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  1. Sorry John, I've obviously touched a nerve. I shall leave you to your speculation.
  2. What do you think is correct, John?
  3. A commentard on the ever-reliable pprune.org says the following which seems to be the clearest summary I have seen:
  4. Don't know where the "£100m tax bill" comes from, further conflation of various issues, possibly. If APD is ditched, it will apply to all domestic carriers. If they all then increase their prices by £13 per sector, would that count as price fixing?
  5. It will still be due, if I understand correctly, just deferred - think they were originally looking for a "payment holiday"? I note the BBC is talking about a cut in APD, not sure how that would help Flybe.
  6. Thought P.K. had updated his Boris autocomplete there
  7. Unless I'm VERY much mistaken, I think you'll find that the Queen couldn't operate a child in the UK unless she has a valid MOT certificate for it.
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