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  1. rf382

    Pubs closing

    All the windows were intact. The wooden boards were nailed to the window frames.
  2. rf382

    Pubs closing

    Car just hit Liverpool Arms wall. Police and ambulance in attendance. Here we go again!
  3. rf382

    Pubs closing

    With the fence down, the back door is exposed to the back of the car park, the communal waste bins and the LA gas tanks.
  4. rf382

    Pubs closing

    More work today on the Liverpool Arms. The upstairs windows have also been boarded up, and the wooden fencing around the back yard has been pulled down. They certainly aren't expecting to sell it in the short term.
  5. rf382

    Pubs closing

    The "Liverpool Arms" signs were removed from the walls this morning. Very, very sad.
  6. rf382

    10 Bendy Buses On Way To Isle Of Man

    During the first trial of the bus, I was speaking with the company driving instructor on the last morning of its stay here. It had previously been used only by the senior staff, and the driving instructor was hoping to have an hour behind the wheel that afternoon. This explains why a further test is necessary, and also why no driver has posted a comment about the bus's suitability on the Isle of Man routes; no driver has yet had a chance to drive it. When a test bus comes for a second time, the whole island will be watching!
  7. rf382

    Double Decker Buses Can't Go Out In The Rain

    I became aware of the North West Tonight video when a friend phoned me from Manchester, and told me all about it. On rechecking the video, I noticed that on the left of the picture is a yellow AEC Regent with Northern Counties bodywork. It was supplied new to Douglas Corporation in 1949. I'll bet that water does not leak into that bus.