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  1. trench12

    Good Music Never Dies

    and you are a surgeon
  2. trench12

    University Challenge

    only those who have one
  3. trench12

    The terracotta army

    saw some in Thailand ........paid about 10p ..........can touch them, kids can climb on them and were doing .........
  4. trench12

    Incredible name coincidences

    At Hohne one of the dentists was Major Payne
  5. trench12

    flybe/Eastern axe Belfast service?

    is this the flight that goes on to Newcastle from Belfast ?
  6. trench12

    Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    those we see do not seem to be on their way to hospital appointments ........gatwick flights are also well used ....someone from relevant department / local business forums ,needs to get down to airport and find out exactly why so many are travelling off isalnd to spend their money in uk rather than iom
  7. trench12

    Shock! DfE tells the truth!!

    we are manx thru and thru ...travel off the isladnd regularly but are still amazed at how busy flights off island are...even midweek.....the majority of passengers are manx.........so whilst airport numbers might be good island income must suffer with the spend off island
  8. once met someone who claimed to understand 709/5 tour operators margin scheme
  9. trench12

    St. Helena. ?

    article doesn't mention Jonathan
  10. trench12

    Falklands Jolly - Pigs in a trough

    So that would have been in the days of Cable and Wireless, now a Seriously Unreliable and Really Expensive company have taken over as the provider . Skype conversations start to degrade for some reason after about 20 mins or so..........service is no better on Ascension Pretty grim in the NAAFI on MPC ......only beer available and all cans /bottles opened by the staff before you can take it from the bar !
  11. trench12

    Falklands Jolly - Pigs in a trough

    Then you will know how expensive and unreliable it is ........he isn't CBFFI now he's CBFSAI............and a teetotaler to boot .........one of two ways .......not the route I took
  12. trench12

    Falklands Jolly - Pigs in a trough

    you clearly have not used the internet in the south atlantic
  13. trench12

    Falklands Jolly - Pigs in a trough

    Why was the South Atlantic Airbridge not used for this trip? RAF Brize Norton via Ascension to MPA, no threat of strikes , but no air miles either.
  14. trench12

    St. Helena. ?

    mr charters new partner is american
  15. trench12

    St. Helena. ?

    minimum wage on st helena £2.60/hr for 18 + £1.65 for 16/17 years ................want the tourists to try and improve wages conditions etc