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  1. I love a good pipe-and-slippers, "everything was better in the days of old" MF topic. We haven't had one in quite a while!
  2. You've jumped the shark from misguided supporter to wind-up merchant with that one!
  3. Shambolic? That's more like hyperbolic!
  4. But you're either a marshal or you're not, and if you are you have the full range of powers as set out in the previous pages. I presume that a written risk assessment would be carried out beforehand to support granting such powers to individuals with clinical learning difficulties.
  5. I bet even you don't know the point you're failing to make any more.
  6. Could they lightbulb, I'm not sure. And also, “First they came for the verbs, and I said nothing because verbing weirds language. Then they arrival for the nouns, and I speech nothing because I no verbs.”
  7. Surly the Met Office couldn't hold a candle to lightbulb's forecasts!
  8. I believe he is referring to Eccentrica Gallumbits.
  9. That explanation fails Occam's Razor.
  10. Would you expect anything else from the OP?
  11. It must take a lot of practice to miss the point with such accuracy and consistency!
  12. That's a two-way street, pun entirely unintended. Would be more than happy for the 'others' to do that without having contribute to the direct and indirect running costs. Would also be more than happy to continue to contribute if concrete and effective efforts were undertaken to improve the safety record, as has happened in all other forms of major motorsport events..
  13. Not saying that at all, more concerned with being forced to directly fund an event with an atrocious safety record.
  14. Thet do seem very wide ranging. I wonder what level of training they get regarding the exercise of their duties and, importantly for the individuals concerned, their liabilities! For example the judicial concept of presumption of innocence and how it might be corrupted...
  15. Well, one poster's got a misguided sense of something!
  16. Someone needs to get out more
  17. To change the subject slightly, bit damp for d'Arrows just about now.
  18. "We are delighted to announce we have now implemented 50% of the recommendations in the recent report."
  19. I presume they receive sufficient training in the proportionate and legal use and limitations of these powers.
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