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  1. Let’s not forget how the ‘mayor’ of PSM commissioners “nephew”, who worked for a German Muck Cart manufacturer managed to acquire a Muck Cart that was forever ‘out of service’. And “they” wonder why “WE” are so cynical.
  2. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    It fails on both of those measures
  3. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    Stupid post. But not unexpected tbh. You don’t help yourself, do you ?
  4. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    Brave, my arse. Every known radio station this side of Neptune provide considered thought provoking programmes. Brave? would have been 30 years ago telling Edgar Quine to fuck off.
  5. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    Oh knob off. Sounding like MR were the first to ‘do’ radio. This insular attitude is exactly what Government want. Please pray tell what burning USP that MR have that are too afraid to tell their competitors. I’ll tell ya, how to spunk a million quid a year on fuck all.
  6. Gizo

    Customs Border

    Brilliant book. Also quite harrowing.
  7. The former suspended on full pay AG is raging on Twitter about this.
  8. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    Surprised by some most I’m not, by who listens to MR. If you are switching from MR to Radio 2 you need your head boiled. Radio 6 music for me, however the line up isn’t as good as it was. Moving Rad/Mac to weekends is a bad move. For the music aficionados 7pm with Marc Riley... superb.
  9. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    Manx forums for a start. More news scoops than Manx Radio has ever achieved.
  10. Fact. I’m not a moderator
  11. This really pisses me off. The Lawyer has had it in for the Druid from the start and always admonishes him in his posts. It appears the Druid has had correspondence from a moderator too, which can only be the lawyer too. If there’s one forum member who really doesn’t deserve this bullying, and it is bullying, it’s the Druid. Harmless and honest kind of guy. It however doesn’t appeal to the obnoxious lawyer. Considering the amount of knob heads on this forum and he’s never told anyone of them to go away says it all really. (Expect unwitty reply from lawyer telling me to ‘go away’ or probable ban)
  12. Thought you didn’t give a shit?
  13. Gizo

    Rob Callister

    Isn’t this the second Rob Callister thread. I recall the Lawyer shutting one thread down which had lots of pages on for this thread to appear instantaneously. So maybe in total RC is now ahead of the Juan Spewin thread, however Christmas is only around the corner so expect a late surge from the Juan thread plus Juan’s new pantomime military uniform to be worn at Remembrance Sunday.
  14. I was thinking about that this morning as I followed the red eye double decker. You are probably correct. Still, no fecker on it like..
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