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  1. This is what can happen when robots defy the basic laws.... It must be stopped!
  2. I'd be interested to know whether this 'bunch of money grabbing bastards' is a large plc type company or an owner managed one or somewhere in between, as it makes a huge difference to how I'd feel about this. Personally, I think that having kids is a choice and, like all choices, you have to look at all the consequences and decide whether you can live with them or not.
  3. I just can't believe there is an Unlawful Accommodation of Donkeys Act! Perhaps this kind of thing was a big problem back in 1837? Actually, no, there's lots of it I find hard to believe.
  4. josie kelly


    Hiya Bambi - you're gonna need a damn big snorkel for a start!
  5. Series two is already well under way in the states - anyone know when it's gonna be on our screens here? Or is Earl too busy playing drums for The Killers?
  6. It came to me out of the blue!
  7. Excuse me if I'm misunderstanding you, but in one breath you state that you are exercising your strong point of view regarging homosexuality according to your religion and in the next you say that you're not even religious enough to get married in a church. That smacks to me of a genuine homophobia rather than something that's actually driven by religious belief. I'm not condemning you for that - I can't presume to tell somebody how to think, but it does come across as using religion as a convenient backup to support something that's actually a deeply personal belief.
  8. when I log onto manx forums, I see an old page - I click refresh and it comes up with the most recent page, but if I then go into a topic and come back out, it defaults back to the old page. Not a critical problem, but mildly annoying every time. Does anyone know what settings I need to change or what else could be causing this? Ta
  9. The only thing that stops me getting the laser treatment is that my prescription is still changing. It goes up by a quarter every year or so - I think it's because I sit in front of a computer screen every day. I wouldn't want to get the treatment and then be wearing glasses again within a couple of years. If and when it stops changing, then I'd get it for sure.
  10. Are you JD off of Scrubs?
  11. floppy - can't beat them.
  12. I too thought it was good originally, but last night's was poor - very derivative, been done a million times before (perhaps an exaggeration), most notably in The Terminator (now that's class).
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