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  1. scores on the doors: Competitors - 3 Dead (but its how they wanted to go) Fans - 6 Dead Hundreds of incidents. But it will be the best TT . #everest #lackoftalent
  2. There’s plenty of money. It just isn’t spent efficiently in the relevant areas. see NHS.
  3. Gizo

    TT 2022 ??

    Police’person’ in power hungry trip for a 5mph discretion yet in three weeks times they’ll happily watch a load of bikes and cars travel at over 100mph and do Nothing. Absolute nothing. Even go on national tv and say how brilliant it is. do me a favour.
  4. Gizo

    TT 2022 ??

    Nope. The little respect I had for the Bastard squad was completely eroded during lockdown. It showed how power hungry they are and they showed little community spirit then. I won’t forget what their true colours are.
  5. I might rejoin twitter now just to see all the lefty's losing their shit now. If Trump is allowed back I'm definitely in.
  6. That brings back memories. First time getting totally shit faced on whisky in the Jura hotel.
  7. Gizo

    Firm closing

    Quote from FB We’re saying goodbye! The Fishery will be closing for business after our last day of service, Saturday 9th April, as we have made the unfortunate decision to list our restaurant for sale. We would like to thank everyone who has dined with us over the last four years, whether you joined us once or are one of our regular friendly faces. We would also like to thank our wonderful team, past and present, for making The Fishery a fantastic part of the Harbour Lights Group. Any gift vouchers for The Fishery are still valid until their expiry and can be used at Harbour Lights Sefton and Harbour Lights Peel, if you have any questions about your gift cards please contact giftcards@thefishery.im Love, The Fishery team
  8. Gizo

    Firm closing

    The Fishery in PSM closed last week. Think they were Harbour lights.
  9. It always is. It’s the only thing tuning in to Manx Radio for.
  10. Get down the Pinewood for pre match drinks. Packed yesterday.
  11. Doesn’t matter how much the Govt bribe them to operate here, the airline calls the shots.
  12. Ha. 39 page book of snagging for the Promenade. Only surprised its only 39 pages
  13. Gizo

    Firm closing

    Always Ross Bakery for the win.
  14. 1800 attendance today. Finished second in the league and play off for promotion at home next week. Saw that biff Josem today too with his “head steward” bib on. 🙄
  15. Gizo

    Firm closing

    Absolute meaningless post
  16. If you can’t work it out. Time you handed your driving license back then. fuck me. Why does everyone need their hand held by government for every minutiae of their pitiful lives.
  17. Funny you say that, I've found the people who 'tAkE dRuGs' are normal and healthy..
  18. should be culled not protected. If it wasn't for the biff in Glen Audlyn who was firing with a pea shooter all this nonsense by Wannerburgh wouldn't be on the agenda.
  19. Free man I believe. More taxpayers cash wasted on a non event. But remember the Bastard Squad love putting people in prison.
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