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  1. Gizo

    Gravy Train Gets New Engine?

    Love waking up to reading another Dili character reference. Makes me laugh and happy to be alive.
  2. Gizo

    Objections to KFC

    You do realise our precious farmers aren’t here to produce food you know.
  3. Gizo

    Time To Change The Law On Drugs?

    Imagine the munchy breakfast he’ll make now.
  4. Gizo

    Objections to KFC

    Obesity is alive and kicking in the iom. 3.8m to be spent on people getting healthier using bikes and walking then permit an obesity factory Great joined up strategy Why cant our government just say no. Why do we have to be another little town of England.
  5. Gizo

    TT Access Road

    What’s it actually achieving? There is no economic reason for it. It’ll still bottleneck and you end up driving over those gardens anyway. More unnecessary expense, this administration doesn’t know when to stop. Its like Blair’s government, spend spend spend and no way of paying for it.
  6. Gizo

    TT Access Road

    Investment where? A road used for 4 weeks of the year. That’s not a sound investment, that’s more money pandering to a race which should not be on any calendar anywhere.
  7. Gizo

    Cycling news

    Cruises seem to be the cheaper way and alternative way to ‘old people home’ and apparently it’s quite popular. The price stacks up, decent food all day and night, healthcare on tap, entertainment and the possibility of getting a shag.
  8. Gizo

    Plans for lord street

    Ha. Some of the complaints are brilliant. “Please stop phoning me up” lol
  9. Gizo

    Plans for lord street

    Just checked. Nothing there.
  10. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    They’ve got 100,000 years or so of emancipation to get off their chest. Could be a while yet.
  11. Gizo

    More death and destruction

  12. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    Probably true though.
  13. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    Look at you all, fawning over poor Stu’s back. Think you missed the real issue here, 25 people to run a shitstorm of a radio station.
  14. Gizo

    Cycling news

    First bit of sense by our government. £3.8m on cycling and walking. https://www.sustrans.org.uk/news/isle-man-launches-38m-active-travelprogramme let the hate begin. Can’t wait.
  15. Gizo

    TT Grandstand

    Or even better. Save 35m and scrap the TT.