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  1. And there you have it. I won't get over it, hope your trade gets royally fooked.
  2. Good. We can all travel during the summer holidays at a reasonable price then. and save lives.
  3. Fraid not DH. Happened on more than one occasion, in fact when asked to go to Port Erin most taxi drivers completely refused, on one occasion kicked me out of the cab as he wouldn’t go.
  4. Hey, why have one thread when you can have two threads. F.me
  5. Yeah. A third thread with Manx Radio or even Max Radio.
  6. There’s one trade on the IoM I really couldn’t give a fck about is the taxi trade. They’ve been royally ripping everyone off for the last 20odd years. £60 from Douglas to PE and that was 20 years ago. F..k em. (not allowed to swear anymore as I get banned by the FC)
  7. I have no idea why you posted that. It has no relevance. easier if you happen to ask students at the school.
  8. You say that. But it’s actually happening at CRHS.
  9. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    Err no. Don’t you understand?
  10. It’s a piss take that’s gone too far.. back in the day they would have had their head kicked in…literally. And that would be that. Headmaster forever thankful too.
  11. They are identifying as cats.. in fact one child is the perpetrator, wearing cat features, cat ‘gloves’, tail etc. unfortunately she has a couple of “followers” who really don’t identify as cats but are just joining in, like when you are about 5yo and you copy your friends.. incidentally the kids all thinks they are pricks and basically laugh at them.
  12. But are the school or dept going to find out via a courtroom when they’d rather let them them play ball or cat. id rather the school call them bluff, put out litter trays, give them kit-e-Kat for lunch, and we’ll play it from there. Furthermore the school head has let this happen, if my child turns up at his school in the ‘wrong trousers’ he gets a detention or even isolation cube.
  13. Gizo

    Manx Radio

    Oh look. let’s start another thread about Manx Radio when 716 pages of shite is already available. bell end.
  14. Gizo


    She was due in court a while back end of July.
  15. This is more to do with the American parent of the so called cat. The school is too afraid of some sort of litigation.
  16. I suppose the outside lift is there for show then.
  17. Oh look another thread started. Fme
  18. another thread, yawwnnnnnnn
  19. Gizo

    TT 2022 ??

    I do it everyday unfortunately 5 people so far this year cannot. Maybe more to add tonight. But I'm really glad 30 pot-bellied white men can drink a few IPA's and laugh and joke at so many deaths.
  20. Gizo

    Firm closing

    Hope so. Never has a meal promised so much and delivered so little. See ya.
  21. Gizo

    TT 2022 ??

    Probably some no-mark who upon waiting 20 minutes for a bike to arrive realised the complete futility of this event and took upon himself to stop the foreseeable carnage and give the 100,000's of spectators the night off.
  22. Gizo

    Firm closing

    If you got London prices you need to be near where most people are. not stuck out in the arse end of nowhere. “fancy driving 15miles for a £9 bacon butty?” “nah mate, I’ll just walk along to the Caff”
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