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  1. Gizo

    Firm closing

    it was the pro TT and failed TT bike Marshall talking utter nonsense saying there are more MGP visitors than TT visitors. But then again its more the fact who the moderator was that banned me.
  2. you seem to know a person in every possible job spec which remarkably suits the thread you are trolling on. Unbelievable stuff.
  3. Gizo

    Firm closing

    Careful quilp, I got a month ban for saying “fuck off”
  4. clearly offshore has not read Claire Wells letter and is now walking round with his fingers in his ears shaking his head and shouting "blah, blah, blah, blah, ......"
  5. Offshoremanxman is the person/peoples who Claire Wells mentions who point blank refuse to comply on philosophical grounds. basically offshore is a knobhead.
  6. Gizo

    Firm closing

    I did, just a few messages back. you heard it here first.
  7. Gizo

    Firm closing

    The Union and the GluePot on the brewery hit list
  8. Ahhh diddums everyone. hold your ground Amadeus and DBC, get them inline like the rest of us.
  9. Thanks for the heads up on this.
  10. 40 pages and you still fckn moaning about the friggin bins. Jesus fckn wept.
  11. Oh you mean a grammatical error. Boo hoo to you.
  12. Yes you are. You say it on these boards. why start the thread then just so you can get a hard on?
  13. Oh look another thread that will obviously descend into cycling hating. It’s like Godwin’s law. what doesn’t surprise me is the OP is the current roads minister who despises everything that hasn’t got an internal combustion engine. Proper dinosaur mentality.
  14. Gizo

    Railway Cuts

    It wouldn’t surprise me that you did or try to do.
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