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  1. Balvenie is generally a mellow option also. I have the dregs of a bottle of Port Wood bought when it was a lot cheaper than it would be now even if it was generally available, but the Double Wood is quite nice too. Or completely left field, try Starward Nova all the way from Melbourne but at a fairly reasonable price.
  2. Ice is definitely frowned upon by the purists. Try water, up to about 20% of the neat measure, makes it "more open, but less intense", so they say. If you're looking for something with a bit of mellowness, try Glenmorangie Nectar d'Or or Quinta Ruban, or perhaps Middleton Method and Madness if you want to go west rather than east.
  3. Sorry John, I've obviously touched a nerve. I shall leave you to your speculation.
  4. What do you think is correct, John?
  5. A commentard on the ever-reliable pprune.org says the following which seems to be the clearest summary I have seen:
  6. Don't know where the "£100m tax bill" comes from, further conflation of various issues, possibly. If APD is ditched, it will apply to all domestic carriers. If they all then increase their prices by £13 per sector, would that count as price fixing?
  7. It will still be due, if I understand correctly, just deferred - think they were originally looking for a "payment holiday"? I note the BBC is talking about a cut in APD, not sure how that would help Flybe.
  8. Thought P.K. had updated his Boris autocomplete there
  9. Unless I'm VERY much mistaken, I think you'll find that the Queen couldn't operate a child in the UK unless she has a valid MOT certificate for it.
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