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  1. I agree, the MOT troll's run its course. Nice pivot!
  2. If you weren't trolling, then it would seem as if it would need explaining to you!
  3. From the link: The idea that cars will be fitted with speed limiters - or to put it more accurately, "intelligent speed assistance" - is likely to upset a lot of drivers. However, the new system as it's currently envisaged will not force drivers to slow down. It is there to encourage them to do so, and to make them aware of what the limit is, but it can be overridden. Much like the cruise control in many current cars will hold a particular speed, or prevent you exceeding it, until you stamp on the accelerator.
  4. Need to balance that with the risk of killing your grandfather and creating a time paradox though.
  5. Audience laughed at Johnson saying trust is important. Audience laughed at Corbyn saying we'll have a second referendum.
  6. I thought he did - racist trolling on MF.
  7. Bravo sir, echoing the Ms Thatcher in hospital post from all those years ago!
  8. That would be metawhataboutery. Which is fine. With a cup of tea.
  9. What about whataboutery? Why does no-one feel strongly about that?
  10. "Hi Rog, bees here. So how do I go about this trolling thing on MF, then? I fancy having a go!"
  11. Throwing shade at Peugeot, eh? Watch out for Grace's handbag!
  12. What, Fiesta STs, Corsas and Peugeot 208s?
  13. Come back flat paul, all is forgiven!
  14. Never thought I'd see the day that the DVLA were ahead of MF in stringing you along!
  15. I bet they have top men working on it right now!
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