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  1. Thats exactly why I choose nice clothes, its a simple tactic to entice the best girls. We all know they're extremely shallow. I'm probably also very ugly and this ensures I can fish out of my league
  2. Haha, I'm 32 now unfortunately or I wouldn't be selling! If nobody wants em I'll stick them on Ebay once I'm across...Manx post charges =
  3. Diesel Jeans...genuine 30W 34L Used but condition is spot on. Been worn moderately. No holes, no stains, no real wear to the hems. Could probably just do with seeing an iron Pet and smoke free home. Just don't fit me anymore and I'm off to uni so selling a few things. Just PM me if you're interested with an offer, cheers.
  4. Hey guys... Just looking for some adjustable metal dumbbells. 20kg (10 on each) would be ideal. Message me if you want to get rid of some. Cheers
  5. Unlikely to be in my budget. I'm looking for something cheap just to get playing again.
  6. Hey... Anyone selling a guitar? Looking for cheap and cheerful, 120-130 quid max depending on what it is. Still, it can't be atrocious. Has to be Yamaha Pacifica level at least. Or any cheap Ibanez/LTD/Jackson etc. Not looking for the knock off strats made by companies nobody has ever heard of. Any offers appreciated, thanks.
  7. Sweet Pea


    They never landed on the Moon. Nobody has ever pictured their Moon buggy...
  8. If they look a bit like that image in your avatar... Which, in truth, looks a tad healthier than your own I must score some cool points though - it was a waste of time resizing it otherwise
  9. It was a flat rate - of five pounds - for anything I've looked at your page - and you seem capable of something similar But to reach this level of detail it would take 10 minutes - its hard to describe how like Spiderman he looked = £5.80 What is the most weird thing you have ever drawn on someones face?
  10. If they look a bit like that image in your avatar...
  11. My little bro got a very realistic Spiderman on his face for about a fiver In a tent somewhere.
  12. Okay so I did click on a profile eventually. Addie I couldn't find out your age but it does seem you are female. This thread was valid. It's possible that a person would not be comfortable saying on their profile But would want to inform us all in this thread.
  13. I'd be willing to offer certain pointless animals LDV. The ones that have no use to humans or the ecosystem in which they live.
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