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  1. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    He probably nicked his lunch. Renowned light fingers.
  2. Remarkable that TT deaths are now comparable to smack heads because they died doing what they loved. Yet again the TT lot can’t define the difference all in the justification of the tally of deaths.. the blinkers are incredible. #syria and another new one #TTsmackheads
  3. I hope he wins. Just on the technicality that there was no barrier lets remember it’s his word against some marshall. And we know how reliable they are don’t we Steve Mercer? Remarkable how these two incidents happened in the same sector. The marshalls are either out of control up there or there is no one in charge.
  4. Wow. MGP is now on a par with the Syria, Afghanistan conflicts. This is the mentality of bikers who think killing their own is fine. Saw a tweet today saying it was fckng magnificent how Anstey won yesterday and a post script of some bloke who was killed. #everest #lapofhonour #gofundme #thoughtsandprayers and the new one #syria
  5. Gizo

    Shotgun seized

    Poor little souls had to carry heavy equipment a long way too. Pray for schooey
  6. Go and do it in your lawn, not MY lawn.
  7. This is the problem. The ones shouting about it are the ones who want it banned and for the deaths to stop yet the followers the die hards, you don’t hear a dickie bird because they did what they loved but yet they know, they know that it’s all fucked up but don’t want to say anything. They are voyeurs of death, perpetuating the myth, keeping the death toll alive.
  8. Here’s an idea, how about banning racing on the road. Go play on a private funded track.
  9. Not cleaned that hob yet. Good lad.
  10. Gizo

    Shotgun seized

    But we won’t find out. Still waiting on the person who was carrying a weapon the last time.
  11. Another competitor dead. Nothing to see here. Number 260. (Apparently)
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