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  1. Barrie is a classic Walter Mitty. Read his posts with the reverence it deserves.
  2. So, one stab wound and one blunt force trauma. Well stacks up to what is known to be a car involved in the incident.
  3. Try reading my initial response and consider the word ‘hope’
  4. He can’t recall why he did it because he dropped his keks in the hope the minor would turn round and suck his knob. However, using that as an excuse in the interview room with his lodge brethren will see him black balled at the next meeting.
  5. Cultural quarter, what’s one of them. is it where hipsters and beatniks hang out drinking lattes, talking bollocks?
  6. Not the number of stabbings but the extent that young people are carrying them. Saw one the other month whilst washing his car replace a 10inch blade back into the side door of his car. As a good ole snitch when I want to be I happened upon an off duty plod not long after and told them.
  7. You are taking the piss? However the clowns in government probably have got a cycle path with the tram lines together. i cycled once on Douglas prom and my front wheel glanced the tram line and I was down, the car behind carried on past me, in fact had to avoid me but didn’t stop. A car coming from the other direction however did stop and a very kind lady helped me to my feet.. fortunately no bad injury but massive bruising and sore hip for months. I’ve seen many a fractured bone due to those tram lines.
  8. In the latest consultation paper online, there’s a heavily loaded MOT question on there
  9. So it’s a stabbing which everyone knew anyway. Police must have got the green light from Big Howard for the say so. Don’t want the rest of the world knowing there is a knife crime problem. Just need now to come out and say we’ve got a heroin problem too. It’d be like an AA meeting, hello we’re the Isle of Man and we have a knife and heroin problem.
  10. Gizo

    Drink Driving

    But when it’s completely legal to drink and drive......
  11. Gizo

    Drink Driving

    http://www.iomtoday.co.im/article.cfm?id=47930&headline=Concerned motorist took keys from drink-driver&sectionIs=NEWS&searchyear=2019 6 years wow! 6 bloody years. Amazing what sentence you get when you are not a HNW or an MLC. This is classic Isle of Man.
  12. The deposit? Jeesus well have a great time but you wouldn’t catch me on a boat with 4000 fat Americans for all the tea in China.
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