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  1. Great movie. Fantastic performance from Sam Rockwell.
  2. should of used commas for the full effect,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  3. When did Leona Helmsley get an MF login?
  4. Nice phrasing! Have you ever considered a career in politics?
  5. Reading the OP to the end is always helpful in avoiding misunderstanding, especially when it includes the word 'hybrid'.
  6. I'm not so optimistic. Either result of BrexRefII will result in lots of political shenanigans due to both sides entrenched positions. And if the decision is to go ahead with leave then actually bashing out a "proper" way of doing it is likely to take some time.
  7. Seemed to work quite well for the Eight Amendment on abortion, an issue which despite the waning influence of the church could have torn the country apart. (extra points for hyperbole)
  8. I get more of a sense of exasperation at this stage. Again, regardless of pros and cons there's no doubt that the issue has absorbed a huge amount of political effort that could have been diverted to other pressing problems - surely the UK can't spend another 2-3 years going around in circles?
  9. Or maybe some sort of new government could have enough of a mandate to get a Citizens Assembly accepted and hand the problem over to say 500 poor schmucks to decide for the rest of "us". Might be a way to start to heal the divisions.
  10. There's still plenty of hurdles to go over, but I think no deal is off and there will be an extension to the deadline. Then either no confidence vote or Boris gets his 2/3rds for the GE, loses majority, "government of national unity" (4 words to strike terror etc.) and BrexRef II the result of which would be very close to call. Either Cummings 4D's the feck out of it or else enough of the Great British Public gets tired of the 3 years of faff and says lets call the whole thing off (I realise this last bit is not very insightful)
  11. @Amadeus Stop making all the graphic designers cry by making them look at that logo.
  12. Thank you! I do consider myself a man of the people.
  13. Okay! I'd be interested in your views on the number of US states. Are there too many nowadays? Would 47 be a better number?
  14. You gotta love the internet! Never back down!
  15. Quids in, fella! Free chalk!
  16. You know that's the same thing, right?
  17. Suggestion - Google Photos album and share the link to the Topic?
  18. Nice Drederick Tatum callback from the Irish Times today:
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