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  1. I quite like an occasional blast across the mountain on a good day with clear roads....I dont like people getting maimed/killed. A suggestion then which might appease both sides of the argument. Why dont they take apply a speed limit around all other parts of the island, coz people dont really need to be driving above 50 or 70mph on other roads where there are houses etc and people going about their daily business. Then just leave the wide open section over the mountain with the unrestricted speed limit. With a bit of policing to discourage the proper knobheads there is little reason why most people cant open up their cars/bikes up there.....and for those that do not like that kind of thing......there is the coast road which would then have a restriction all the way along so they dont have to use the mountain if they dont want to.
  2. Not so long ago MR were heralding their latest big launch.....Smart Local Focus. As far as I could tell it was Manx Radios rival to Google with the unique selling point that businesses who registered also got mentioned on the radio occasionally. They now seem to not mention it at all any more after hammering the jingles for a few months. Anyone (Stu?) know whose idea this was, how much was spent on it and what has happened to it now ? Seem to get 'Oops something went wrong' on most pages on it now...…!
  3. Heard some details of the 'exciting' changes coming in the next couple of weeks. Live on air from 5am (not interested), Stu Peters moved to graveyard shift, Andy Wint taking over lunch time slot....and Brindley continues to be in charge of programming/scheduling etc.........bye bye Manx Radio.
  4. Yeah tend to agree with that. It sounds a bit like the coppers have been a bit twattish by advising of the decision so late in the day...so they probably cant be arsed dealing with it. However saying its been ok for years so it should just go ahead is not right either. Clearly become more and more popular each year....but if something did go wrong...the parents whinging now would be the same parents whinging about their kids getting hurt etc. Recall that incident in Ireland a few months back where a load of kids turned up and all tried to get into the same venue at once causing a crush and a couple of kids were killed....
  5. Sounds like a challenge to all members of the public and all visitors....whoever gets interviewed over the TT period...or if you see any roving reporters anywhere you have to say 'I love Manx Radio TT' as loudly and as often as possible....together we can try to get it mentioned as much as possible..that will pi55 the Gov idiots off !
  6. I prefer a 'mince' pie to a gay cake...
  7. Do you mean like Mr Lakeman from the IOM, who lost two sons from taking 'ecstacy' tablets and now has campaigned as far as the house of commons for these drugs to be legalised so it's safer for young people (who will ALWAYS experiment) to take them. I tend to listen to the views of people with first hand experience of these issues such as Mr Lakeman rather than silly out of touch racist twats....
  8. The exit from the roundabout was not blocked...otherwise I would have a) mentioned it and b) agreed that in that circumstance to wait until the exit was clear would be sensible. This driver just decided to stop because they didn't know how to use a roundabout. Usual suspects on here trying to argue that someone who gives way to the left on a roundabout is somehow not in the wrong...hilarious. And as for saying its just down to basic manners...PMSL...Imagine the fun to be had at roundabouts if all the drivers are leaning out of the window saying 'after you old bean'...'no I must insist,..ladies first' etc etc. You silly twat Dilli...the rules for these kind of traffic manoeuvres are there for a reason, it has absolutely nothing to do with manners.
  9. You help by obeying the normal roundabout rules you learn when learning to drive thereby keeping the traffic flowing... Not by suddenly stopping and giving way to the left and confusing the shit out of everyone!
  10. Stupid drivers are just as likely to cause accidents as drivers going 5 or 10 mph over the speed limit imho. A regular occurrence again this week, I am at a roundabout during rush hour, nothing coming from my left so I am sat patiently giving way to the stream of traffic from my right. Four or five cars go through then the next one inexplicably decides to stop and give way to the left(me) despite nothing coming from their right...cue a load of shouting from me 'its your fuckin right of way' before she realises that you don't give way to the left on roundabouts and decides to proceed.....another few cars and someone did exactly the same again.. Now possibly not life threatening but it's shit driving and basic lack of understanding of driving rules that cause a lot of problems/accidents.
  11. If Mr Lennox is still running things up at the brewery I am surprised there is a single member of staff left....horrible **** of a man...
  12. Has splintery arse callister been on to say he totally sympathises with the all of those impacted but he also fully supports the DOI position and he is going to ask a question about it yet ?
  13. He perhaps should have said he had to cross the road as he was in a hurry to throttle his missus...might have been ok then.
  14. Heard that clip earlier from the police 'Preloading with drink increases the risk of.....losing your mind' ????!!! I must have missed the science bit that says having some drinks before going out puts you at risk of going insane...
  15. And we will assume that if and when Twinkle has cause to travel through airports...and experiences any delays/issues/inconvenience....he is calm, understanding, polite to all authorities involved and happily takes it all with a happy go lucky spring in his step ??!!!!!
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