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  1. Yes. Apologies, if needed, for not making that clear by starting another Topic.
  2. Holy topic ressurection, Batman. Saw a full-page ad for this event in a car club magazine. 16 to 22 Sept 2020. http://iomfm.com/ Although they could of done with some local cultural advice for the Gala Dinner entertainer's description!
  3. At least this topic has delivered unto us the Woody Word Salad phrase!
  4. Aye, as Trump arrived I'm sure I saw someone whisper to her "There's that Thomas Cook bloke".
  5. I award this post five chinese banks out of five.
  6. I've never heard of this before, please tell me more. /s for avoidance of doubt
  7. Again, a response that makes no sense. There needs to be at least some sort of link to the previous post. Otherwise it's just botposting.
  8. I hope you got some enjoyment from typing all that guff out because no-one else did.
  9. Perhaps a name change to Neil Double Down might be in order for you.
  10. What you're doing is actually called trying too hard to be funny but missing the mark. You need to self-censor a lot more. Anyway, no damage done. To me, at least.
  11. Very poor effort. Jeez, the bar is pretty low on here.
  12. Can't get past the stupid haircus under the cockbonnets.
  13. Well there's no way I'm posting a fecking Chomski quote so I guess this has run its course also.
  14. Thanks! Kinda run its course now.
  15. I had you down as an old, but not that much! Anyway, cheerio!
  16. And I also hold that truth to be self evident.
  17. This is some bizzare new definition of retcon with which I am unfamiliar.
  18. In that case I hope you live long and prosper.
  19. Would that be someone from a world class university?
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