be down to better healthcare - primarily vaccines. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/
  13. The vaccine efficacy against hospitalisation report from another source: Data reveals impact of one vaccine dose on COVID infections A key government scientist has said that real-world data shows coronavirus vaccines are "working really well". Around 74,000 people were admitted to hospitals with the virus in recent months, but only 32 of them were vaccinated, official data from March shows. Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme Professor Calum Semple, one of the scientists advising the government on COVID-19, said the results are "very good news". Prof Semple said researchers looked "very carefully" at the hospital records of the 74,000 people in the data sample. They worked out that 43,000 had been admitted after vaccinations started. Within that number just under 2,000 people that had received a jab. They then looked at how many days there were between receiving the vaccine and the onset of their symptoms. Prof Semple said: "Most people admitted had caught their infection within a week on either side of vaccination and then there was a really sharp drop off in numbers, so that, after three weeks after being vaccinated, we could only count 32 people out of the 2,000 that had been vaccinated.” Now that is impressive.
  14. Masks and SD would have made little difference in lockdown as people weren't mingling - they are now. That Telegraph article posted earlier (and again here) says that people who have been vaccinated and have had time for their immunity to build (3 weeks it says) are more than 2,000 times less likely to be hospitalised with covid than those who haven't been jabbed. That data (if correct) has got to be hugely significant in how we deal with this. Case counts will matter less.
  15. Perhaps vaccine and testing certification warrants a thread all of it own. This however, comes as no surprise and indicates the importance of a coordinated international approach to the matter. http://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-at-least-100-fake-coronavirus-test-certificates-are-used-by-uk-arrivals-every-day-it-is-revealed-12282433
  16. Who said anything about stopping and starting society? Should they be required, appropriate, surgical interventions instead of the blunt instrument of a total lockdown may allow society to continue almost as normal. These interventions would only be required to ensure the health service is able to offer care to everyone who needs it, including those who have fallen off ladders or got some water in their lungs. That's all part of the Government's plan. As I said I hope they have the courage to stick to it and we can start to advance to full normality without jeopardising the ability to offer care to those if us who are unfortunate enough to require it.
  17. Lets hope they stick with the plan. The number of cases is becoming less of an important metric with the advancement of the vaccine rollout. All vulnerable folk have had at least one jab, many both. Hospital cases should become the new driver of action. If the hospital is showing signs of becoming overwhelmed, intervene with some restrictions. We've got to move on.
  18. Mr A announced to the Keys earlier that a patient had suffered anaphylaxis after having a jab and subsequently died in hospital on that same day. It has since been clarified (by Mr Q just now) that the patient with anaphylaxis recovered, and it was another person who died shortly after having a jab - apparently with from other health conditions.
  19. Jaw-droppingly so. We have made mention here of the folly of politicians playing pseudo doctors.
  20. Maybe we can go a reduced laps race by sacking the journos off?
  21. It's like a TT race day - 'attention paddock, attention paddock'.
  22. Obviously the type needs to be known to ascertain whether it is approved or not. Perhaps the fact that it is presented on an official NHS app is sufficient evidence that it is one of the approved types as the NHS only 'do' approved types.
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