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  1. I used to think IOMSP did their best to offer good deals especially "out of season" until I tried to book a short break in September( 9th --14th ). Best fare for a car and 2 for those dates was £312 and most expensive £342. For less I could have booked 4 nights in a hotel in France including the Ferry Crossing with a cabin both ways. Any guesses why passenger numbers were 12% down in May 2006 v May2005
  2. Taken from a press release today, this may be of interest to those following the Safer Driving debates The Assistant Chief Examiner of the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), Stephen Mead, is to visit the Isle of Man on Thursday 6th July. The local group of Isle of Man Advanced Motorists have arranged for him to give a talk at the TT Hospitality Suite at 7.30pm which is open to everyone interested in driving or motorcycling. The Hospitality Suite is located in the Grandstand complex on Glencrutchery Road and there is ample parking nearby. Also, Isle of Man Police and Fire and Rescue Service vehicles are to be liveried with the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) logo. Although a similar association was established between the IAM and the North Wales Police last year, the Isle of Man is the first place where the IAM logo will be displayed by both the Police and Fire & Rescue Services. The association illustrates the mutual aim all three organisations to improve road safety by raising the standards of drivers and motorcyclists on the Island. There has been much discussion recently about reducing the number of serious accidents on our roads, largely centred on the debate over a proposed national speed limit, but the one factor which all parties seem to agree on is the most likely route to succeed is through better training for drivers and riders. The IAM (which marks its 50th anniversary this year) is the UK's largest dedicated road safety charity which saves lives on the road by enabling people to develop better driving skills. It is the leading provider of advanced driving tests for private motorists and is now the UK’s largest supplier of risk management and driver training for fleet operators. Since 1956, nearly half a million drivers and riders have passed the advanced driving test. The Isle of Man IAM group can be contacted on 432555 or by e-mail at IOMAM@manx.net.
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    Meet Pieter & Sonja & Family... Pieter is the founder of Life Church - Isle of Man and is an Alumni of the School of Life and Ministry (SLM) where he attended Bible School, specialising in Pastoral Services. His first passion is to see lost souls saved and to disciple people to see Christ Jesus manifested in them. He also has a calling for sharing Kingdom principles with business people. He is a member of the International Christian Chamber of Commerce and lectures at the SLM Business School in Kent. He holds a B.Com and Masters Degrees in Business Administration from the University of Port Elizabeth. He love extreme sport i.e. white water rafting, jet ski-surfing, 4X4 off road travelling and camping. Pieter is married to Sonja, a qualified social worker and gifted painting artist and professional picture framer. They have two daughters; Lezandri and Shandri. Both are like their mother, gifted artists and play the violin and saxophone respectively. The family love travelling and has a passion for art. They now live in Onchan and serve Jesus Christ in the Isle of Man. This was taken from the Church's web site. Creepy or what???
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