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  1. I watched the live stream and have to say I LOVED it!! Loads... albeit the sound levels sounded a bit crap like! IMHO Davy is most definitely a talented young scamp, he is 21 and to see him tearing it up on a guitar the way he does is ace... I wish the Boy all the best... And I will be making the trip into to Hicksville NY to see him when he plays the Bowery Ballroom in - I'm off to burn some Billy Ray Cyrus and Trace Adkins cd's for thebees '') x
  2. HAPPY Birthday Mission x x x
  3. Yeah, but you can't get Vicodan over here so I think I'd call it even MMMM Vicodan Wideload - I prefer having healthy teeth and gums at my expense than half ased jobs being carried out on me for the rest of my life - Note Im not saying all NHS dentists are crap just the ones I had dealings with!! The funked my teeth right up
  4. He is doing ace thanks Minxie - He is such a good natured little boy and Yes Ive worked out how to make him sleep through! Mworhahahaha he sleeps for 8/9 hours on a good night! His co-ordination is geting better every day - he is now able to recognise lots of things, toys, people etc turning into quite the charachter - I love being a Mum!!!
  5. I used to fear the dentist - I was a shivering wreck at the sight of the needle... The fear became even more painful when i reaslised the costs of dental work in the US - $750 for a root canal. Ive had two and need two crowns $1500 each - the things that really hurts is that the teeth that need work are like that as a result of bad dentist work I got back there... Needless to say Im well pissed bout it!! On the brightside Ive found a very nice dentist who can even inject the novacaine without me crying! He pulled two wisdom teeth out today - There goes the fear! Edit to say tha
  6. Well my little boy is - he's 12 weeks old tomorrow! I remember being told how those Maternal feelings would kick in one day, not me I said.. they did on the day my son was born.. Its funny the way life works - Merry 12 week birthday Joseph
  7. HAPPY Birthday biggest Bruv - sending you a massive kiss and hug... call you when I find me phone! miss you xx * Big sloppy kiss from your nephew *
  8. Your right 'that night' was the best night of my life - however, Im no less of a fan for not going to Greece! Without a ticket I'd way prefer to be in Liverpool, or at the bar with like minded folks... I'll be here in NJ watching the game live at 2.30pm cheering on the Reds!! Come on Da'Boys!!
  9. He's been living under my huge Liverbird Tattoo for 9 months - believe me He's a Red!!!!!
  10. Thanks gus.... He is a little cutie isn't he - I know I'm biased... but I keep looking at him in wonder! Gladys - I was amazed how he came out all cute and not too scary looking - almost glad, I never was a baby person till now! Jagman - He's a Red through and through - hopefully he'll be the lucky charm for 23rd!
  11. Thanks for all the lovely comments, pleased to report I arrived home tody with my beautiful healthy and sleepy son Joseph Peter, he's well ace - so beautiful!! Its mad, all this from the girl who was 'never getting married or having kids' hahaha how things change - Mr Trin is in the kitchen cooking up a nice little dish of pasta and garlic, lemon chicken and ' Italian gravy'... I feel pretty good, all things considered!!! I'm lucky, Miss Bees - the scar is below Mr Liverbird - that was one of the things I asked the doctor while trembling with all the lovely drugs... Is my tatto
  12. ...or New Jersey!! Fish - send me a CD of your tunes for Chad - Maybe we could make a New York date for end of Aug!!
  13. What a night, what a game! I nearly went into labour by the time the penalties began - Lets hope I have to add another medal to my tattoo in the near furture!!
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