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  1. sample size ? also means half of us are worried
  2. But new houses are zero rated so no sticking tax
  3. But the proposed airline is Manx owned, run for the benefit of rock residents not really a commercial venture ? the fiab flown by the air tankers has one fare all flights all year buzz -asi-mpn
  4. So are you suggesting a fixed fare, no matter when booked, no matter which service....I assume there would be several flights a day to lpl/man
  5. so what would the fare be to lpl or lgw be on this new Manx run airline be?
  6. I was a crown servant, ‘living and working ‘ in Germany and the south atlantic. As a crown servant I paid uk tax.....but my home was on the Isle of Man, I was on the electoral role etc . i was never a resident of the federal republic or of various rocks in the south atlantic
  7. iceland lines seem to be running down in little shoprite in ramsey
  8. rubber or plastic bullets ..........they leave a bruise they can show off to fellow travellers as a badge of honour
  9. trench12

    End to End

    there are/were road closures
  10. these individuals EVADED tax , they are now being asked to pay that tax , it's a lot of money ........but you EVADED a lot of tax
  11. Opening accounts is more difficult in any jurisdiction, I opened a Spanish account in a few minutes, but I think an NIE number is now needed, opened an account in Germany in an even shorter time, but opened both accounts a number of years ago
  12. and perhaps she is not home schooled ........and so perhaps she should have been in school and so perhaps the matter would have arisen
  13. shouldn't the daughter have been in school ? 10 july is during term time I believe
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