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  1. Only suspended teapot because he provided evidence contrary to the lawyers high self worth. Ridiculous decision as always. Downer antagonises everyone on every thread. Sits there in his stained y fronts all day being a complete dick.
  2. But you said there are facts to this case, what are they? Simple question. Im expecting an oblique response because you don’t know the facts. I’ll leave it there. Because it’s not worth the hassle.
  3. Port Erin. 7.30 facts
  4. So you don’t know the ‘facts’ then? so your previous bile is a load of bollocks.
  5. Oh I get it. You trying to be funny. When I clearly didn’t write cum.
  6. Funny, the other day I could watch the tv on the tablet being watched by the driver in the car in front of me. This is a real problem, and it’s not the first time I’ve come across this.
  7. Great photos. Were these premises all compulsory purchased?
  8. Ok, so I cycled along this way today. I’ll retract the cats eyes, there’s millions of them ( the road never used to have them). the surface of the cycleway is atrocious so I rode on the road. By Limestone Farm there is a kerb to overcome to use the cycleway. It’s fucken ridiculous.
  9. Just by the Sewing shop, it’s like travelling on corrugated board.
  10. How are you expected to get off Broadway on to the prom.? i see a Gov u-turn on this one in very short time.
  11. Thanks for letting us know. Excellent stuff. Paging Dilli.
  12. The ridiculous thing is you have to cross the road at quite possibly the worst point. Corner at the bottom of Fishers Hill.
  13. Agreed. The corner above the shore hotel has become a pinch point in the road. Not forgetting, no cats eyes, no street lighting, no speed limit. So a dark miserable day and that can become quite dangerous. But they have dug that section up 5 times since April so it’s obviously correct now.
  14. Tbh the idea of the IoM Gov getting their grubby hands on the chess tournament you know it’s doomed to fail. Leave it well alone.
  15. It’s Onchan, they’re all fuckn mental. If they built Ballamona now they’d build it in the Village Walk.
  16. So the new cycleway is up and running, the new road markings were painted last week, probably by a 5 year old, but this week they have been removed. The reason being they don’t comply to standards, remarkable that a member of the public had to point this out to them, not the hundreds of overpaid managers who should have known anyway. This shithouse of a government knows no bounds.
  17. If Wilson Phillips is the tone of Stu’s show. I’m not missing anything then. Sounds like a normal play list for MR. I take it MR haven’t got a piece of music post 1994 on their files? I recall Manx Radios greatest ever disc jockey Jo Pack having to bring her own music in for her shows. The remarkable thing was MR had a USB point to play them.
  18. Typical govt shill. All expense with zero value.
  19. Dilli happy to spunk a million quid on a radio station no one listens to. But a possible income stream and Dilli tells all to fuck off not on my watch.
  20. Give it a rest. There is no way on this earth is anyone going to stick AM on in the morning just to listen to Chris Williams ‘pop’ music when there already exists millions of other better stations. The only reason they would do is the transistor radio tuning knob is missing and has been stuck on that station for 30 years.
  21. Nope. But the rumour being, that the bloke who kiddy touched the kids rounds Marown and Peel area who was married to a school teacher was originally thought to be Bulger killer.
  22. But they are Dilli. They really are. And they are using them. And they are seeing places. And going places.
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