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  1. log on this wednesday from 8, decided to go back to earlier time http://www.blogtv.com/people/ray_marshall for some great new chunky chewnz cam and chat no need to sign up if you dont want to see ya then
  2. hi all been awhile so i can only say sorry about that.... mf has been down for awhile now.....ill email uni again but for the time being im now on http://www.blogtv.com/people/ray_marshall it has cam and a chat room, you dont need to sign up for this but if you wish you can, its free.... ill be online tonight from 9pm...got some nice new psy to spin so will be doing just that hope you are all well and dandy...see you tonight hopefully cheers
  3. as mflive is down http://www.blogtv.com/people/ray_marshall cheers
  4. evening all no show tonight but will do a mix show to see xmas in tomorrow from 9 till whenever. for those are out and about tomorrow night, have a cracking xmas!!!! 9pm on www.mflive.com
  5. hi all back on tonight got tribal calling, got some great new tunes to lob down the ethernet for you!!! 9pm tonight on the usual places.... http://www.mflive.com http://clubclassics.camstreams.com cheers!!!!
  6. hi all regretfully i am having to cancel the next couple of weeks' shows due to work issues. as im on call i could be called in at a moments notice which of course will be detrimental to all shows. i just want to thank all of you that do listen to the shows, i do like doing them and look forward to getting back on track very soon. cheers
  7. hi everyone..... on tonight for cc on http://www.mflive.com @ 9pm... tune in for tunage...
  8. hi again on for tonight on the mighty http://www.mflive.com from 9 pm as normal tunes and coffee and a bad back...what more could you want??
  9. hi all shows on for tonight sam batchannels an all that... 9pm on http://www.mflive.com cheers
  10. sorry all, my stuff hasnt come back home from the halloween gig, and i dont have transport at the mo so no show tonight im afraid really sorry about that...will make amends soon!!!!
  11. sorry all, this cold has got the better of me today, was ok yesterday...im gonna climb into bed...and have got work in the morning...great
  12. yikes...fell asleep!!!..... sorry about that streaming now on http://www.mflive.com
  13. hi all cc is on again tonight from 9pm uk time in the usual cyberspaces.... http://www.mflive.com http://clubclassics.camstreams.com see ya there
  14. join me tonight from 9 for some birthday mixing with sean and hopefull;y stan and pip http://www.mflive.com 9pm cheers!!!!
  15. yeah gimme a bit dood and ill sort it out for you glad you liked
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