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  1. There was a huge matrix sign diverting Douglas traffic (coming from Ballasalla) down the Old Castletown Road this evening (7:15) at the Blackboards. Not sure why as the road was clear t'other way just before 5.
  2. Bobbie Bobster


    As is £1.50 in the airport shop. Unlike Gloucester who have a water cooler after security where you can fill up your empty bottle for nowt.
  3. Sorry, should have made it clearer in my post. I've tried a wired (PS2) keyboard and still no joy apart from DEL for BIOS and F8 for Windows boot menu. Once it gets to the Windows login screen, it's Kapthung, I mean kaput. Given this, I'm not sure that resetting the BIOS would have any effect, as it seems to be happening after the basic BIOS kbd driver is relaced with the Windows one. But it's late and I'm tired, so I'll have another think tomorrow before I try anything.
  4. Thanks all, will try the various suggestions when I'm back on-island. Was hoping to get by without an OS reinstall, but it could probably do with one to clean it out anyway.
  5. My old machine, which was always a bit iffy on USB stuff (Abit KT7A mobo) is not showing any input from its logitech wireless kbd and mouse, which connect through a USB port. My first thought was to try a wired kbd/mouse and although I can hit DEL to get the BIOS menu and F8 to get to the Windows (XP Pro) troubleshooting menu options during reboot, once it gets to the Windows login screen I get nothing from the kbd. Tried choosing the "Last Known Good" and Safe Mode options on the F8 menu but it still gives me a login screen with no input recognised. So basically I have the hardware reset and power off buttons, the BIOS menu and the various F8 troubleshooting options to work with... Any ideas?
  6. Why? Firefox 3.0.1 on Vista SP1 Some sort of cache-y thing going on somewhere? Wimanx speedtest gives 15608 and 241 Router shows: ADSL Link Downstream Upstream Connection Speed 7328 kbps 288 kbps Line Attenuation 24 db 6.5 db Noise Margin 12 db 31 db
  7. Sod that, British Formula 1 Grand Prix at Jurby! Sod that that (sic), women's beach volleyball on Douglas strand!
  8. Like maybe if they put some sort of barriers that you had to run and jump over every 10 metres or so. Oh, wait...
  9. Swiss Chalet every time. Everything fresh cooked and carvery-ed by the chef. Very busy on Sunday lunchtimes with two specific sittings and the average age of the clientele tends to be relatively high, but the food is good.
  10. Does anyone happen to know which way the UK mobile operators treat voice calls to/from the IoM, as domestic or international calls? I'm considering getting a UK PAYG SIM to cut down on roaming costs and having trouble making the comparisons from the information available on the (admittidely only 02 and Voda so far) websites.
  11. "Data Protection" issues allegedly. Covers a multitude of sins.
  12. Oi! NSC is one of the best short course pools I've trained and competed in. Constant depth, clear with good contrast, 2.5m wide lanes. It's fast water, that's for sure!
  13. Really horrible for me (in Douglas) most of the day. Adding Slim's favourite DNS server ( to my network connection properties now seems to have improved things a bit.
  14. Tried the SE PC Suite and a USB cable and it works, but Bluetooth still doesn't seem to want to authenticate. Oh well, so much for wireless...
  15. I've been trying to get my K850 linked up to my laptop for either 3G or GPRS access without success. K750 worked fine on GPRS. Any advice? Data account for 3G is set to: External ID: 4 APN: 3gpronto No username or password, or IP address, Authentication: PAP Data account for GPRS web access is: External ID: 6 APN:web.manxpronto.net Username & p/w: gprs No IP or DNS, authentication: PAP Bluetooth Connection settings on laptop (Win XP): Phone Number: *99***6# or *99***4# All permutations give me "Connection failure" on the phone and Error 720 on the laptop.
  16. LUV and HĀT, perhaps?
  17. It says Jul 2006 at the bottom of GE. It may do, but (a) I don't have my graphics mode set up properly, so it says something like " a e sle f Ma , e e t" at the bottom of GE (b) You shouldn't believe everything you read on t'internet. Having said this, Tromode is pictured on the afternoon of 15/7/2006, between around 1400 and 1600.
  18. Yes. No. The policy conditions are fairly clear (HSBC branded policy, underwritten by Norwich Union) that it only covers certain stuff and your airline going pop isn't one of them. Tried the call centre anyway and they said that they had quite a few people on asking the same question, but they had confirmed with their underwriters that my first (only) port of call was with the liquidators, and that the policy didn't cover this loss. And as I have an £85 booking, it's below the Consumer Credit Act limit of £100. Could have been worse though, it's not £500 like some other posters here. I'll just add it to the £2k that Ultimate effing Interiors (and the wonderful Mr Alan Davies) cost me when they went pop before finishing my bathroom....
  19. Twas last summer sometime, on a day we happened to be having a picnic in the garden. I can see the picnic rug and the paddling pool!
  20. Foot Heads Arms Body
  21. No shirt pocket for his biltong, 'tho.
  22. <slim-proof jacket> Don't get too caught up with the numbers, more important to go have a look at them in situ and see how they perform in the metal. IMHO you can't go too wrong with the popular brands Sony, Panny, Samsung etc so it comes down to personal asthetic and price. </slim-proof>
  23. The Nautical Museum in Castletown is well worth a visit, especially if you can get one of the guides to go through the Peggy story. Manx National Heritage Site
  24. Including "Ross Kemp in Space" http://www.nasa.gov/externalflash/118_gall...-resjpgs/18.jpg
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