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  1. As I've already admitted I've been drinking some rather old whisky 57. 4 %ABV But even I know the drink is Scotch The woman is Scottish 🙄
  2. But the difference is that he neither owned nor needed a mobility scooter. It was his stolen getaway vehicle of choice😂
  3. But the difference is this man didn't own or need a mobility scooter. It was his stolen getaway vehicle of choice. 🤣
  4. emesde

    New Casino

    Confusing🤔 Auldyn Properties is a CI based company. I did believe it was connected with Colas but maybe not. I'm sure someone will correct if this if wrong.
  5. emesde

    New Casino

    The site was acquired by Middlemarch from the Government. Middlemarch is a subsidiary of Auldyn. Auldyn is a major shareholder in the Sefton Group. Auldyn construction is part of the Colas group.
  6. emesde

    New Casino

    Hopefully this link will work to the 2018 story https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/middlemarch-site-possible-for-palace-hotel/
  7. emesde

    New Casino

    Back in 2018 there were press reports that the Palace hotel and casino might relocate to this site and so it might not be an extra new casino as such but a relocation of an existing one . At the time a spokesman for the Palace said they should be based where the entertainment areas are rather than their current location.
  8. Ah, I wondered where the expression 'a good ribbing" came from. You have explained much in a a way the Greater Oxford Dictionary couldn't. Thank you😉
  9. The lady doth protest too much, methinks
  10. The problem is that this project was costed at 21 million. They then got another 3 milion. Any reference in the press now refers to the 25 million Promenade Project. No one seem to know (or more likely admit to) the current cost. I believe we are probably nearer 30 million and still another 5 million plus required to complete the original concept. And the walkway hasn't even been touched yet. Personally I wouldn't be upset if the required sums were taken from the Green budget and and at least get this one scheme completed and out the way. It is the Gateway to the island for visitors and its still an embarrassing eyesore.
  11. Sorry ma'am, I'm afraid that's the main problem the machine won't take the manx pound's. My department tell me it will take a million pounds to fix the problem. However for free you can download an app. Solves everything. It's called Ding Go. You just ding the bell and go. Glad to have been of service ma'am. You will remember to vote for me won't you. 😁
  12. Its good to see the trams again . Can anyone use them or do you need an App??
  13. Manx Grand Prix 2022 will run from the 21st of August to the 2nd of September.
  14. The things you refer to are largely issues that are turned into crisis by people making stupid decisions. A good example of this was the Airport parking. Any normal person would have said. We need to restore the airport parking. It's worth over 600k per annum so let's get the barriers and cash machine operational again(I think it was decommissioned when the airport was the covid vacination hub). Get someone to carry out repairs, reinstall. Issue over. But instead they created a crisis with lies and excuses and we now have a rubbish system and a trial to last months and loss of income. Crisis created. Press releases. More untruths. Mistrust all round. And a couple of weeks issue becomes an ongoing crisis.
  15. As you said earlier John, the ongoing running costs and maintenance will be significant annual amounts. The steam Packet carries around 600,000 passengers per year. People can do their own sums based on that as to the effect it might have on fares. But it does seem a high cost to me in terms of usage. Maybe they can lease out restaurant,/shop facilities to lessen the load, but I'm not convinced they have the commercial knowhow to turn this into a commercial success.
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