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  1. A car with newish tyres can aquaplane from just over 50 mph given the right amounts of water over a given distance.With half worn tyres this speed is reduced and 50 mph is very possible. As well as depth of water etc tyre pressures are a contributory factor. (Under inflation reduces road grip in wet conditions) Also it is safer not to use cruise control in wet conditions .
  2. Automatic lights are great . They work well as it gets dark , driving through tunnels etc. BUT the one time they often don't work automatically is in thick mist / fog. A couple of times last year I had to put them on manually in foggy conditions .
  3. You have to have on when driving ,as a minimum, all side lights and rear registration plate lights between sunset and sunrise. This applies in a lit area. At night (defined as half an hour after sunset and half an hour before sunrise) you must use headlights ---Rule 113 in the Manx Highway Code
  4. His lawyer said he has 6 cars , so he obviously has an obsession with cars . That linked to his obvious proven inability to drive in a normal safe manner is a pretty toxic mix. I suspect unless this person takes some training to learn to drive in a responsible manner then his is a name we will regularly see for all the wrong reasons.
  5. Two convictions for careless driving followed by a 7 year ban for causing death by dangerous driving (ban reduced on appeal) immediately followed by this latest case and a 6 months ban. Yet the court says they are keeping his ban as short as possible. WHY !!! I really think all other road users would feel safer if his ban had been as long as possible.
  6. Even if you don't intend to do an IAM course they produce a couple of good publications that would make good Christmas presents for car drivers and/or Motor Cycle riders "How to be a Better Driver " and "How to be a Better Rider" . Available from most bookshops or direct from the IAM . https://www.iamroadsmart.com (If anyone signs up for an IAM course these books are supplied as part of the course)
  7. I always thought you were a Policeman ( from your own motoring forum ) and would know these things. I have never been in the Police nor had my own forum .
  8. In the press report it states that he was given 8 points on his licence. I was under the impression that the IOM courts were not able to issue points on a licence from a different jurisdiction and similarly other jurisdictions were not able to issue points on a Manx licence . I understand about the reciprocal ban but am now unclear about the points. Thanks
  9. Eh? You can buy MANX prefix plates now. Cherished Number PlatesThere are ten bands of fees which apply to the cherished numbers incorporating MAN or MN in addition to a further fourteen bands for the MANX range of numbers. All prices are inclusive of VAT. Bands and fees can be viewed in the document below 'Cherished number fees' or at gov.im.
  10. I didn't mention that they would drive slower. I was agreeing that training is the best way to reduce accidents but it would take years to train everyone to a higher std .Passing an Advanced test is no guarantee of someone being a better driver ,but it does mean that they have taken extra training and been tested at a higher level than a standard driving test .
  11. I think everone would agree that in the long term better training for everone would be the best possible way of reducing accidents . The problem with this as the only approach,is that it would take a generation for this to have a positive effect. Currently there are only approx 200 people that have taken and passed the IAM advanced test in cars or on m/cycles. I have no idea how many people hold driving licenses ( I would guess that there are in excess of 20,000 licenses ) How long would it take to train and test all of these to the required standards ?. The effect of limiting speed is fairly instant and every study I have seen indicates that most people comply with speed limits and also show that where speed limits are reduced so is the number and severity of crashes reduced ,and similarly when limits are raised so is the incidence and severity of accidents.
  12. Worth checking with Post Office but I think many batteries are prohibited or restricted. This is taken from a "Royal Mail " site. Lithium ion/polymer/metal/alloy batteries when not sent with, or contained in/connected to an electronic device, are prohibited. Lithium ion/polymer/metal/alloy batteries are allowed when sent with or contained in/connected to an electronic device, but are subject to packaging, volume and quantity restrictions.
  13. The " R" plate system is actually a problem, in that Advanced driving instruction is not able to be given to a driver on R plates. You can hardly give advanced tuition to someone who is restricted by law to not exceeding 50 mph, By extending the R plate requirement to 2 years you are making the problem worse unless the law is changed to somehow allow people under tuition to be exempt, Quite how you enforce that would be interesting . As far as the curfew side of this proposal is concerned -what a total ill thought out proposal that is. The most sensible proposal and that wanted by the majority of respondents seems to be to raise the age limit. A proposal already it seems turned down by the minister because he obliviously knows better . Not the brightest button in the box is he??
