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  1. Gizo

    Crayons at the ready!...sorry, oil paints.

    Looks like the bar is open
  2. Gizo

    Crayons at the ready!...sorry, oil paints.

    My god, you can only imagine how Fieldmarshall Vice Admiral Viscount Watterson fancy dress is going to be.
  3. Gizo

    Man (Child?) to face rape charges!

    So John Wright was/is correct, PmJ is Neil Down.
  4. Gizo

    Looks like the burglars are back!

    Unless they’re walking round with a joint in their pocket the fuzz have no chance of catching them.
  5. Gizo

    Moving the problem

    Where does the expelled pupil from Chrs go? And then how and who pays for the transport to the new school, mmmm let me see..
  6. Gizo

    Isle of Scrotes

    Excellent book that.
  7. Gizo

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Still no need to pursue it. It appears then the police like to go after easy targets. Makes their figures look good.
  8. Gizo

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Unreal isn’t it. The poor under sourced constabulary spent how many hours pursuing this through the courts. I’m done.
  9. Gizo

    Pubs closing

    They needed all those pubs because you didn’t drink the water. The pub was there to refresh yourself.
  10. Gizo

    Isle of Scrotes

    TJ will you give it a rest.
  11. Gizo

    Isle of Scrotes

    What about the guy who had £12.58 worth of weed on him. Going to gaol as already on suspended sentence. . Ffs the state of the Police and judiciary is a national disgrace. And they reckon the police is understaffed and under funded. I’d say otherwise.
  12. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    Old man Stu Peters in nothing wrong with MR and yet has zero young audience shocker
  13. Gizo

    Manx Radio

  14. Gizo

    £400K to seduce immigrants

    Can’t be arsed reading the article but why don’t they spend 400k on Manx people to become skilled.
  15. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    Who are the investors? There seems to be no evidence of any. My doubt is that they are hoping that Gov will be the investor and they become wealthy on the back of taxpayers money, which is quite the norm here, I think we’d all like to play that game. And if Gov do become an investor, they’d hardly care whether the thing is finished or not leaving a possible white elephant and a Definite black hole of cash.