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  1. Indeed. independent.co.uk talking about how many Conservative big hitters are in marginal seats, but I always think how much I'm being spun by that newspaper's articles...
  2. Reminds me of the Royal Dublin Golf Club's (IIRC) 1980s-ish explanation as to why they didn't have a sex discrimination problem - "We don't have any lady members, so we don't have a problem!"
  3. Hmm. What would happen on a planet where sovereignty was an individual right, along with the right to impose the death penalty? Actually, that's more like creative writing than political analysis. Still, if you fancy doing up 2-3,000 words on it, I'll have a look.
  4. "Biggles Blows His Nose" was the somewhat sarcastic reference employed in our growing-up family household to Mr Johns' prolific output.
  5. Anyway back from Planet Woolley to the reality of Planet Earth, just listening to a bit of a car crash interview with Jo Swinson on R4Today. Looks like they're not going to emerge as a significant force after Thursday.
  6. Sorry, I thought you said "massive liberal entertainment complex". Sounds a bit raunchy!
  7. It *is* Shitpost Sunday! Excallwnt work.
  8. I'm glad you agree Planet Woolley is a fantasy. Now, why not come join us in the 21st century!
  9. A bacon Hot Cross Bun is (depending on your taste) even better!
  10. Jeez. It must be galling knowing that these views will never again be generally accepted by society.
  11. Would be of limited value. Your misjudgement of temperature on MF is...epic.
  12. I don't myself really have a problem w/r/t the use of re.
  13. He's really good at this deadcatting lark.
  14. "Look at you with your stupid sixfold symmetry and pathetic full-spectrum diffuse refletion"
  15. You too may be a big hero Once you've learned to count backwards to zero
  16. It's all just bloody repeats on TV these days.
  17. What's the rationale for returning to the 19th/early 20th century steam-powered maritime vessels? What about NS Wake Glow or NS Calder Hall?
  18. I would fire the scriptwriters as it's been done to death on 24.
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