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  1. MANX121 on the dark Lambo 4x4 looks like 7.5k from your table. MANX458 iirc also - ah no I see that's still available but there's definitely a modern Ferrari with one.
  2. I think there's a couple of issues with that analysis. Lots of it is predicated on clarity about the nature and timing of trade agreements where little clarity exists currently. There's also an assumption of significant movement around the constitutional relationship of the Crown Dependencies with the UK. My view, to paraphrase some guy, is that we are now at the end of the beginning of Brexit.
  3. @TheTeapot Such a pity "Tears in Rain" has become so over-referenced.
  4. How do you keep up with the news like that?
  5. $175mil budget and counting, I understand.
  6. Going straight to the top, eh! You'll need one of these, though.
  7. I was thinking more breakfast bap for the first two and chorizo/brie with torn rocket and sundried tomatoes on sourdough baguette for the latter.
  8. You need to put the brakes on that criticism otherwise it will be all downhill. We'll see you furiously backpedalling in a couple of posts.
  9. Emergency. Paging Dr Beat. Emergency!
  10. Ha! You'd have to get the Heisenberg Compensators to work first!
  11. Ridership v coverage. Who knew public transport planning was so complicated? https://humantransit.org/2009/12/yet-another-transit-isnt-green-because-of-empty-buses-story.html If public transit agencies were charged exclusively with maximizing their ridership, and all the green benefits that follow from that, they could move their empty buses to run in places where they’d be full. Every competent transit planner knows how to do this. Just abandon all service in low-density areas, typically outer suburbs, and shift all these resources to run even more frequent and attractive service where densities are high, such as inner cities. In lower-density areas, you’d run only narrowly tailored services for brief surges of demand, such as trips to schools at bell-times and commuter express runs from suburban Park-and-Rides to downtown. If you do such a massive shift of resources, I promise your productivity (ridership per unit of cost) will soar, and you won’t have as many empty buses. The outcry would be tremendous, the politics toxic, the prospects for implementation zero. I would never propose it. But there’s no question that such a service change would dramatically increase ridership, dramatically reduce the number of empty buses, and thus improve how transit scores on the kind of tally that Cox and his allies propose. Meanwhile, back in the real world, transit agencies have to balance contradictory demands to (a) maximize ridership and (b) provide a little bit of service everywhere regardless of ridership, both to meet demands for ‘equity’ and to serve the needs of transit-dependent persons.
  12. @Sheldon plush toy then, if you want to go all sidewalk, elevator and trunk about it.
  13. Its very, very long for a soft toy advert.
  14. I agree, each English hamlet should consider well repair to ensure continuity of post-Brexpocalypse water availability.
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