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  1. Try digging upwards, your current strategy isn't working.
  2. Very funny. Best collection of untruths and bad financial advice I think I've ever seen on MF, and that's a high bar!
  3. Mean deaths per annum pretty consistent at over 3 since the 1970s. Time will tell whether the late 1990s to late 2000s period reduction is anything more than mean reversion but the subsequent increase would seem to indicate so. The non-change of Mountain Course fatalities compared to other motorsport events since the mid 1960s is the most damming issue. Does not cover the issue, as mentioned above in this topic, of the impact of serious life-changing injuries on competitors.
  4. Answer me do... Websites seems to say that an Irish locator form is required if you're travelling through NI to RoI, e.g. https://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/travel_and_recreation/travel_to_ireland/travel_to_ireland_during_covid.html "You must also fill out this form if you arrive in Ireland through Northern Ireland and were overseas in the 14 days before your arrival in Ireland." However Irish locator form does not allow EasyJet as a valid airline (since they don't fly to the RoI). Catch-22! Any thoughts?
  5. "This is one of my biggest achievements in my career." 1096 days to go!
  6. Everybody should Wang Shun tonight!
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