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  1. Bobbie Bobster

    Flat Earth?

    Stop posting yourself!
  2. Ooh, pass the burn cream!
  3. Bobbie Bobster

    Rob Callister

    How do you spam Facebook? Asking for a friend.
  4. Bobbie Bobster

    Lack Of Road Safety Strategy...

    I wonder how the IoM's fatality rate compares with other territories, taking into account the specific mix of road types and vehicles here?
  5. Bobbie Bobster

    Flat Earth?

  6. Bobbie Bobster


  7. Bobbie Bobster


    While we're on dick jokes...
  8. Bobbie Bobster

    Manx Radio

    Is describing someting as a fake persona redundantly repetitive?
  9. Bobbie Bobster

    "Bungle" Moorehouse strikes again in Sesame Street

    I love a well-crafted metaphor!
  10. Bobbie Bobster

    Guy Martin in Court

  11. Bobbie Bobster

    Sark electricity problems

    It's a lowly bar.
  12. Bobbie Bobster

    Flat Earth?

    "They all think posting videos of stupid FE stuff is stupid. I know - I'll post up some more stupid FE videos, that'll show them!"
  13. Bobbie Bobster

    Flat Earth?

    No, because that would be stupid. Like discussing FE. That's stupid as well. Albeit popular with fringe nutters on the interwebs. Posting loads of videos would be stupid and I wouldn't waste time doing it. Although you seem to enjoy it for some reason, which is nice for you. Grand. But videos, blogs, articles etc about FE are stupid and nobody takes them seriously.
  14. Bobbie Bobster

    Flat Earth?

    Precisely. Nobody disagrees that the internet has given a medium for weirdos to spout on about FE, bit nobody takes it seriously. It's stupid.