  14. emesde

    Manx Gas

    Just noticed that the discount for Direct Debit (2.5%)only applies to the cost of gas and not the standing charge. So customers will be getting smaller discounts in future. Looks like a win win situation -----------for Manx Gas
  15. We aren't changing to a one part system are we ?? I assume we will keep a two part system and so nothing changes. The UK licence holders will only have a problem as their system changes to a plastic card only with no paper part for endorsements etc.
  16. The real problem seems to be the attitude of certain members of Government towards its older citizens . In most civilised Western countries, Governments seem to want to do the right thing in helping its citizens that have contributed over the last 50 years or so. Recently this government have reduced the personal tax allowances for people over 65; reduced the Christmas bonus , Not increased the Manx pension supplement allowance in relation to the total pension. Are stopping free TV licenses for the over 75's and now they have increased some bus fares and all train fares for the over 60's. They put up charges for everything and call it a budget saving so that they can pat themselves on the back and claim a bigger rise due to their efficiencies . The lunatics seem to have taken over the asylum.
  17. The Truvelo (second most used camera in \UK ) is forward facing and photographs Front number plate and Driver.
  18. Good morning Old Git. Best product I have found for cleaning screens is "Mixra" comes in a spray can, made by Simoniz. I imagine DMS will sell it . I have used it for years and it gets rid in seconds any traffic film and grease . Just spray it on and use your windscreen washer/wiper.
  19. www.iam.org . I haven't yet met anyone who has done the course and doesn't end up being a better driver. And there are courses run on Island .
  20. Cigarette vending machines have been banned in pubs in the UK for several years now so | guess that it will happen here one day . Obviously cigarette vending machine manufactures in the uk will have stopped making machines and supplying parts .
  21. There already is a supplement available (needs updating as the paragraph numbers it refers to in the UK Highway code have been changed but the Manx supplement not updated to reflect this) It says re Trams :- Drivers of vehicles should : - Pass horse trams only on the left of the tram . There are several other differences in it regarding roundabouts , parking near junctions , Tyre wear etc etc . This supplement has been available for several years, and will, I understand be superseded by the new code when printed. It can be obtained Free of charge from the Ferry Terminal .
  22. Currently on the market I believe for around £1.2 million .
  23. Interesting --is this something you have made up?? You are saying that someone driving legally and safely in appropriate conditions can be charged with dangerous driving if they are exceeding 100mph on a derestricted road . I don't believe you. In the Uk you can be charged with driving dangerously, if driving at 100+mph, as it is far in excess of any National speed limit. But how can they do that here when a road may be derestricted.
  24. I would draw the line in legal terms ie. if the vehicle is within in the legal limits to park in residential areas then fine . if it is outside those limits them expect the law to be enforced . If the law has changed because the majority wanted it changed then surely that is democracy. The particular area of Onchan that has become the focus of this is due to the fact that people from all over have been parking vehicles--mainly motorhomes - for months at a time and has been causing the residents a lot of problems . Because a dozen or more vans park along a stretch of road next to OnchanPark and the tennis courts then there are few spaces for visitors etc, So people visiting the park then have to park all along Belgravia Road, causing the residents to have to park some distance away. The fact that these vans are not parked directly in front of houses is irrelevant because it forces other car visitors to the area to have to take the spaces that residents would hope to use.
  25. So sorry that only your views are useful--Dont forget you started this topic because you didn't like the fact that you might have to move your van. It seems that the law may have been changed because the majority of people who responded dont want large vehicles parked in their streets. Obviously the street you live in doesn't and quite honestly i dont think many others would welcome so many large vehicles either. I'm sure that many residents of this area will probably be contacting the authorities to see if the law has changed and if these vans can be moved. Thanks for bringing it to our attention .
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