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    There must have been times when accidents have been caused by drivers being blinded by badly set headlamps on oncoming vehicles . The car at fault may well not be involved in an accident where they have been a contributing factor . I was, a few years ago involved in an accident where my car was parked outside my house and a Land Rover parked higher up the road ran down the road and into my car (£1500 worth of damage ) Cause------ a faulty handbrake on the Land Rover . If there was an MOT I feel drivers would take more responsibility for the condition of their cars on a day to day basis P.O.W.D.E.R. checks. We all know a light bulb can go any time ,but for many there seems to be no incentive or will to fix it . A whole new culture of taking responsibility needs to go with the Safe System approach .
  2. Surely that is exactly what you asked. I'm sure Derek intends to deal with the question of safer drivers as he says but as he will tell you it is a very complex and slow process to change attitudes and abilities across large numbers of drivers. Currently around 250 people on the Island have passed Advanced driver /rider tests which accounts for less than 1% of the motorists. We can see day to day that a high number of drivers ignore any training. No driving instructor would condone driving without seat belts, using a phone, not stopping at stop signs etc etc yet drivers only weeks out of training do these things. Therefore the balance between extra training and extra enforcement is a complicated one and one needs the support of the other. I'm sure Derek with his experience of the enforcement side will expand on this.
  3. I suspect it means that he intends to collect evidence over the 10 years and then analyse it and then discuss the possibility of maybe doing something. But as things have changed by then we just go into another 10 years of collecting data and procrastination starts all over again.
  4. Right or wrong I think you will find after Brexit that in order to drive a car in any other country you will have to be able to show a certificate of roadworthiness whether it is called an MOT or something else . Guernsey and Jersey are already some way down that route but as yet it doesn't seem to have been made public here .
  5. According to the MR news ROSPA in the UK have endorsed the proposals . UK safety body applauds Manx road safety initiative. News Home More from Isle of Man News Wednesday, January 9th, 2019 12:17pm Share on Facebook Share on Messenger Share on Twitter Focussed aim for Island The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has applauded the ten year targets set by the Manx Government, to reduce the toll on Island roads. In the Home Affairs Department's Roads Safety Strategy, running up until 2029, the aim is to cut the number of those in serious or fatal crashes by 40%. Nick Lloyd, from ROSPA, says that gives local efforts a focused aim.
  6. While we are on the subject of a safer roads strategy (or in fact, lack of it by this Government) perhaps we could add our own ideas ,maybe gleaned from other more forward looking countries.Some of these would undoubtedly be taken up by the Government and passed off as their ideas .... but who cares if it makes our roads safer. One thing I came across a while ago while driving in the Netherlands was a thing called the Dutch Reach. ----Possibly not what you think It involves always opening your car door with the hand furthest from that door. By doing this it automatically makes you turn your body and look into the door mirror and also puts you in a position to look back before you open the door. It is claimed that this simple action has saved thousands of collisions between cyclists and car doors and one assumes many lives and injuries and damage . Simple but effective . Just Google it and there are plenty of videos showing it in action . Lets have some more innovative ideas that maybe one day will be translated into safer roads for all road users .
  7. I think that is the point .... you don't get tractors ,horses , cyclists on a straight multi lane motorway which has a National speed limit of 70 mph in the UK and similar speeds throughout europe . Yet we allow cars /bikes to travel along a fairly narrow ,rural road with all these hazards , and more, at speeds well in excess of this . Just doesn't make sense .
  8. Agree with you Kitten ----- while you were busy writing this I was editing to add a final few words .
  9. Not surprising is it ?. 3 years ago all sorts of changes were proposed (october 2015). What happened to those ??? It would have been a step in the right direction but best to do nothing as always. From the local press at that time .:- ""Restrictions could be placed on new drivers in an effort to improve road safety on the Isle of Man. Under plans proposed by government motorists would have to display their R plates for two years instead of one - they'd also be restricted to carrying one passenger. In addition a curfew, between 12am and 5am, would be imposed and there would be an outright ban for those who acquire six penalty points in the first 12 months of driving. It's in an effort to reduce the number of fatal collisions by promoting a safer environment for new drivers whilst they build their experience. Consideration will be given to introducing a system whereby R-plate drivers could prove their abilities through additional training, which could see their restrictions reduced. "" Whilst some of these proposals were not well thought out the ones about penalty points could have had a positive affect on changing the culture of speeding R platers at a very early stage of their driving. Other parts of the proposals could have had a positive affect on inexperienced drivers too. One thing that most people I have spoken to don't realise is that a new driver isn't just on R plates for 12 months from passing their test . They are on them for 12 months from obtaining their full licence --- which in some cases could add several months to their time on R plates .
  10. I think that you are right about this. However no responsible government anywhere has ever based a road safety policy in support of road users who intend to drive /ride in a manner that is dangerous and anti social. A road safety policy is one thing. Allowing people to drive at dangerous speeds is a separate issue and with some vision both could be catered for. Allowing motor cyclists and car drivers to use a closed roads circuit for a fee and proof of suitable insurance could be an option and a money earner. But doing nohing just gives us the worst of all worlds.
  11. Totally separate from the speed limit issue . I believe that post brexit, rules will come in that will mean in order to drive in any EU country a driver must be able to prove the road worthiness of a vehicle. UK citizens will be able to produce an MOT certificate . As we currently have no MOT system here how will we do this??? .Is this yet another issue that should be in the strategy but is being ignored because we are different ??. Is the idea to totally isolate us from the rest of the real world . The people in charge of transport and safety policies really do need to get in step with what is happening world wide or we will be left 54 years behind the times . (the National speed limit of 70 mph was set in 1965 in the UK)
  12. I see that Spain has announced that they will be reducing speed limits on Rural and Urban roads in order to save lives and injury and reduce pollution. The French last year reduced speed limits on Rural roads for similar reasons . It seems that only the politicians of the Isle of Man take the view that doing nothing is the best policy.
