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  1. the bit where the trams cross at Clarence Terrace needs attention.
  2. you still do not know what you are talking about. stick to your zimmer, old man.
  3. You have no idea what you are talking about
  4. Appears to be a rite of passage for cyclists to fall due to the tram tracks. Yep, it happened to me as I overtook a car waiting to reverse into a bay. I was aware of the tracks but it had been raining and I touched and down I went. It bloody hurt. Yep my fault. I was more pisssed off with the fact as I lay sprawled on the road the car behind me just drove past me. As cyclists say however you only do it once!
  5. Gizo

    Firm closing

    Just how it should be. A market square is for people not cars. never been a great fan of going to Castletown but since the closure I’ve been more than ever. Always passing by on my bike. Sometimes stopping for coffee sometimes just to people watch. Just need Hugo’s missus to start the same approach in Port Erin.
  6. Stop giving free LFT’s. And ban the use of them. Then we can move on from this nonsense.
  7. Gizo

    Firm closing

    Strange bloke though. And he needs to clean it up.
  8. How do you know this?
  9. Gizo

    TT 2022 ??

    Dead policemen doesn’t bother you. take it you never read the judgment on the dead spectators on the mountain? Maybe you should and while you at it try and make the connection.
  10. Gizo

    TT 2022 ??

    The dead policeman didn’t bother you, the dead spectators on the mountain didn’t bother or stop you. stop making excuses.
  11. Gizo

    TT 2022 ??

    To all the TT ghouls on here, what number if any do you start to think maybe it ain’t acceptable? obviously 5 isn’t enough snd you’ll be back for more blood thirsty action. is it 6, 10, 20, school children or your own mum before you start to realise killing in the name of bed nights isn’t really a tourist strategy or moreover entertainment?
  12. It was Conister Bank this year, Bassy and all the lads lauding it up. We all know bassy and Phillips are in cahoots. anyway I’m taking my millions out of Conister now and putting it into euros.
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