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  1. This is some bizzare new definition of retcon with which I am unfamiliar.
  2. In that case I hope you live long and prosper.
  3. Would that be someone from a world class university?
  4. What about McDonald's, what were their hiring practices like?
  5. I had no idea you were paid to post here.
  6. (a) You should try reversing their polarity! (b) As a time traveler, wouldn't they ruin your preceding week?
  7. WTF? You don't agree with criticism of yourself? Jeez, get some self awareness, won't ya.
  8. I agree. Too much rabid commenting about it on MF!
  9. Apart from poor design, dodgy build quality and agricultural mechanicals, I can't think of a reason.
  10. If only there was some sort of razor we could use to slice away that complexity...
  11. Pfft. Now if it was Colonel Abrams, I'd be impressed.
  12. He'll never finish what he started.
  13. @DirkGently First Post from a new userid repeating a personal rumour. Classy!
  14. Bobbie Bobster

    End to End

    If we all started judging each other by a single post we made, or a single post we liked...
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