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  1. I believe the EU has ratified these new ideas and that the UK will follow their lead . There would appear to be other things required such as lane departure warnings etc. The European Union has agreed on new rules stating that all cars built after May 2022 and sold in the European Union will have built-in speed limiters, as well as breathalyzers that won't allow driving if the driver is intoxicated. The European Parliament is expected to ratify the new regulations in September. The UK, which may not be part of the European Union by then, will nevertheless adopt the new rules as well.
  2. Not a legal person but wouldn't the IOM Steam Packets terms and conditions mean that they are not responsible under any circumstances . "The Company accepts no responsibility for any vehicular accidents which occur on or around the vessel howsoever caused." You have to say that you have read the T&C s before you can get a ticket on line but not sure how this works when you buy from the shop or by phone .
  3. I think the incident being referred to was in December 2005 and a report in 2008 says the act was still not made law . Here is a link to a report re this accident . https://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/latest-news/owner-of-lorry-which-killed-james-berry-fined-4000-93013
  4. https://www.manxradio.com/news/isle-of-man-news/higher-rate-of-death-of-serious-injury-on-manx-roads/ Today's article on Manx Radio shows that the latest data supports the fact that you are twice as likely to die or be seriously injured on Island roads when compared to the UK . The picture is actually worse than that, when you take into account that average drivers in the UK travel considerably more miles per annum than the Manx average . Hence death and serious injury per miles travelled is several times higher on the Island . It will be interesting to see if the Government take any of this seriously enough to take action.
  5. Have to agree with most of that . Total confusion . I understand that the Prom Walkway Regulation is a law .but as you say there are no notices to inform people . I am never sure whether people are allowed to cycle on pavements or not . It seems to be accepted in places like Strand street and I have witnessed several minor incidents between cyclists and pedestrians . Yet the Manx Highway code says You MUST NOT cycle on a pavement .(Item 64) There was a lengthy consultation about road safety and promises that all would be made good and clear and safer . .I think our politicians need to actually get serious about road safety . I also think that cyclists would be much safer if all drivers and passengers of cars /vans etc were taught the "Dutch Reach" method of exiting a vehicle . It has saved many lives in Europe .the USA and will be put into the UK highway code soon .Mention it on the Island and all you get is a blank look . Hope the link works . Unfortunately could only find a video for left hand drive cars ,But the principle is the same https://www.google.com/search?q=Dutch+reach+video&rlz=1C1CHBF_en-GBIM853IM855&oq=du&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j0j69i57j35i39j0l2.2799j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  6. Surely you are wrong .??? An act was passed when the walkway was made available to cyclists and was publicised at the time . However i think cyclists either do not know there is a limit or choose to disregard it . It is something that the Government or Local authority (Not sure who is responsible) should be making it better known, as it is downright dangerous having family groups walking in an area where cyclists seem to see it as a race track . See PROMENADE WALKWAYS ,DOUGLAS (REGULATION OF TRAFFIC )ORDER 2016 item 5 . says no person may use a vehicle on the Walkway except a pedal cycle Item 6. No pedal cycle may be ridden on the Walkway at a speed exceeding 10 miles per hour This was ordered by the Ministry of Infrastructure July 2016 Kevin Almond . Highway services
  7. I can assure you that with a strong following wind this cyclist was going in excess of 20 mph. Unless you were the cyclist involved and can prove that you were only riding at 50 % above the legal speed limit which as you well know is 10 mph.
  8. This was nothing to do with cars it was to do with a cyclist riding illegally fast into pedestrians in an area of the walkway where there are no cars .. opposite the Palace hotel. His attitude was one of. I'm a cyclist and can do what I like, where I like. The cars on the walkway area in Douglas are legally parked so how does that affect this?
  9. Decided to walk from Onchan to Douglas along the prom this morning. Wind directly against me took a bit of an effort . Not so for the Lycra clad warrior heading straight for us from the Douglas direction. I would reckon he was doing between 20 and 30 mph as he quickly approached . As there were quite a lot of people walking in both directions as he got close he was forced to slow down. I had chance to ask him to slow down as there is a 10 mph limit along the whole walkway and he was just being totally irresponsible . He didn't take kindly to being told this "as there was no limit and anyway car drivers are the people i should be talking to. and what the **** was it to do with me anyway ?" I said there was a bye law setting a 10 mph limit and that it is totally irresponsible to ride at 2-3 times the speed limit into vulnerable pedestrians . He then said " Oh you're one of those are you" and cycled off at full pelt " Can the Road safety people department not start telling cycling clubs,schools and individuals that as well as rights they also have responsibilities on the road . Can they also make cyclists aware of speed limits on the walkway as part of their multi million pounds improvement scheme. If we are going to have to share common road space ...at least let everyone know what is expected to keep things safe . Road safety has to be an ongoing proactive development ,and this government have committed to doing something .....lets hope it more than have another consultation.
  10. I really cannot see anything in what Roger M says that is anti cyclist . Like most people here there is concern for the cyclist that a minor accident (collision) could lead to his suffering a loss of tens of thousands of pounds due to legal costs. However he did have a choice as to whether he should have insurance or not and I presume chose not to, for whatever personal reasons. Had he made a different choice for a few pounds a year he would not be in this unenviable position now, Its no good shouting now that all cyclists are victims . This was never an anti cycle thread but a pro insurance thread .
  11. "Just seen a report on Sky News online (sorry, can't link)..a cyclist who hit a woman pedestrian who stepped in front of said cyclist has been hit for £100k damages..says he can't pay." Perhaps he should have done what any responsible road user should do and spend a few pounds on liability insurance . People in all walks of life insure against risks to third parties . Just because you are a cyclist doesn't mean you are never responsible for your own actions .
  12. Why so an angry about the choice of words ????? Taken from the IOM Governments consultation last year . " ""Feedback Updated 26 Jun 2018 We Asked For people’s opinions on the collection of road tax and how the system may be modernised as the collection of road tax has become increasingly complicated, with the current system containing more than 80 different payment categories."" Surely everyone knows what that means .???
  13. emesde

    Beer Tent

    According to 3fm item today . The Hooded Ram says it's hugely disappointed there'll be no beer tent on the Bottleneck car park in Douglas this TT. Last week, Douglas Council revealed the site - operated by the brewery for the first time last year - would be empty during this year's festival. The Hooded Ram says problems applying for a licence were beyond its control, and the delays meant booking live music acts hadn't been finalised. However, in a statement the company says it's looking forward to working with Douglas Council next year.
  14. Be interesting to see how any new energy/climate policies square with the no speed limits / gas guzzling TT policies over the coming months /years .
  15. How is this different from other places . I would want to know that the premises had the right insurances , health and hygiene checks efc etc Surely similar registration is done everywhere. Taken from Airbnb own web site it says "When deciding whether to become an Airbnb host, it's important for you to understand how the laws work in your city. ... In many cities, you must register, get a permit, or obtain a license before you list your property or accept guests." It goes on to say how you must be registered for VAT etc if turnover is large enough. I really don't see that the IOM is different in that respect from just about anywhere else .
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