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  1. Why so an angry about the choice of words ????? Taken from the IOM Governments consultation last year . " ""Feedback Updated 26 Jun 2018 We Asked For people’s opinions on the collection of road tax and how the system may be modernised as the collection of road tax has become increasingly complicated, with the current system containing more than 80 different payment categories."" Surely everyone knows what that means .???
  2. emesde

    Beer Tent

    According to 3fm item today . The Hooded Ram says it's hugely disappointed there'll be no beer tent on the Bottleneck car park in Douglas this TT. Last week, Douglas Council revealed the site - operated by the brewery for the first time last year - would be empty during this year's festival. The Hooded Ram says problems applying for a licence were beyond its control, and the delays meant booking live music acts hadn't been finalised. However, in a statement the company says it's looking forward to working with Douglas Council next year.
  3. Be interesting to see how any new energy/climate policies square with the no speed limits / gas guzzling TT policies over the coming months /years .
  4. How is this different from other places . I would want to know that the premises had the right insurances , health and hygiene checks efc etc Surely similar registration is done everywhere. Taken from Airbnb own web site it says "When deciding whether to become an Airbnb host, it's important for you to understand how the laws work in your city. ... In many cities, you must register, get a permit, or obtain a license before you list your property or accept guests." It goes on to say how you must be registered for VAT etc if turnover is large enough. I really don't see that the IOM is different in that respect from just about anywhere else .
  5. if you go onto the Airbnb site there are already pages of properties available on the IOM .
  6. Ah so true ....... he realises it himself Donald Trumps "Constant Crap That Adds Nothing To Threads"
  7. It seems to me that the Government have given grant money, and given the lowest possible rate of VAT . In the year when there was no TT they paid compensation to hoteliers to such an extent that many hotels , allegedly, made more profit that year than in a normal year..You seem to be very supportive of Air BB which has to be a huge threat to conventional hotels and then blame the government as being a menace to the hospitality business . Personally I have found moaning hoteliers with outdated ideas to be the biggest threat to the hospitality trade . Perhaps the government should increase the VAT to 20%, the same as most other service industries and let the good businesses survive at the expense of the mediocre.
  8. Surely VAT on hotel accommodation in UK hotels is charged at 20% whereas its charged at 5% here,which should make our room rates cheaper.
  9. You can get prices and availability from their Web site for August onwards I tried various dates in July and a message says fully booked not available. That probably means they aren't opening until August.
  10. "And now we know it is. 4th oldest population, apparently." is this real or fake news ?? Over the last few years we have appeared at around number 11 or 12 in the world list ....how can we suddenly have jumped to no 4 unless a very high percentage of young people have suddenly left the Island, in which case there is an enormous problem to have suddenly caused this sort of result
  11. Be aware ----there is no such valid document as an International Driving Licence . There are lots of companies on the internet that will offer them but they have no legal validity . You should get an International Driving PERMIT , issued by an official government department from the country that issued your main driving licence . The permit is valid alongside your actual licence, it is not a substitute for one.
  12. Seems a perfectly reasonable question well put .....How do you not understand?? . thebees is asking if these people reported as having no insurance really do not have insurance OR is it that they have taken out insurance and this has become invalidated because of the crime they have committed eg Drink Driving . I guess only the people involved. Driver /Police /Courts etc will know the answer to each particular case . However I believe that a lot of uninsured cases involve people saying that they thought they were covered to drive other peoples cars on their own policy ,,,,when in fact they generally are not these days . At one time it was the norm for Comprehensive policies to cover driving other vehicles .This however is now the exception rather than the rule . Check the detail on your policy
  13. Your figure sounds much closer to the truth, as in the UK there has been a general decrease in uninsured drivers of all vehicles and the figure is estimated at around 3% (at the end of 2016). Which still means there is in the region of 1 million uninsured vehicles (Come down from approx 2 million a decade ago) The highest region being Greater London approx 6 % and some post code areas of the West midlands and North West of England are also higher. The game changer in the UK has been the use of ANPR cameras linked to better statistics in the data bases . What is noticeable here though is that whenever you see someone in court for any motoring offence they inevitably don't seem to be insured and often have no valid driving license or tax either .
  14. AS IOM vehicles now show up on the UK data bases for insurance etc wouldn't it make sense to use ANPR cameras here with links to the UK data bases for insurance and tax . Surely this would catch the majority of people who think it acceptable to ride/drive without the required documentation.
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