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  1. Not a complete loon, clearly. One should never judge a person solely by their last dumbass post about FE or iq or whatever. Even you, paul.
  2. Even more impressive if you ask a question about the pensionability of fluctuating emoluments!
  3. I would say it's bad science anyway, made worse by the association, especially given its tendency towards racial bias. Anyway, I wouldn't fall out about it, particularly when there's other howlers like Myers-Briggs to point and laugh at.
  4. Just to break the fourth wall for a moment, there's a lot of debate around the effectiveness of so-called IQ tests. Ther's a long history of difficulties with g (the "general factor" or general intelligence) as it is attempted to be quantified in IQ tests. Difficulties include: Various biases, including social and race, whereby the questions used to assess IQ can be biased towards the particular social or racial group who determines the questions Fitting IQ results to the normal distribution, which fails to allow for threshold effects in the distribution tails Its historical use by the eugenics movement Its narrow measurement parameters, mainly related to language or spatial reasoning and ignoring creativity and social/emotional intelligence Finally, of course, the main difficulty with the IQ measurement is that anyone that tells you unbidden what their specific "IQ" is, is by definition a bit of a dick. Ok, that's it, back to normal service.
  5. But surely paul you wouldn't use a term like iq when you don't know what it means? How could you propose a hypothesis without basic understanding of the terms? There's no method in that.
  6. So what do you mean by iq? What's the definition. It should be easy for you!
  7. You need to define your terms first paul, that's the scientific method. What do you mean by iq?
  8. IQ is about as doozy woo as FE. Shouldn't surprise me you're all over it like a rash.
  9. The Isle of Man leads the way in random text formatting.
  10. Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds - Roger Mexico upon realising what he had unleashed
  11. Don't answer - it's a trap! Anyway, Where are the Snowdens of yesteryear?
  12. Interesting podcast from foensic engineer Sean Brady about this issue https://bradyheywood.libsyn.com/episode-6-corporate-memory-loss-the-malahide-collapse Episode 6 - Corporate Memory Loss: The Malahide Collapse Oct 31, 2016 While the technical cause of failure of the Malahide Viaduct in Ireland was straight-forward, the human factor that collapsed the bridge was a relatively new phenomenon: corporate memory loss.
  13. Ignoring the ramblings of the forum's resident comedy racist above, it's just Trump throwing the latest dead cat on the table. It's been suggested that 2020 candidates need to ignore his goadings almost completely and deny him the reaction he wants.
  14. The only thing we know for certain is that the UK economy will suffer for about a generation. Apart from that, who knows...
  15. By George, I think you've finally got it! Now if only you can learn to control your impulses. Anyway, back to the original question:
  16. Here's some free advice on constructing Haiku: Better to remain Silent and be thought a fool Than to speak, confirmatorially
  17. Thanks for the response. I wonder why no-one has ever done an 'official' assessment when the prima facie benefits would be great.
  18. https://www.gov.im/media/1361664/2018-02-08-2017-housing-market-report.pdf Government stats don't seem to go before 2011. Also this: https://www.home.co.uk/guides/asking_prices_report.htm?location=douglas&all=1 Average Asking Prices By Type in Douglas (£000's) Looks as if their sample size fell off a cliff sometime in early 2017, though, so the data may not be reliable: Number of Properties Found Advertised for Sale in Douglas by Type
  19. Indeed they do, but you need to allow for a hefty "everything is shit" credibility factor for the consensus view on here. I'd be interested in your data on the 2007/8 IoM property market, can you share, please?
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