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  1. Are you always this stupid or is today a special occasion?
  2. hahaha!.... if you ever consider suicide, you could always jump off your ego.... its a long way down.
  3. Aye, but (apparently) you produce robots for the Chinese, secret fusion reactors for the French, and gleams of hope in the eyes of Iraqi war orphans as they watch you parachute from the skies to build them a magical bridge direct to Santa's winterland toy workshop, so it's not really a fair comparison; mainly because everyone else don't really stand a chance since most choose to adhere to some sense of reality when assessing their lives. I am not the only person ever to sell the Chinese robotics, I have never done any work for the French in any capacity and I parachuted once for charit
  4. What a charming representative of the Southern states you truly are. You need to unload that chip off your shoulder really because all you actually seem to contribute to this forum revolves around sleuthing through threads looking for anything that dares to criticise your nation and then responding with some pithy diatribe about how misrepresented you all are. And if that's all you have to say, then maybe you need to reconsider why you're even a member here now that your internet boyfriend (heh) has crawled back under his little rock. You really are a sad little man.... so full of
  5. Jake


    It sounds like you have gone through a bit feelslikeitshould and I admire your strength and determination.... I bet you have the best result you could wish for in a child and that was down to you. I wish you well.
  6. Jake


    I'm one of the people and here is what I have to say - you're an arse. Also, I just don't understand why you've asked a yes/no type question on a subject that has such a wide scope of permutations and consequences. Wear your name with pride my dear..... you were an exception.
  7. Jake


    Would another topic do? why not abortion.... it is fundamental to the Catholic church right now..... as for attention seeker you must have a hard job dealing with all these topics or are you merely back up for a friend? If you read back I think you will find I have made my position clear on this. Is this kick Jake day?
  8. Jake


    Many people argued that you were fundamentally wrong on a topic, proved it with demonstratable evidence and you refused to admit that you'd made a mistake and then flounced off the forum. I don't see the comparison between someone not quite understanding what I meant, then accepting the explanation when offered. You could have said that in PM to me but no..... you have proved in your own words the need to try and rattle me..... I agree I talked some rubbish on the carbon thread but there is yet to be one scientist who can prove the carbon effect..... if you wish to resurrect that t
  9. Jake


    Tongue in cheek can range from a truthful statement meant awry to a comical one..... ans please let it lie and stay away if you can't contribute to the thread as I feel you single me out somewhat and any thread will bear that fact out where I appear. My own feelings on abortion is that it should be a woman's choice and simply her choice alone.
  10. Jake


    I was pointing out in a sarcastic way that making 'tongue in cheek' comments about rape and abortion, as Jake did, isn't smart. I thought it made sense. Perhaps not. When I did what you have just done..... you went for my jugular for doing so.... how hypocritical can you actually be?
  11. Jake


    How's that paranoia working out for you there chief? There you go again with your bullying of words..... you are supposed to be a moderator and not an argumentative injector..... you need to learn when to take some of your comments to PM and spare us all.
  12. Have you ever experienced bullying?.... be it in school or work or simply on a forum? Bullies like to think they are big and clever and this fills the lack of self esteem they need so much.... inflicting pain on others gives them the rise they need. When a bully is put in a corner he/she will become the most pathetic and squirming character you could ever meet and even engage some sympathy from you as they are ultimately gutless beings. I was bullied in junior school to a great extent, where I used to hide when school closed as a certain group of boys used to congregate at the gates and wa
  13. Jake


    Rape and abortion are always subjects primed for witty asides. And any subject I care to mention or comment on is always a primary source of your continued relentless campaign against me.... so why not stay off this thread and let the people speak for a change?
  14. Jake


    Only as well as you do..... or what you believe what you read in the papers. What I know or dont know is irrelevant. I'm asking for your evidence to back up your statement. If it's your opinion that it is the case, then that's fine but you've stated it as an absolute fact. Show me the evidence that this woman was raped.... I am not interested in whether you belive 45p tabloids..... you base your opinion on their comments and have no facts at all to back their claim as the 'rapist' neither went before a court or was convicted. My original statement was tongue in cheek but you
  15. A hedgehog trained to scuttle up and down the table from guest to guest makes an unusual mobile cheese and pineapple cube nibble dispenser at cocktail parties..... What is your idea of an unusual food dispenser?
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