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  1. Snow seems to disagree with the DOI webcams, or have they hit their bandwidth quota for the month? Maybe they need a new Internet Service Protocol
  2. It may not be a completely fair comparison, Mr Shoe. My gut feeling would be that the economies of scale in consumer electronics could be much greater than in cycling gear. In further defense of Colebournes, I've bought my last 3 tellies from them - got to within £50 of the interwebs price including delivery for a 50" Panasonic. And the lads spent a good 90 mins setting it up properly on delivery.
  3. "Isels Of Man televoms" ?? Oh dear.
  4. Watch out for the entrance door. You'll need to fully engage your upper body muscles to open it, due allegedly to a mild vacuum effect caused by the kitchen extractor fans. Service was very good. Food adequate, small portions, nothing special. I suspect the path to a star will be as challenging as, oh say a trip to Wolf 359. Will probably appeal to the expense account market.
  5. I'm in the establishment now. Superb 3 pepper pie and mash. Chocolate and berry pie for afters. Spot on description and spot on recommendation, Rhumsaa.
  6. I bet he never thought he'd end up there!
  7. It was interesting to see a cross-departmental briefing (transport, met office, health, education, etc) featured on RTE news the last couple of days. Might be the sort of thing that could work here if it isn't done already.
  8. Supermarket sweep in Browns of Castletow....oh, wait. Two return tickets on the Steam Packet ^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h Mezeron ferry.
  9. If you disclose the IP address that you're using to post, in order to demonstrate that it's not allocated to the Steam Packet, then it would go some way to showing that you're not a MW sockpuppet.
  10. Amazon CS said that "Currently there is no 3G coverage available for Kindle on the Isle of Man" and although "users may have connected to the 3G network, I cannot guarantee this service." Translation - If it works, it's a fluke. So don't get used to it until there's official coverage.
  11. "inappropriation" - that's really a super portmaneau, Tony, really descriptive. I hadn't heard it before. I wonder if Manxforums can make it into a neologism. (btw, isn't Wikipedia great!)
  12. You should aim to drive and control a vehicle in such a way that it does not skid. This becomes more difficult when road or weather conditions deteriorate, but by using your skills of observation, anticipation and planning you can do a lot to minimise the risks of skidding. - Extract from Roadcraft Note it doesn't say "eliminate the risks of skidding".
  13. Tromode. Usually rock solid and I still have 5 bars showing.
  14. MW scare tactics? I don't remember anything about the pension fund in the 2008 accounts. No as its been explained to me he's right. The SP scheme has no rights under the UK Pension Protection Fund as its an Isle of Man based plan so if SP goes tits up I'd be a bit worried if I was in it myself as the protection is a big fat 'zip' in the Isle of Man. I concur, but the PPF only kicks in if the employer is insolvent and the scheme its unable to meet its liabilities. Security of members rights will depend on the current level of funding of the scheme, which may be available in the accounts but will definitely be available in the last actuarial report.
  15. Anyone else having problems? Would report it to the fault line but I can't hold a call long enough to get through to an operator.
  16. if it wasn't correct it may not have been removed??? Not wishing to speak for the good man, but I'm sure Ans can neither confirm nor deny that the presence, or absence, of the post gives any information, or disinformation, about the conclusion of this televisual programming item, or anyther other such item.
  17. What about nicking a Twix from the Co-Op, where do you stand on that?
  18. You could also be driving entirely safely and suffer a mechanical failure to brakes, tyres etc that could result in an unplanned aerial excursion. Also unforeseen weather conditions, black ice, standing water leading to aquaplaning (although the latter is, I guess, unlikely on Richmond Hill )
  19. Not too bad when you look at it like that. I'm always weary of subscribing to things, but if it doesn't auto renew, I'll check the online bit again, ta. All the online payment options are recurring bobster: Automatic recurring billing until cancelled Apologies for the misinformation, and thanks for the heads up. I hadn't cancelled the auto renewal, but it looks as if when they tried to charge it from the CC 3 times in the last couple of weeks, it failed, maybe due to an expired card.
  20. This is where I have an issue with your argument. Do you not recognise ANY property rights or are you selective? You don't have an issue with someone nicking a Twix from Tesco, but would you if that same Twix was stolen from the house of an individual? Would it make any difference to your intepretation of the action if the owner of the Twix was wealthy or not? You state "I don't recognise property rights", but I think your views are actually conditional. Not conditional. I consider certain things to be possessions - what people need to get by, work, and objects/things of personal value to them and no other. People are entitled to them. But also, in the society we live in today it is the workers who have very little to nothing by way of property. And all purchased things are property. It would be immoral for workers to take from other workers rather than those who do not work and from companies with huge holdings of wealth, for example. In this second sense, it is conditional. So nicking a Twix from Tesco - that's OK. Nicking a Twix from your mate's lunchbox - that's not OK. What about nicking a Twix from a John Lewis Partnership shop?
  21. £20 for 6 months, no auto renewal. Unlikely to lose interest in that timescale?
  22. I use a simple 1 mug cafetiere and a measure of freshly ground beans. 250g bag costs 3.50 in tescos and will give you a lot more than 12 cups. Probably 5-8p per cup for the coffee and 30 quid vs over 100 for the equipment. Coffee starts losing its flavour as soon as its ground, so you'll be getting a better cup of coffee with fresher ingredients at a much lower cost. Only takes as long as boiling a kettle as well. Top cafetiere tip - get a plastic spoon to give the mix a good stir before you put the plunger on. Improves the flavour and gives a nice "crema" on the top. ETA: of course all this is moot if you just want espresso. Much prefer a longer drink myself, to sip over a leisurely ManxForums read in the morning.
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