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  1. Correct Teapot. Give Danny a call at island landscapes.
  2. Here’s an idea PB, from now on call it vehicle tax, vehicle excise duty or vehicle license. Not road tax. As with a lot of things in life you learn something new everyday.
  3. Like how pb still calls it a road tax but admits that you buy a tax disc for a VEHICLE. He probably thinks that all the ‘road tax’ collected gets spent on roads exclusively.
  4. Gizo

    Onchan or not

    Douglas. The arse wipe of Onchan.
  5. Gizo

    Onchan or not

    Onchan. The arse wipe of Douglas.
  6. Maybe the focus is to get rid or lower the number of car journeys. How’s that for forward thinking. Time people realised the car isn’t the be all.
  7. The unfortunate victim in this is still in a serious way, properly knackered. So all you Lycra haters, just think about what can happen, all big balls on here and in the car calling Lycra wankers but that ordinary person you then hit and turn into a brain dead or kill was someone’s father/ mother, son/daughter, brother/sister. So stop being a compete cunt and just give the Lycra wankers room. They don’t hold you up and they don’t need to pay “road tax” (whatever that is) and you’d be rather surprised how many have insurance.
  8. Usually he knocks shit out of women, least he’s toned that down.
  9. Gizo

    Rob Callister

    Why not? They’re already in bed with tax evasion, stealing VAT money and gambling.
  10. See Fieldmarshall Watterson can’t help himself wearing his Moochers market £1 set of medals. See seated next to “keep fit” Quayle.
  11. Do kids have to have insurance for their bikes too?
  12. Not forgetting the cash cars at £1500 a seat.
  13. What you on about, death is part and parcel of the event it’s what brings the “fans” to the isle in the first place. You’d think they’d be warning signs everywhere about not entering the “track”, so much so they’d be flyers on the boat and airports telling visitors such but you see the Gov are earning £1000 a time here so no way are they losing this cash cow.
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