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  1. "Lads, lads. I think there might be a bit of a bijou problemette with this whole Brexit thing"
  2. Be careful you don't rub him up the wrong way!
  3. I'm glad we're not playing the Woolley drinking game, I'd be 3 shots in already this morning!
  4. If it's good enough for Martha and Rory, its good enough for me. https://twitter.com/Marthakearney/status/1207200794682044418
  5. Social (Media) Keyboard Warrior, defined!
  6. I do. I'm a regular viewer. But their dick and fart jokes aren't a patch on your material.
  7. For goodness sake have a bit of compassion! its only 8 am, far too early to be playing the Woolley drinking game
  8. Well, clearly I'm considerably more intelligant than you.
  9. Did you see the cabinet meeting today? - How many hospitals are we going to build? - (mumbled, reluctantly) forty... - How many new nurses are we going to have - (mumbled embarassingly) ...fiftl tolmand... Behaving like adults would be good enough.
  10. Again with the assumptions. Maybe I should just cut out the middleman and subcontract my thinking and posting to you. /s
  11. Unfortunately, its just BS 2.0. Why bother legislating for something you could just un-legislate for later on using your enormous majority. Is this government full of pointless stunts?
  12. Sorry to hear it's not working out with him/her.
  13. Most people think great God will come from the Sky.
  14. I've got a fiver on my prediction for the Phase 2 tactic.
  15. Are ther any UK newspapers left which are either unbiased or subtle enough so the bias is usually subconscious?
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