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  1. We're looking for a second hand fridge freezer in good condition. Please PM if you have one you're selling.
  2. My IT savvy other half tells me it has XP Home, not XP Pro on it. It also comes with a Sony mouse and I have a beautiful leather laptop case I will sell separately (my new laptop is too big for it, but it is perfect for the Vaio). PM me if you're interested!!!
  3. Great laptop. Selling as I've recently bought a new one and it's going spare (and I need the cash!). Looking for £275. PM me if interested!! Details are as follows: Processor - Intel Pentium 4. 2.4 GHz Installed Memory - 512 MB (DDR SDRAM) - I have upgraded this to 1gb RAM Display - 15 in. TFT Active Matrix Operating System - Microsoft Windows XP Professional Processor Manufacturer - Intel Processor Type - Pentium 4 Processor Speed - 2.4 GHz Motherboard - Bus Speed 400 MHz Hard Drive Capacity - 30 GB Storage Controller Type - IDE CD / DVD Type - CD-RW/DVD-ROM Optical Drive Read Speed - 24x (CD), 8x (DVD) Optical Drive Write Speed - 16x (CD) Optical Drive ReWrite Speed - 10x (CD-RW) Display Tech - TFT Active Matrix Display Size - 15 in. Display Max. Resolution - 1024 x 768 Installed Video Memory - 32 MB Audio Output Type - Sound card Networking Type - Integrated Network Card Wireless Network card (I added this) Data Link Protocol - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet Modem Type - Fax / Modem Analog Modulation Protocol - ITU V.90, K56Flex Battery Run Time - 2 Hours (this isn't as good anymore - more like 30 - 45 mins) Battery Technology - Lithium ion Dimensions Width - 32.7 cm Depth - 27.2 cm Height - 4.3 cm Weight - 3.4 kg
  4. It really is a lovely bike...
  5. Yamaha SR125 1996 model in excellent condition (been kept in a garage pretty much all its life), only done 1,600 miles, taxed until April 2007. Looking for £800. Contact Cathy on 475348 after 5:30pm.
  6. The funniest pic is on the last page - didn't get the name as I only saw someone else's paper at work... but he looks a bit like Sid from Ice Age. My vote would DEFINITELY go to this little doggy because he made me laugh and laugh!!
  7. I reckon I'd have it done once every year or few years if I could afford it... but then again, I'm pretty anal about cleanliness!!
  8. The naked guy running around in his flat looks really healthy...
  9. Anyone know of any more gigs this evening in Douglas? Bushy's Basement sounds good tho.
  10. I'm South African and obviously would have liked to have seen the Springboks win the Tri Nations (wasn't last year a cracking final!!!!), but at least it didn't go to the Aussies. I think we did ok considering NZ only won on bonus points - the two teams won the same amount of matches (three out of four each). Roll on Tri Nations 2006 and World Cup 2007!!!
  11. I'm looking forward to Chasfest. Come rain or shine!
  12. Ode to my Car -by Adam Sandler.
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