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  1. That is not the average Israeli by any means. The Israelis have nukes to defend themselves, which I agree with.
  2. I don't think I said 50%, but it is very disproportionate. It is around 30% based on CDC figures. Either way, you can' deny the fact they are a lot more likely to have it. Here is an interesting video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKCcr_ayvMo
  3. Saw this video the other day and reminded me of this post. They say England is about 10 years behind the US, the Isle of Man 10 or so behind England. Kind of makes you think is the stuff in this video going to happen in the Isle of Man. If so would you really want them (homosexuals) donating blood. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKCcr_ayvMo Here is an idea, if homosexuals want to give blood, then only give it to other homosexuals. At least then any HIV infections as a result of infected blood will happen in homosexuals!
  4. I see no reason why Israel should give up any of their land. The Palestinians have no right to any of that land. They should be resettled in Arab nations. The Israelis took Jews from all over the Arab world who had been displaced yet the Arabs refuse to take back the Palestinians. As for the Golan Heights, the Israelis should never give that back, teach the Syrians a lesson for 1967.
  5. The problem is the MHKs will spend money on things they don't need and will spend far more than they would have to anyway.
  6. I think Israel has a lot harder times to come, as the Muslims and the anti-Israeli sentiment continue to grow in the US, UK and EU, and as the Nations surrounding Israel become even more hostile there will probably be a repeat of 1967. I imagine the West through the love of oil will simply stand back and not lift a finger to help Israel. Luckily Israel is one of the most advanced countries in the world and will be able to defeat the Muslims... again.
  7. Don't spend money if you want to save. The Government is ridiculous and have no idea of how to run an economy. Look at the prison, a cost of £41.5 million give or take I believe. There is no way it costs £41.5 million to build a facility that only holds 150-200 people. You could of done it for far less. The fact they sold most of the Government owned nursing homes for the elderly. They now rent! Richmond Hill, no explanation needed there. Someone had the smart idea to waste a few million on the promenade because it is too "bumpy". What do they think is going to happen to it over the years as it is dug up like every other road. The MHKs themselves are one massive waste of money. I can't think of a single one who is any good or even a real statesman. The solution is for us to try and elect people who are actually going to have common sense, who care about the Isle of Man and aren't complete morons who throw money in the fire.
  8. Not you, some other post I saw a few pages back.
  9. As if anyone would compare the plight of homosexuals to the 6 million Jews wiped out by the Nazis, get real.
  10. Based on what? Baked mud/peat soddags (cakes), ergot ridden bonnags and grit. Anything they could get their hands on. One Sulby woman had completely ingested the walls of her wattle and cob home when she ran out of cowree. It's why they used to see little people. They were off their heads, especially in the North. And the lack of nutrients is obviously why the Manx today as generally a bit mental. Do us all a favour and get the next boat home. You haven't got a clue about Manx people because you aren't one.
  11. Just making you aware of some more things you might not have noticed whilst spouting your inane twaddle Darwin my old chum! Again, what are you on. I never said they should be killed, it would be completely wrong and unjustified. How do I have anything to do with Darwin?
  12. That must of been pretty damn cool to go in one
  13. Get a diesel, so good, I have a Golf Tdi, I get about 550 miles before the red light comes on, I'm never getting petrol again
  14. What are you even on about? I take it you don't like blacks?
  15. I agree with you on that homosexuals are just plain wrong. But they should not be killed. They need help. Murder is never justified.
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