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  1. Looks like the wheels On The Bus have come off
  2. Sumer's nice. After moving to Bombay Sapphire I found the Gordons sharp and chemically.
  3. It's like shouting into the abyss, eh sparky?
  4. "Five abreast" What's this, MF Golden Oldies Hour?
  5. Something something escapement something something.
  6. One could argue that the very act of labelling someone who is labelling someone as virtue signalling, as virtue signalling is in itself, virtue signalling.
  7. Just saying Sovereignty over and over isn't really rationalising it, though. And we have previously in this Topic, along with all informed and rational commentators, agreed that the economic effect will be negative and will last for a medium to long term.
  8. Maybe he'd never seen a truck using a pedestrian crossing before.
  9. Sounds like a Hogwarts type of thing.
  10. http://www.windowsiom.co.uk/page_348520.html#ad-image-0 No idea if they could do a one-off but they installed a super replacement staircase for me a couple of years ago.
  11. #wrestlingreferee One-aah, two-aah, three-aah
  12. Rhymes with apri-cot, I understand.
  13. Second worst. https://www.manxforums.com/forums/index.php?/topic/18882-malletts-mallet
  14. Double space before the second instance of the word now. No full stop at the end of the sentence. "Now that I have" instead of "Now I got" The second "now" is repetitive and superfluous.
  15. What fresh hell is this? A TV show is a series of broadcasts (or streams...) which is often broken down into an annual collection of episodes which consitutes a season. How difficult can this be?
  16. Now that's funny! If the rest of your 7 minutes set is up to that standard, I'd watch you.
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