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  1. I love unsubstantiated leading claims from shoulder-chipped rando posters with spelling issues, they're some of my favourites! Ben, can you confirm the denials that you're a lizard person from the planet Volgotron?
  2. "Computer end program and reset."
  3. Try making a meaningful debating point, then I'll engage.
  4. lol Still not biting. Maybe time for you to give up?
  5. I agree with MrPB, your posts do not come across as blinkered and I would not consider you an apologist.
  6. Notwithstanding that I naturally dispute the premise of your statement, but your trollery is substantially more laughable.
  7. Nice once - one of the stupidest things I've seen written on MF in a long time, and I've been to the FE topic!!
  8. Whataboutery, whataboutery, whaboutery. The racing fatality rate on the mountain course hasn't changed in 40 years. That's unacceptable in modern society.
  9. No problem. You can pay for it yourself as well.
  10. Thanks for the link to the text of the GFA. What about the UN? Could they have a role?
  11. Seeing as we've gone to caps, it's time to bring out the old
  12. What is the censure if one of the parties happens to break some of the terms of the GFA?
  13. The funny thing is that you probably actually believe this!
  14. At what point does this become spam?
  15. Bring back pgw! His videos were quicker to scroll by.
  16. In a higly scientific survey driving back from Peel to Douglas yesterday late afternoon, they mostly looked fairly old. Are they managing to attract many yung'uns or is it going to be an increasing problem over time due to the advancing age profile?
  17. Oh we passed the point of me being actually interested in understanding your...stuff a long, long time ago.
  18. Is this supposed to be some sort of Samuel Taylor Coleridge parody?
  19. Have you ever heard a more facile and contemptuous statement than "far more prepared now than before".
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