  13. The Island test would be a non starter .Imagine all other countries retaliated by making us take a test in their country . A trip to Portugal would mean taking an English test , probably a French test ,a Spanish test and a Portuguese test ---all that before we started the holiday --. I really think your plan on that needs a rethink The rest sounds OK though
  14. Looks like the waiting is over . The new policy is now ready according to the report on 3FM today . Friday, January 4th, 2019 6:16am By Rob Pritchard @rpritchard9 Can the government cut the number of deaths on Manx roads to zero in just ten years? That's the hope of Home Affairs Minister Bill Malarkey as his department unveils a new road safety strategy. The 30-page document lays out plans until 2029 and aims to reduce the number of people hurt or killed on Island roads. The report says each death is estimated to cost the taxpayer around £1.9 million.
  15. I guess it depends what you class as Europe and which stats you are using . Maybe your 9.3 figure includes Russia and Balkan States The European Commission figures issued from Brussels for 2017 road fatalities quote 49 deaths per million inhabitants (ie 4.9 per 100,000 if you prefer) for all EU countries There is no country listed there in Western Europe (Which is the area I always try to quote) that is worse than the IOM The figures are made worse by Eastern European countries -------- Bulgaria 9.6 per 100,000 :Croatia 8.0 per 100,000 : Lithuania 6.7 per 100,000 and Pol;and at 7.5 per 100,000 As part of their strategy they say the plan is to have cut road deaths by 50 % in the period from 2010 to 2020 . They are slightly behind their targets and so making extra efforts for the next 2 years to get back on track . There are 28 countries listed in this report so gives a pretty comprehensive and up to date picture. It also states that 8 % of deaths were on Motorways .37% on Urban Roads and 55% on Rural roads .
  16. Fair enough if you think a road safety strategy is not needed so be it . The only point I was making was that for a Government spokesman to say that our roads are safe and figures skewed by motor sports is total nonsense as every area has unique differences and quoted the 20 million visitors to Cornwall as an example off uniqueness . I have not been able to get Cornwall's figures in isolation but the figures from Devon and Cornwall Police show that in the last 12 months there have been 68 deaths and I believe the population of Devon and Cornwall to be around 1-5 million people (Plus 20 million visitors) So I would say that they do have a much better success than The Isle of Man and that their strategy is working .
  17. The number of vehicles registered doesn't mean a lot other than a high ownership per capita . There will be collections of vintage bikes , vehicles currently off road , I would imagine retention plates not even on a vehicle . And someone with 10 cars can only drive one at a time so number of driving licences would give a more accurate picture . But none of that information is necessary to start formulating a Safety strategy it would merely delay taking action for even longer. and I'm sure no one would want that .
  18. It would seem that there are a similar number of accidents year on year yet the fatality rate has decreased by about 25 -30 %. I think we should give a huge THANK YOU to the car manufacturers who have kept their research and development into safer vehicles constantly updated and I think we are all amazed on occasions when we see write off crashes that the occupants have walked away from with minimal injuries.
  19. Absolutely correct . Its great if there has been a reduction in fatalities in the last few years as it was consistently averaging around 10 per annum for many years .For anyone to make the assumption that this makes our roads safe is nonsense when we are still the worst in Western Europe. To say that the figures are skewed by motorsports is just crazy, Everywhere has some unique aspects but that is not a reason to do nothing . Someone quoted Cornwall as being close to IOM in many ways . BUT they have around 20 million visitors a year ,mainly travelling by car (4 million staying visitors and 15 million day visitors ) yet they have a strategy and a much lower fatality rate than the Island .
  20. Couldn't agree with you more , but this Government crew will do anything to not change the current position in any meaningful way. At the same time in February " Bill Henderson MLC called for road safety ’hot spots’ to be identified and remarked that jumping red lights had become ’quite popular these days " It's sad really that this is what they think of as helping to produce a road safety strategy .They will say anything to distract from the bigger issues and spend a fortune doing nothing.
  21. IN February 2018 Mr Malarkey promised that a Strategy would be published later this year ,It was reported in the local press in February and the same article carried this information from him ." ""In response to a Tynwald question last month, Mr Malarkey admitted he could not provide a ’meaningful’ rate for the number of people killed or seriously injured in accidents in the Isle of Man, to compare with other jurisdictions. He said there were issues with data collection and complications over the common definition of ’serious injury’ and the follow-up of injuries after a victim attended hospital."" The whole thing smacks of we don't actually intend doing anything , but we'll spend a fortune on meaningless consultations and delaying everything and hope we can then blame Brexit.
  22. Does this convention mean that IOM driving licences will not be valid in the EU. And that we will have to use an international Driving Permit to drive in Europe?
  23. German Autobahns work very well. They are mostly 2 lane and most now carry an advisory speed limit . Oh and the fatality rate is approx 3.8 deaths per billion kilometers compared with 2.0 per billion in the UK . Just about double the UK death rate.
  24. I understood that IOM courts could not endorse a foreign (including UK) license. And similarly UK courts could not endorse a Manx one. Has this situation now changed?
  25. Have to agree on this ,except that the death rate has been fairly constant around 10 per year for some time .The real difference is that other countries see it as a responsible thing to do to take appropriate action to take the necessary steps to improve roads, driving standards, condition of cars , etc etc . Here they just say our Island is unique and do nothing. The Zero fatality rate would be wonderful and as you say the one we should all be working towards. However a lot of attitudes need to be changed first . I don't think that the TT is the issue . It is the other 50 weeks of the year that are the problem .
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