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    Slim, haven't worn a tie to work since we used to be colleagues! The trick is to dress smart anyway - whether it's suit and shirt or chinos/jeans and t-shirt and never, ever, ask whether you need to wear a tie for anything work-related. p.s. Nice to see you on Sat at the MYG, Slim. Sorry I couldn't stop for a chat.
  2. Courier page 47 - Manxnet Broadband renamed Manxnet Broadband Unlimited and reduced in price from £29.23 to £28.95 per month wef May. Hmmm. Also capped 4GB (£19pm) and 15GB (23pm) products.
  3. Image credit and copyright: Antti Kemppainen http://jkemppainen.com/antti/ Text credit: Astronomy Picture of the Day http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap070205.html
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